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The 1WW

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Rainforestandshine Sun 08-Sep-19 14:37:04

Hi Ladies! Is anybody testing this week, and feeling anxious? Do you think this is ‘your month’, or are you feeling too scared to be hopeful? However you’re feeling, let’s discuss. It can be difficult to have the same conversation with your partner – who, while wanting to support you, does not understand the compulsion to ‘symptom watch’.

I’m currently 7DPO. Yesterday I was laid up in bed all day. I had a brief stitch on my left side, mild stomach pains, cold-like symptoms (well I was shaking them off from the day before), and horrible lower back pains. It could all be anxiety-related, as I suspect, but if anyone else has had these ‘feelings’, it would be good to hear.

P.S. AF is due anytime between 15-18 September.

Hardheadedwoman39 Sun 08-Sep-19 15:08:10

Both my last BFPs I have cold like symptoms which apparently is the excess fluid from raised progesterone levels - so potentially a good sign!

user1471501621 Sun 08-Sep-19 15:18:29

Hi I think I m 4 or 5 dpo today on cycle 1 of ttc. I have cold symptoms too! I think af should be due on 16th September. Will try and hold out as close as I can to then for testing. With my son didn't have any symptoms until a day or 2 before was tired and nauseous.

Rainforestandshine Sun 08-Sep-19 15:40:33

Hi. I did hear that a cold was an unusual symptom. When I had it I was quite hopeful. But today I feel physically fine. No twinges or anything so I have convinced myself that my symptoms were not related to pregnancy. But I still pray for it, of course.

Good for you – hold out as long as possible. Is there anything unusual about your cold symptoms? Usually before I get a cold, I get a sore throat which acts as a warning. I didn’t get it this time. Not that I’m complaining. I hate sore throats.
So we are due around the same time. I will try to hold out till next Saturday, when I will be 13DPO. What about you?

Hardheadedwoman39 Sun 08-Sep-19 16:28:39

The running nose/cold feeling was only brief for me.....😊

Hardheadedwoman39 Sun 08-Sep-19 16:32:14

Also I'm sort of/sort of not ttc and due to test on the 23rd 😬

Makeafamily19 Sun 08-Sep-19 16:43:41

I'm 6DPO and AF due 17th September so very similar. I also have cold symptoms but I have a sore throat and so does my DH so I think it's actually just a cold 😂

Rainforestandshine Sun 08-Sep-19 18:39:35

My cold was brief as well. It lasted a day if that. It didn’t really develop fully. But it did make me tired. The 23rd? You’ve got to put some things in place to distract yourself. You said you had two BFPs before. So do you already have children? I’m TTC #1. This is cycle 5. Although the first using the CBFM.

@Makeafamily19 So we are also due to test around the same time - @user1471501621 included. Moral support would be good. I’m going to test next Saturday. If it’s not positive I vow to stop the agonising TWW. I don’t think I can go through this again.

Hardheadedwoman39 Sun 08-Sep-19 19:31:42

@Rainforestandshine I'm still in my fertile window now so should be distracting myself with dtd 😂
I do already have children - 3!
14, 12 and 1..... the 1 year old is with a different partner and he would dearly love another. I on the other hand am unsure. Heart says yes but head say NOOO!

I guess ultimately my body will decide as I am 41 and last cycle had a chemical pregnancy/early miscarriage - not sure as had just had coil removed... sorry for the over explain 🙄

Rainforestandshine Sun 08-Sep-19 20:05:09

Sorry to hear about the early miscarriage.

Don’t worry about over explaining; anything you wish to share is absolutely fine. Have you discussed your apprehensions with your partner? Big decisions like these should always cause some apprehension. I haven’t even got a child, but I have on occasion asked myself whether this is the right road for me – and it doesn’t have anything to do with not wanting children. I would absolutely love to be a mother. I think that we naturally want to provide/give our best to others, especially those we love. And if we feel we can’t we would prefer not to start something just to disappoint – at least that’s how I feel.

I will pray that whatever is for you, you will receive. Let me know how you get on – the intimate details, of course, you can keep to yourself smile.

user1471501621 Sun 08-Sep-19 20:22:02

Hi my cold symptoms seem to be just a runny nose but like what you would get with hayfever? Feeling some nausea too but I think that might be pregnancy vitamins as they have iron in them. Always upsets my stomach a bit! Going to hold out as long as I can to test. Even maybe to the weekend before so 14th or 15th

Hardheadedwoman39 Sun 08-Sep-19 21:55:11

Thank you @Rainforestandshine wise words!

I think in many ways it's never a straightforward decision as it's so huge...a leap into the unknown. I very much hope that it happens for you 😊

Rainforestandshine Mon 09-Sep-19 09:01:38

@user1471501621 Snap. I’ll be testing on the 14th too. I’m not feeling as anxious as I was over the weekend. What will be, will be. Wishing you every good wish for your test. Let me know how it goes, and vice versa.

