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Ovulation help

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eastview Thu 10-Oct-19 18:51:06

I had a MC in May and have been tracking my ovulation since. Not had a period until September and no positive tests until today (pic attached) and today's is super positive (I'm so happy). Anyway I was just wondering, what day in your cycle would you get a positive test? We did the BD last night is that too early or do we need to do it again? How long after the positive do you ovulate? Thanks ! X

GloriaMaximus Thu 10-Oct-19 18:56:22

Ovulation is usually 12-36 hours after the positive and it usually happens between cd7 and cd12. But many women don't conform to these rules 😫

eastview Thu 10-Oct-19 19:02:21

@GloriaMaximus I think I'm roughly CD 13/14 but I'm not 100% sure just super happy I've finally got a positive! Thought I was ovulating due to changed in my CM but lucky I caught it!

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