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HSG - TTC - Straw Poll

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Ready Sat 11-Aug-07 16:03:37

Chatting with the lovely Lissie has strengthened my doubts as to whether I should ttc this cycle, since I have only just had my HSG.

I am due to ovulate in the next couple of days (HSG yesterday), and still tender, so probably will miss the boat - but just interested to hear some points of view.

I feel stuck really, I keep thinking it can't be good to conceive with iodine in my tubes, but what if we are missing out on our month?

Any positive or negative comments welcome

lissie Sat 11-Aug-07 16:08:59

my vote is for no. as i said i dont know that concieving so soon after my HSG contributed to my last mc but im certain it hasnt helped. i also continued to lose a lot of gunk which made the whole ttc thing very icky and not very nice for either of us.

Ready Sat 11-Aug-07 16:10:02

lissie Sat 11-Aug-07 16:12:22

wish there was a <vom> emoticon

scorpio1 Sat 11-Aug-07 16:17:43

no-give yourself a break 'down' there, iyswim? if you mc'd, you would feel bad forever wondering if thats why, iyswim?

plenty of time for all that

Ready Sat 11-Aug-07 16:18:08

haha. Yes. "Bleurgh" doesn't have enough impact

Ready Sat 11-Aug-07 16:23:03

Yeah, I think I will wait this month.

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