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TMI re: my CM: I know this is utterly gross, but...

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urghhh Mon 13-Aug-07 11:39:32

Please someone, tell me I'm not alone...

I had ds in October last year and since March have been back on the pill with one break. Trying to keep my endometriosis on hold so I can TTC at a later date. But...

My CM is just yeeeuch - there's loads of it and its practically dry, every time I go to the loo there's a blob in my knickers. Its like pritt stick! Its really getting me down, i know how stupid that sounds but honestly its horrible. Thing is there's no medical issue (seen docs) and this pill works perfectly for me so looks like I will just have to deal with it. I dont know any other way to stop endometriosis.

Am I the only one (changed my regular name just in case LOL) and does this get any better??

GreatAuntieWurly Mon 13-Aug-07 16:28:34

sorry no advice just wanted to bump!!!!!

urghhh Tue 14-Aug-07 09:15:37

thanks great auntie - clearly i am a freak since no-one has been able to relate! oh well time to chnage back to my usual name

Sheherazadethegoat Tue 14-Aug-07 09:21:46

evening primrose oil? grapefruit juice? drink lots?

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