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Ovulation dates keep changing after coil removal - anyone else had the same?

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Banoffeepie91 Tue 10-Sep-19 16:01:03

I had the Mirena coil removed in June so could start TTC. I’ve been using OPKs and tracking BBT to work out my ovulation dates but they’ve been different every month since removal. I didn’t get periods at all on the coil so maybe my body is still a bit confused? First month was CD28, last month was CD12 and now I’m on CD13 and no sign of anything yet. Only thing that seems to be consistent at the moment is AF comes exactly 12 days after ovulation which I guess is useful to know if I do end up catching.
Anyone else had the same and know when they should settle down or if I need to worry?

physicskate Wed 11-Sep-19 19:02:36

It can take up to a year, but is generally less time than that for cycles to settle into your natural (and hopefully regular) cycle.

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