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doc wants to see me after day 21 progesterone test? and short LPs question

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newkid Fri 10-Aug-07 16:22:13

Had day 3 (well day 5) and day 21 (day 20!) tests this month. According to surgery day 3 test 'satisfactory' but doc needs to speak to me re: day 21 test. This happened last time and I saw doc and she said everything was OK, couldn't see why I had been told to make an appt so while part of me thinks something is wrong, part of me is thinking she's going to look at her screen and say 'oh, don't know why they told you that, it's fine!'.

Also had 24 day cycle this month with ov likely on day 14 so LP actually going down from 12 to 10 - arghhh! Have always thought LP was source of my subfertility - took long time to conceive dd but it happened eventually. Has anyone else been treated for short LPs successfully. I am pretty sure I ovulate

mowmi Sat 11-Aug-07 11:42:10

hi there, I get the results of my day 21 / 3 day tests on Monday. I'm pretty sure I'm not ovulating, my OPK hasn't picked it up in 4 months. I had test previously on day 21 but the results were unconclusive because my cycles are anything from 38 days to 43 so the second was done later in my cycle. DH has also been tested so we should have a good overall picture of what's wrong on Monday. dreading it but at least I should get to know which bit/s of the hormone chain are broken.
when are you going back in?

newkid Sun 12-Aug-07 23:33:45

Hi Mowmi - I am seeing the doc on wed. Part of me wants her to say something is wrong as then maybe it will be 'easier' to fix but part of me also wants to hear that it is all OK. I know I will be referred on to a specialist in either event as the doc knows that I have been ttc for more than a year and at 37 (and counting) I am not getting any younger! All a bit of a pain but I am so so lucky to have my dd that I'm trying to keep a perspective (trying not to live for tomorrow and ruin today).

mowmi Mon 13-Aug-07 21:07:24

hi newkid, it's a nightmare isn't it! we went to doc today... DH is all good, day 3 test are said to be ok but there is a slight difference between FSH and FH which I'm sure atilla said isn't a good thing?
LH 4.1
FSH 3.9
But still no real news on the day 21 test as my cycles are all over the place and it ended up being taken 2 days before period came!
Have refered us to SF Clinic and we have an appointment for next month so not too long to wait!

Hope all goes well for you on wednesday - let me know how you get on x

buttercupbabe Tue 14-Aug-07 21:21:47

Hi newkid. I have a short LP (8 days). I got prescribed clomid but after 2 cycles later and still an 8 day LP I'm paying to go private next week. The reason i'm going private is that a friend of mine who had a similar length LP has fallen pregnant twice after receiving treatment from this dr and also because the nhs gynae I saw was horrific. My advice to you is to make sure that you temperature chart so that you can give your dr (and yourself) a better picture of what is happening). Although clomid hasn't worked for me, I know that it is often prescribed for lengthening a short LP and I think 'twiglet' had success with it. Take heart there are ways forward. Although if you're getting a 10 day LP that's ok. Apparently anything under 10 is considered short. HTH's and good luck

buttercupbabe Tue 14-Aug-07 21:23:29

Forgot to mention that I have ds who is 2. I think sometimes it takes some of us longer to return to a 'normal' cycle a bit longer!

newkid Wed 15-Aug-07 17:42:55

Saw doc today. I ovulate, which I was pretty sure I did as my temps have confirmed it two months in a row. Progesterone was 35 (needs to be 30 or over to show ovulation). Have been referred (NHS for the moment) - appt in mid-Sep so not a long wait (was able to book one right away). DH will produce his SA in a few weeks once this month's activity is out of the way! Am glad that we are seeing a specialist and am glad that I will have three and a half months' worth of charts to show him at that point. Am a wee bit concerned that progesterone is not really high as that is where I think the problem lies but we'll see what the specialist says. Hopefully I'll be pg by then anyways (one can always hope!).

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