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Belly looking like a bump but no baby

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Emae26 Wed 11-Sep-19 17:15:40

At the moment my stomach look really rounded and bump like but I'm still bleeding when my period should be and tests are negative. It's just really upset me today because it looks like I could possibly be a few month but I know I'm not and that I'm probably just bloated or something...

Emae26 Wed 11-Sep-19 22:39:06

Has anyone else experienced a similar thing?

Whatnext11 Thu 12-Sep-19 06:27:24

Sorry I haven't got any advice. When I put weight on it always shows on my stomach which upsets me in case I look PG. Hope someone else can help.

Banoffeepie91 Thu 12-Sep-19 06:29:36

I can get really bloated from my IBS which can literally sometimes make me look about 5 months pregnant. It is a bit upsetting when I’d love it to be a bump but haven’t managed to get pregnant yet.
Maybe you could visit your dr if you’re worried? There are lots of different things that can cause bloating.

Emae26 Thu 12-Sep-19 08:27:00

I've got IBS too so its probably that but it just upset me because it look so much like a bump. Partly because I was worried people would ask but mainly because I really wish it was a bump

TwittleBee Thu 12-Sep-19 09:53:31

IBD sufferer here and yes the bloat is all too real isn't it. Its horrid, I've actually been asked about "the baby" before when it's just all bloat

Emae26 Thu 12-Sep-19 10:13:58

Make it harder when you're wishing it was a baby doesn't it?...

TwittleBee Thu 12-Sep-19 10:20:03

Yes it really does!

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