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Anyone around 5dpo and want to wait with me?

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pollysproggle Mon 07-Oct-19 09:32:29

The dreaded TWW which actually feels like it takes 2 years 😫
It's too early to symptom spot I know but I did feel a bit crampy after ovulation, a few shooting pains in boobs and a horrible two day headache over the weekend.
Also a weird feeling almost like I have the start of cystitis but I don't. Had that yesterday and it's gone now.

Anyone else around the same dpo? Let me know how you're feeling!

XjustagirlX Wed 09-Oct-19 17:11:16

Hi can I join? I’m 3dpo so very early to the TWW. I am going to do cheap tests from 6dpo onwards. It actually helps me to do tests and I feel like I’m getting it out of my system for the day.

BB28 Wed 09-Oct-19 17:25:17

@pollysproggle the pill and implant did exactly the same to me, they just made me feel terrible! Thats great news though, had the cysts cleared up on their own?

I had the same symptoms as you yesterday I thought I was getting cystitis pains but it seems to have gone away today, strange!

pollysproggle Wed 09-Oct-19 18:16:45

I'm assuming they did! All I know is they were there 10 years ago and now they're not. The cystitis feeling I very weird I wonder if it means anything? I've only had it once before but will never forget how horrible it feels.

Hi @XjustagirlX the more the merrier!
Let me know how you get on with the early testing, I did it last month but this time around I'm not testing until AF due date. I do have some ovulation strips lying around so will probably do them beforehand lol
With my last pregnancy I got a positive on one a few days before my bfp

ShitHairDontCare Thu 10-Oct-19 08:16:56

Good Morning All,

Sorry to have joined and then ran, had a lot going on recently.

Just wanted to let you all know that today, at 9DPO, I got my BFP 😀
I know it's early to test but it's my birthday tomorrow so wanted to know.

This is our first and we are SO happy! Fingers crossed all goes well.

Good luck to you all ❤️

CooperLooper Thu 10-Oct-19 08:40:05

Congrats @ShitHairDontCare smile

I'd like to quietly join this group as I've been lurking, but I feel a bit of a fraud (dunno why!)

Had my implant out on Saturday last week TTC #1. I've had it in for over 5 years without a single period, but curiosity got the better of me so I've tested a couple of OPKs to get an idea of when my periods would come back. DTD a few times over the last couple of days and got my first flashing smiley CB today, so assuming I've got a couple of fertile days to do the baby dance again before my long lost friend AF appears in a couple of weeks (I guess).

Technically I could test in 2 weeks? I'm completely clueless about this whole thing but also really excited and just wanted to join in.

Good luck to all x

pollysproggle Thu 10-Oct-19 08:47:02

Amazing, Congratulations!! Did you have any symptoms we can mull over?
Happy birthday for tomorrow too what a great present 😁

pollysproggle Thu 10-Oct-19 08:51:54

Welcome @CooperLooper!
Don't worry, I think even if you're a pro at ttc it's still confusing. If you got the smiley then definitely do the BD

pollysproggle Thu 10-Oct-19 08:55:15

My new symptom today is ewcm that's cloudy looking 😷
I'm not sure if it's normal for me or not as I have never tracked cm but I don't think I got it last month at this time

dublino Thu 10-Oct-19 09:16:47

@ShitHairDontCare congrats!!! What a great bday present. Any stand out symptoms you have??
@CooperLooper no ones really an expert. I'm ttc 14 months now and theres always something I haven't a clue of each cycle
@pollysproggle how many dpo are you now?? Was there a lot of it

ShitHairDontCare Thu 10-Oct-19 09:25:22

Thank you ladies 😊 still can't believe it's ME posting about MY BFP!

Symptoms I've noticed over the past 9 days are:

*Heartburn (off and on)
*Sore throat (only when swallowing)?!
*Greasier than usual face
*My CM dried up CD7 and then went watery yesterday
*Couple of twinges in my lower stomach (def not as strong as cramps, felt more like wind)

The biggest one though is that I had stabbing pain on the left side of my lower back which lasted a couple of hours on CD6. I'm assuming this way implantation.

I didn't (and still don't) have sore boobs, tingly nipples, nausea (thank god) and cramps/stretching feelings. These were all things I was looking for as they seem to be commonly reported but I guess it's true what they say - everyone is different.

I have 2 more FRER which I'll use over the next few days and a CD digital weeks predictor which I'll use once I've passed AF due date.

I have my fingers crossed for all of you that you get your BFPs very soon 🤞🏼 I'll be keeping an eye out for them x

pollysproggle Thu 10-Oct-19 09:28:18

I'm 8dpo. A fair amount, i never check my cm unless it's on the tissue but for the purposes of ttc I did my first internal check (not fun) before I went in the shower and there was lots more.

dublino Thu 10-Oct-19 09:47:13

@pollysproggle sounds around the same time I got it . Hopefully good omens . Gid I hate ttw. Had some more dull cramps on and off yesterday . A bit nauseous and bad diahoria last night and this morn but I think that's more to do with my medication

KaybeBlossom Thu 10-Oct-19 10:28:02

Congratulations @ShitHairDontCare!! Haven't noticed any changes in my cm. Did feel a bit crampy last night and I've got a terrible headache today but guess that could be anything. One week yo go until AF is due. Going to be the longest week ever!! How do you stop yourself testing early!?!

pollysproggle Thu 10-Oct-19 10:40:34

@dublino I feel generally unwell this month anyway so symptom spotting is hard. This neck pain isn't getting any better and have daily headaches because of it. I don't think it's pregnancy related at all so I'm going to the doctors tomorrow to have it checked.
I don't want to take anything for the pain just in case so I've been walking around stinking to high heaven of deep heat.
I'm not feeling particularly pregnant either but I was last month and bfn.

