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Help/Advice. Bizarre Cycle TTC.

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falkor32 Thu 10-Oct-19 14:33:56

Hi, I’m completely new and I have been reading/lurking for a while now. I've been TTC #1 for about 6/7 cycles now and I'm 32, DH is 31. This month has been particularly difficult to deal with and I'd really like to share my experience mainly just to get opinions and some feelings off my chest if that’s okay.

I've been using CB Digital OPK's and got my peak on 22 Sept, 3 days later than normal. We DTD on the 21 Sept and didn’t manage to DTD after that, so I thought that we’d still have a chance.

Fast Forward to the 5 Oct, AF hadn’t arrived and right before I went to bed I had some very light pink CM. I thought that this could signal late implantation or AF.

Sun 6 still no AF and a BFN, so I thought I’d try again the next day. Mon 7 BFN with FMU and still no AF. Mon 7 PM, more light pink CM and some very light cramps at about 7.30pm. I concluded that I was totally out of the running and AF has officially arrived.

Tues 8, woke up expecting AF to be its usual heavy self, but pad from overnight was clear. This is not normal for me at all. Throughout the day I never had a proper flow, it was just spotting and mainly on wiping and a mixture of pink, brown and some red CM that on the odd occasion was like jelly/stringy?.

Both the 9 and 10 Oct have just been brown cm/spotting, no pads filled just using party-liners and mainly noticeable when going to the loo.

I did a HPT with my FMU today (10th Oct) and it was still a BFN.

This is so unusual for me, AF is always the same every month, I start with light brown CM (never light pink CM) that develops very quickly with cramps into a deep red flow that is heaviest on the second day and then trails off into brown CM by day 4/5. I’ve never had a period where I’ve not filled pads and have just spotted like this.

Has anyone ever experienced an unusual period like this? I don't think I have the courage to take another test in a few days time ...

I stupidly googled this and found some really old threads with people that had really late BFP’s after some similar experiences like mine but they were either ectopic or miscarriages. Now I'm petrified that this is what’s happening if I am pregnant so now I'm anxiously waiting to see if I ovulate – I’m in such a negative cycle here!

I'm finding the whole TTC very difficult to deal with. I'm so convinced it's not going to happen for us, I'm terrified and can't stop thinking the worst each time a cycle goes by.

I realise this is a super long post, sorry but I’ve literally just spilled weeks worth of anxiety down in one go.

Izzie94 Thu 10-Oct-19 14:53:08

@falkor32 Hi lovely,

I can't really help, but just wanted to say you're not alone. I'm 25, month 6/7 for me also after coming off my pill around Feb March. Cycles were pretty regular straight away 32days, 30 days, the settled at 28 for the last 4 months! I'm now on CD30 the most heavy senstitive boobs which I usually get before AF, lower back pain (not usual for me before AF) and still no sign of my period, nothing. 😅 Did a test this morning and it was a clear negative, although it wasn't my FMU as I get up to wee in the night so had to wait and did down a glass of water but just don't know what to think 😪

Hope you either get your BFP or your cycle settles so you can try again 💜

falkor32 Thu 10-Oct-19 21:44:11

@Izzie94 thank you for your kind words. I know exactly how your feeling, being in limbo waiting for AF or a BFP.

I hope you also get you BFP very soon smile. I have my fingers crossed if you test tomorrow morning that your get the result you want.

I’m still torn about testing again but I just know deep down it’ll soon be time to start peeing on the OPK’s again ...

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