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2WW countdown, anyone want to obsess over symptoms?!

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Ameliasmummy12 Wed 18-Sep-19 11:01:40

So I’m only 2 or 3 soo, but I obsess every month with symptoms and I’m constantly checking google for ‘symptoms leading to bfp’ or something related. Is anyone also in the 2WW now and want to share symptoms and craziness?

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Ameliasmummy12 Wed 18-Sep-19 11:02:20

Sorry, 2 or 3 dpo that was meant to say!

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Chez13 Wed 18-Sep-19 11:28:25

@Ameliasmummy12 guilty 🙋🏼‍♀️ the 2 ww is soul destroying x

Ameliasmummy12 Wed 18-Sep-19 11:41:33

@Chez13 tell me about it. Last month I did the usual and swore I was pregnant, but nope. This month I have a better feeling, but time will tell, anyone that says they don’t symptom spot from 1dpo is either lying or has some serious willpower! What dpo are you?

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Chez13 Wed 18-Sep-19 11:50:28

Im the same every month @Ameliasmummy12 Id say im 2dpo but not hopefull this month to be fair hardly dtd as both been floored with the cold 😩 i know tmi but usually dtd every night so not feeling good just now about it never know tho maybe could turn out better haa fingers crossed 🤞🏼 how long u been ttc? X

Ameliasmummy12 Wed 18-Sep-19 11:59:41

Oh gosh @Chez13 I’ve managed to swerve the colds so far 🤞 it stays that way! Brutal honesty here, about a year and a half. It’s difficult to always dtd on the day I ovulate, and I always struggle catching my surge with the opks so I usually wing it going off cramps etc too, but now I’m thinking we always dtd too early, either way, due to work etc we don’t get umpteen opportunities to dtd so hopefully this month we did catch it. We already have DD who is 5, do you have any or are you trying for your first?

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Chez13 Wed 18-Sep-19 12:03:22

@Ameliasmummy12 yeah it is brutal sometimes trying to find the time ive got two kiddies at the moment first one took me 11 month and second 1st attempt and currently in 6 month ttc just now its just so frustrating 😩 every little symptom your thinking oh must be my month see a load of people pregnant and them af arrives so disheartening aint it x

Ameliasmummy12 Wed 18-Sep-19 12:14:13

It really is @Chez13 and it does feel worse every month too. With DD I wasn’t actively trying nor preventing but did take about a year. Since then I have had miscarriages which I have conceived straight away, and now again it’s taken so long! I’ve tried pressed this month too, although I don’t know if I’ve even used it right! There’s so much hard work that needs to go into it lol! I’m either 2 or 3dpo today. Had a really heavy uterus since yesterday, and I usually have sore bb’s now but I don’t yet x

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Chez13 Wed 18-Sep-19 12:27:21

@Ameliasmummy12 whats pressed ? Hopefully thats a good sign they without the sore bbs , im defo not hopeful this month 😔 just need to wait and see , shame about your mcs 💔 hope your lucky this month al keep my fingers and toes crossed 🤞🏼 for u x

Ameliasmummy12 Wed 18-Sep-19 12:37:41

Oops @Chez13 I meant preseed 🤣🤣. It’s the sperm friendly lube that helps the sperm get to where it needs to be! Seen good reviews so thought I’d give it a try. Well you never know, if you have dtd around O time there’s hope! Let me know how you get on in the meantime and update any symptoms x

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Chez13 Wed 18-Sep-19 12:40:25

@Ameliasmummy12 yes i will do , not due on till the 30th 🤞🏼 she stays away, let me know how your getting on ☺️ never heard of that stuffed whered you get it ? Might try it x

Ameliasmummy12 Wed 18-Sep-19 12:45:34

I think I got mine on amazon or eBay, it comes with applicators and you just use it before you dtd. A lot of success stories from it so deffo worth a try. I have long cycles ranging between 31 days and 34 days, so I’m not due until 29th/30th either x

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Chez13 Fri 20-Sep-19 11:15:39

@Ameliasmummy12 hows the 2ww treating ya ? Feeling any different ? Xx

Loula82 Fri 20-Sep-19 11:22:24

I'm due AF on 2nd September so would like to join you ladies if that's OK. Let's keep everything crossed this is our time! smile

Ameliasmummy12 Fri 20-Sep-19 11:23:46

@Chez13 I hate the waiting game! I’ve had cramps the last couple of days, some feel like ovary cramping then others feel like my uterus, but I had cramps last month so I’m not holding on to them! My bbs aren’t sore this month which is weird as they usually are about this time after O, I’m mega bloated, which is different, and it’s awful. I’m living in sweat pants! How are you, any symptoms @Chez13 x

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Ameliasmummy12 Fri 20-Sep-19 11:24:53

@Loula82 course, the more the merrier! More symptoms to compare 😂. How many dpo are you? X

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Loula82 Fri 20-Sep-19 11:43:08

@Ameliasmummy12 I ovulated late this cycle so am just 1 DPO. I'm 28 days regular as clockwork though so pretty sure AF will come on the 2nd if she's going to. Do you think the fact I ovulated late will give me less of a chance? I'm ttc my first so fairly clueless!

Ameliasmummy12 Fri 20-Sep-19 11:48:16

No not at all, some people ovulate super early and super late and have got pregnant. As long as you’re ovulating you’re in for a chance. Do you track ovulation? Do you use tests etc? @Loula82

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Loula82 Fri 20-Sep-19 11:51:08

@Ameliasmummy12 yes, I've started using the Clearblue this month even though they're quite expensive. I just can't be sure with the cheap ones whether it's a definite surge or not. At least with the Clearblue I got a solid smilie so knew for definite. Well, hope so anyway! smile what about you?

Ameliasmummy12 Fri 20-Sep-19 12:00:26

@Loula82 yeah I know what you mean, it’s hard to tell with the cheapies. I sort of track, for months and months we just winged it going off cramps etc, clearly wasn’t working for us! So this month I tried preseed and just the cheapies but I never get definite lines on those. I feel this month we got O day right, I’m thinking other months maybe we were too early/late. Hoping anyway🤞. I’m going to test on Wednesday, I’ll be 9 or 10 dpo then x

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Ameliasmummy12 Sat 21-Sep-19 09:58:34

@Chez13 @Loula82 morning ladies, anything happening today? I had the weirdest little sting feeling last night next to my belly button, like little electric shocks or something. To the left of my belly button, I’m not holding my breath though! X

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Chez13 Sat 21-Sep-19 10:33:59

@Ameliasmummy12 thats a good sign , im just feelinf my normal self so pretty much feel like im out this month 😔had some mild cramps and heavy feeling in uterus along with some leg cramps last night almost feeling like growing pains if that makes sense ?

cb22 Sat 21-Sep-19 11:11:12

Sorry thought I'd join in because im on the same boat but so entirely new to mumsnet so bare with im only getting used to abbreviations 😂 2 dpo and got the same @Ameliasmummy12 pokey feeling as you! a bit crampy and bloated but not too much but im not holding on to it!

Chez13 Sat 21-Sep-19 11:43:39

@Loula82 @cb22 welcome aboard the obsession train haha !! The 2ww is a killer aint it ? Every little thing you feel your thinking oh it must be it lol how long you both been ttc? Good to have someone to share symptoms ect x

cb22 Sat 21-Sep-19 12:31:24

@Chez13 it's nice to know people are experiencing the same thing and obsessing too 😂 i've been ttc only about 2 months now but only really started to track things this month!

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