@KaybeBlossom I was just in tescos and browsing the tests- really wanted to buy one but resisted and bought myself a cake instead lol
I have one test at home which is for day of missed period so I'm staying strong and waiting for 16th grin

dublino Thu 10-Oct-19 10:45:04

@pollysproggle you can never go wrong with cake grin

SMiles14 Thu 10-Oct-19 11:09:58

Congrats @ShitHairDontCare what great timing! :D

I am 8DPO too and still feeling nauseous, it is definitely getting stronger. Last night I had such bad heartburn too. For those that temp I have also had a dip at 6DPO and it has gone straight back up to its highest yet. Have had a lot more CM too...

@pollysproggle I had a headache/ neck ache like that once, a daily headache that wouldnt go away. Docs didnt know what it was and I eventually went to a chiropractor who said I had slipped a disc (no idea how!) and he popped it back and it went away. Felt like a weight being lifted, it was amazing! So if Docs are no help get yourself to a chiropractor! I waited wayyyy too long to go as I wasnt very active at the time so thought there was no way I could have hurt myself in that way.

pollysproggle Thu 10-Oct-19 11:49:22

Definitely! I've heard amazing things about chiropractors but never had a reason to go before.
I got some panadol extra from Tesco today and that's made it a bit better.

You're the same dpo as me, are you going to test earlier than AF due date?

SMiles14 Thu 10-Oct-19 13:04:59

@pollysproggle Glad you've got pain relief, I hope you find the cause soon smile

I am going to try really really hard not to, but realistically.... I probably will if my symptoms continue. I am v scared of the prospect of a CP so I really want to wait but it is killing me! When are you planning to test?

pollysproggle Thu 10-Oct-19 13:19:01

Not until AF due date on 16th howeverrrrrr....I have some opk I'll probably test with beforehand. I got a positive on those a few days before my bfp for DS2

WooMaWang Thu 10-Oct-19 13:59:51

@CooperLooper I had a Mirena out after a decade of no periods in September. I got some bleeding on the 11th-14th (although I'd struggle to refer to it as a period based on pre-mirena bloody volumes). So I decided to use opks to get some idea of a cycle. I got 5 days of flashing smileys followed by a solid one on CD17 (assuming the 11th was CD1 and not just post-Mirena weirdness).

I'm still not entirely clear about when I ovulated really. I'm working on the assumption that it was the second day if smiley faces. Which makes today 10dpo in my guesstimation.

I have no idea how long my cycle is. Assuming it's 28 days, AF is due on Saturday. 2 weeks after guesstimated ovulation is Monday. So I have no bloody idea when to test really. It's all very confusing.

Also I have loads of annoying symptoms but I'm working on the assumption that it's just impending AF rather than anything good.

JCMcGee Thu 10-Oct-19 14:10:34

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

A29T Thu 10-Oct-19 14:51:56

First post because we've just started TTC and I can't believe how emotional the TWW is. I'm looking for the smallest signs even though I know it's too early (8 DPO like you) and keep crying at the drop of a hat. Pretty sure I've been the world's worst employee this past week, so distracted.

Feeling for all those who have been trying for a long time. Sending love and luck everyone here who's eagerly and emotionally waiting. X

CooperLooper Thu 10-Oct-19 19:03:18

@WooMaWang it's so frustrating isn't it. It's a dream not having any periods for years, but then tough when you're just stuck guessing what your body is now doing! 5 days of flasheys followed by a static is great though, great idea to use opks to pick up on that x

pollysproggle Thu 10-Oct-19 20:04:24

Hi @A29T
It's only my second TWW and it's all consuming I know exactly how you feel.
Last month I had an 'if it happens it happens' approach and now I'm slowly going a bit mad.
I watched 50 First Dates movie earlier and was balling my eyes out at the end- crying because of a flipping Adam Sandler film! It's madness.
Welcome anyway and fingers crossed this is ours and everyone's else's month!

Ellsbells112 Thu 10-Oct-19 20:42:04

Hi everyone! I hope its okay if I join??
The tww is laddening and it's great to chat to the lovely ladies on here who get it!!
I'm 4-5dpo ttc no 2 (officially anyway) came off my copper coil in april but only in August did we start actually tracking etc
I know it hasn't been long and I'm already driving myself mad god!

How is everyone feeling? Anyone in similar dpo to me?

I'm sitting here feeling very light cramps...sooo light and telling myself to stop paying attention 🤦‍♀️🤣🤷‍♀️

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