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Freedom one step tests

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notmyrealname37 Wed 11-Sep-19 15:30:57

Has anyone used these tests before? I bought and used one today (it was that for £1 or clearblue for a lot more. Kind of regretting my choice now) and it has the faintest of very faint lines on it - is it likely to be an evap line?

taytosandwich Wed 11-Sep-19 15:34:50

Yes. I've never taken a freedom test that didn't have a faint line envy

notmyrealname37 Wed 11-Sep-19 15:50:54

Thanks @taytosandwich - I did question my wisdom of buying such a cheap one!

notmyrealname37 Wed 11-Sep-19 21:29:05

So much for Evaps don't have colour. I've never had one before. I imagine I'll end up buying another test or I'll dither about it.

taytosandwich Thu 12-Sep-19 14:29:32

Did you take another OP?

notmyrealname37 Fri 13-Sep-19 19:21:32

I've got some on the way from Amazon. I'm fairly sure it was an evap line and I'll get a period soon, but if I don't double check I'll drive myself mad.

SunshineCrocodile Fri 13-Sep-19 21:07:39

I posted elsewhere about this before I saw this thread - used one this morning! Came up like this, thin but red line down one side of where the positive line would be. Tried another one in water and nothing came up. But it doesn't look like a proper positive to me. Guess I'll have to wait a day or two and get a frer...

notmyrealname37 Fri 13-Sep-19 21:29:15

@SunshineCrocodile my line looked like that. Hope you get the outcome you want!

ItsAlwaysSunnyInPhiladelphia Fri 13-Sep-19 21:30:32

This is my test
I am 99% sure I am not pregnant but because of these tests I will keep testing and hoping 😕

JurassicShay Fri 13-Sep-19 21:33:41

I done one today & it was whiter than white so test again!

Tashd Fri 13-Sep-19 21:38:18

@ItsAlwaysSunnyInPhiladelphia this is what mine looked like at 4 weeks pregnant! Fingers crossed for you

ItsAlwaysSunnyInPhiladelphia Fri 13-Sep-19 21:43:03

@Tashd thanks smile FRERs are BFN so just confused now. I thought they were more sensitive than these one so they should have a nice line now. Will just have to wait and see :/

notmyrealname37 Mon 16-Sep-19 17:31:08

Amazon test looked negative. So definitely an evap on the freedom one!

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