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spotting forever now, could i be pregnant?

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Beegreen9 Tue 08-Oct-19 13:53:30

ok, i was supposed to start my period on the 10th of last month, then on he 23rd i started bleeding, but it was insanely light, like only half way filled the top 1/4th of the tampon (very not normal for me, even the super plus tampons cant control my flow). this lasted about a week. it stopped, then a few days later i started spotting light pink again, sometimes a reddish-brownish-milky looking color (so sorry for tmi). ive been having this spotting for over a week now. it comes and goes, never gets heavy enough for a tampon even tho i keep using one because, i mean, im still expecting my period. i desperately want another baby so im terrible about symptom spotting and getting my hopes up. is there anyone who has experienced this weird crap and still gotten a BFP?

SunshineAngel Tue 08-Oct-19 13:55:57

So it's almost a month later and by the sounds of it you still haven't taken a test? Why not? If you are pregnant (or even if you're not!) persistent bleeding or changes to menstruation need to be checked out.

MythicalBiologicalFennel Tue 08-Oct-19 13:58:55

Yes, me! And the little baby is now 5... I spotted / bled for the first half of the pregnancy. In my case it was due to a cervical erosion. However my previous pregnancy had ended in early miscarriage so it was a very nerve-wracking 9 months until baby arrived!

Good luck smile

Beegreen9 Tue 08-Oct-19 13:59:53

i took a crappy dollar one a week ago and it was negative. i keep gearing myself up to take a decent one then the spotting starts again or changes color and i figure its my period coming on

Beegreen9 Thu 10-Oct-19 17:36:46

small update: took a first response and it was negative. still spotting and still confused

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