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When to conceive?

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LJC1991 Wed 11-Sep-19 12:37:01

Hi! smile

Struggling with what to do. I'm currently off work sick due to breaking both wrists. Due to go back on light duties soon but could be on light duties for several weeks. Thing is I wanted to start trying for a baby end of october/November. In my job as soon as I'm pregnant its light duties for the entire pregnancy. So my dilemma is do I just bring it forward and start trying now. Or do I just go with it and go back to normality for a bit until I actually conceive?
My brain hurts thinking about it!

Each2TheirOwn Wed 11-Sep-19 13:37:14

Hi @LJC1991 I would start trying now if I were you. It could take months (or longer) for you to conceive so unless there are other reasons not to start trying now then I would x

pottypotamus Wed 11-Sep-19 13:39:50

Is there a reason you want to delay until Oct/Nov?

LJC1991 Wed 11-Sep-19 14:08:44

These were my original times when I wanted to start trying. Now I don't know when to start!

blackpinkinyourarea Wed 11-Sep-19 14:24:48

I would recommend you start trying now as well, because it could take longer than you think to get a bfp.

pottypotamus Wed 11-Sep-19 17:40:52

Yes definitely recommend to start as soon as possible. Chances are you'll be fine, but I know many couples that have kicked themselves for not starting sooner.

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