I don’t have any further symptoms except bloating which I tend to get every month.

@Hardheadedwoman39 Thank you. Very kind words. Appreciated! Keep in touch and let me know how it’s going.

cavycavy Mon 09-Sep-19 09:38:07

My AF is due on the 16th. I’m only using my fit bit to track periods though so god knows how accurate that is!

I’m 5DPO

What’s the earliest you can take a test?!

cavycavy Mon 09-Sep-19 09:41:02

@user1471501621 we are the same! This is out first cycle of trying. 5DPO and due AF on the 16th!

I’m trying for #2 but I’m 39 this week so not sure if my chances are as good as they were with #1 when I got BFP on cycle 2.

user1471501621 Mon 09-Sep-19 13:17:50

@cavycavy Hi. Have you had any symptoms? I m ttc no 2 and with my first the test wasn't positive until 2 or 3 days after period was due. The frer test says 6 days from day of missed period tho I don't know how many people test early and get accurate result. I m going to test the weekend before.

cavycavy Mon 09-Sep-19 14:10:00

Well, I’ve been getting some bloated/heavy feelings in a my lower tummy. I don’t normally feel period pain until the day before my period. And I did have a particularly brutal smear early last week.

I had nausea from 4pm yesterday. It settled a bit this morning and is back now. Also have a mild headache. However, I’m under quite a lot of pressure at work, so could just be anxiety symptoms!

How about you??

Rainforestandshine Mon 09-Sep-19 14:10:17

It seems premature and I feel stupid for not waiting but today my ICs arrived. They arrived just after I purchased the Clearblue Early Detection kit (typical!), which I planned to use on Thursday or Friday to obtain relatively accurate results.

Today I am only 8DPO. Because the ICs arrived, it would be silly not to try one, she said at 1pm in the afternoon, hours after her first U. But that is what I did. To my amazement or poor vision I thought I saw a second line (albeit very faint). So I thought I’d try my Clearblue – not expecting much as it shouldn’t detect that early. This is what it showed. What does this look like to you?

If you can’t see anything please do say. I won’t be upset or offended.

cavycavy Mon 09-Sep-19 14:12:16

I see a definite line!

Hardheadedwoman39 Mon 09-Sep-19 14:38:28

That is definitely a line!!!

That's so exciting 😊😊

Hardheadedwoman39 Mon 09-Sep-19 14:38:58

For 8dpo that's very clear too 👍🏻

Rainforestandshine Mon 09-Sep-19 15:10:56

@cavycavy @Hardheadedwoman39
Thank you for confirming what I think I see.
The only reason I tested today was because the ICs arrived earlier than scheduled. I thought there wouldn’t be too much harm in wasting one stick. I never truly expected to see a trace of a line.

My fiancé and I don’t want to get ahead of ourselves so we’ll test again on Thursday to see if the lines darken. I have my hands together.

@Hardheadedwoman39 So you were right about the cold smile.

Hardheadedwoman39 Mon 09-Sep-19 15:24:30

@Rainforestandshine Yes!!! It's such a quirky symptom I think it's very telling 😊

Each2TheirOwn Mon 09-Sep-19 15:52:37

@Rainforestandshine Congratulations 😀

I'm currently 11/12DPO and AF is due around Thursday (my cycles aren't regular but average 32 days). I've had VERY light brown spotting 10 and 11dpo, mainly when I wipe, only a tiny streak on a liner both days. I thought AF was starting but it didn't get any heavier and there is nothing today! I usually spot a few days before AF but this is different, much lighter (in both colour and volume), almost watery. It is usually continuous and gets heavier before actual bleeding starts but not this time 🙈

I'm trying to remain positive and tell myself that it's possible implantation but I'm on the fence. I have ICs and used one this morning which was a BFN but I know if it was IB then it could take a few days for HCG levels to rise.

I have a FRER in the cupboard and am SO tempted to use it tomorrow (12/13DPO) with FMU 🤞🏼 x

Rainforestandshine Mon 09-Sep-19 16:08:16

@Each2TheirOwn Thank you.

I understand that testing at 13DPO is acceptable and quite often shows pregnancy. Of course, a BFN does not mean that you are not pregnant. In other words, you have nothing to lose – and everything to gain. But test when you are ready. Don’t feel under any pressure. I would have waited if I hadn’t used the ICs first. We all know the branded products are not cheap!

I didn’t have implantation bleeding. The only symptoms I had that felt different from usual was the cold (for 0.5 – 1 day), very bad lower back pains, and a sensitive belly button. I don’t often touch my belly button to know if it is sensitive but I brushed it against something in the kitchen and winced. No sore boobs however.

Let us know how you get on.

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