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Looking for other women TTC

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Lemonade85 Sun 08-Sep-19 14:18:49

Hi ladies, I'm looking to start a thread for women ttc following an early miscarriage. I'm on CD27 following a miscarriage and I'm really anxious about the coming days. Looking for some support from others who have possibly been through it or at the same point in their cycle before they xx

Spotify82 Sun 08-Sep-19 14:40:28

Hello I really don't know how to start my own thread. Been on here searching for ages. I'm probably just being daft. I've been trying to conceive since july this year, married for just over a year. This time is being really weird.

I was due my period for the 7th september. 1st of September after ttc I wiped and found pinkish blood. Then again spotting all day. The a few days later again, ttc after I wiped I found blood. Then just spotting. Last night again wiped and blood. No period and it's not like a period. I haven't yet got what I class as a period. Was due yesterday. I'm very regulalry and never late and I've never ever had his light bleed when wiping happen. Pregnancy tests are negative.

I'm 13 dpo. Has this happened to anyone before.

Lemonade85 Sun 08-Sep-19 15:03:52

It might be implantation bleeding? Are you using an ovulation app to track your cycle? I'm using Ovia and it's really good at giving you insight into some symptoms xx

Spotify82 Sun 08-Sep-19 17:50:34

Hi lovely. I use p tracker. I ovulated on the 26th and counting the days it did seem like an implantation bleed because I'm clear again today. Its just the negative result I'm getting. I mean I tried it with first response. This wait is bloody agonising so I'm trying to take my mind of it and do lesson planning instead but it's just got me feeling so down.

Lemonade85 Sun 08-Sep-19 19:24:40

Maybe wait a couple of days and test again. I got a very faint line and then tested again a few days later and it was much darker. Let me know how you get on. 🤞🏼for you xx

Claire78564 Sun 08-Sep-19 21:07:02

Hi ladies hope you don’t mind me joining. I post on mumsnet a few times but never get s response back. I had a miscarriage at ten weeks back in August sad it broke my heart. We are trying again and finally had a positive opk yesterday so did the deal yesterday and today do you think I could be within a chance this month? I guess we sit have to keep trying and I’m sure eventually we will get our happy ending. Just upsetting when friends get pregnant no problems x

Spotify82 Mon 09-Sep-19 07:06:50

I got my period today. I was really depressed yesterday and even had a cry which is the normal routine before my period. Oh well will try next time....I'm 37. Not the beat news but hey ho. Good luck to you ladies.

Lemonade85 Tue 10-Sep-19 15:00:23

Hi Claire. I'd say you sound like you're in with a chance. So sorry to hear about your miscarriage. It's horrible and people who haven't been through it don't seem to understand. Keep us updated on how you get on.

Sorry to hear you got your period. It's horrible too when all you want is to be pregnant. I know I get frustrated at the 2 week wait before you ovulate, then the wait to find it. End up wishing your month away.

I think mine is coming too. I'm on CD29 now. I usually get a bad headache before my period and I've had a killer sore head today. I've been tracking my basal body temp too which has remained high after I ovulated, but the headache has me convinced my period will be here soon. We can only wait and see xx

Claire78564 Tue 10-Sep-19 16:39:51

@Lemonade85 sorry to hear of your loss too. Life can be so cruel. Fx I do catch this month although I’m not holding my breath. Crazy how when we are younger dear catching little knowing it’s not that easy! I believe I may be 2 days after ovulation but this part of the cycle always throws me off..had a little bit of EWCM today but my OPKs were negative as of Sunday afternoon. All I can say is that the only clear symptom which points towards pregnancy in my eyes is a missed period as every pregnancy is different. You never know a headache might have been caused by other things or it’s a pregnancy symptom this time round for you. How long have you been trying? X

Ellsbells112 Tue 10-Sep-19 17:08:04

@claire78564 hi there, I'm 3 or 4dpo and trying not to think about any niggling little feeling and failing miserably. So sorry for your loss and @Lemonade85 loss, it's so so hard. I had an early miscarriage last month and it made me so so down. Now trying to focus on this month but the wait is a killer! X

baby1baby2 Tue 10-Sep-19 17:08:31

I'm going to jump on here too. I just had a miscarriage a eight weeks and I'd really like to understand when I am meant to start ovulating again and when is good to start to TTC? I think I'll buy the ovulation tests and take it from there. I have to get my period first right and then try ? Sorry, I'm feeling quite clueless about this all

Spotify82 Tue 10-Sep-19 17:23:56

I'm sorry guys I'm going on ranting about my period. I feel really depressed, so I can't imagine how you all must be feeling with a miscarriage. @Lemonade85

Spotify82 Tue 10-Sep-19 17:25:18

Why did it cut off my message. I'm hoping @lemonade85 you don't get period. Please keep us updated. I want some good news.

Claire78564 Tue 10-Sep-19 20:20:32

@Ellsbells112 hey how’s it goin, sorry you have suffered a mc. It’s so hard not to think about what your Body is doing when you are passed ovulation knowing there’s nothing you can do but wait. I wish we knew straight away and didn’t have to wait so long between chances!
@baby1baby2 sorry you are going through this. I can maybe help you a little. So I’ve had a loss at 6 weeks and one at 10. I had some private investigations as nhs don’t do anything until 3 and been told all is well I’ve just been unlucky 😔 my main worry was when I would ovulate again. Providing your loss was before 12 weeks and wasn’t a molar or ectopic you don’t need to wait for a period. I used the ovulation sticks from the moment I got a negative pregnancy test. After two weeks from the negative result I’ve just had my positive opk at the weekend and believe I ovulated on Sunday. So if I were you I would buy a load off amazon. We will all bounce back from this. It doesn’t feel like it but at least we aren’t alone x

baby1baby2 Tue 10-Sep-19 22:23:10

Awww Claire, six weeks and 10 weeks. That must be tough. But we are resilient and as you say bounce back. I was so glad it happened when I was at home. All of your comments are really helpful. I'll stock up on those cheapie sticks and see what happens after the first negative. I really appreciate your comments , so much more helpful than chatting through with anyone I know IRL !

Claire78564 Tue 10-Sep-19 23:36:53

@baby1baby2 thanks they were tough but I’m assured there’s no link just bad luck. It really helped going to see a private specialist despite expensive as it’s given me some confidence I had last so next time isn’t so daunting. As they say third time lucky. I’ve been in contact with so many people since my last loss and I cannot believe how common one and two miscarriages are. I had one at home and the other in hospital. No worries I wish you the best in your next pregnancy. Xx

Lemonade85 Wed 11-Sep-19 08:08:19

I ovulated 18 days after my miscarriage. I was advised to wait but i didn't. The only reason the nurse said I should wait was so I would know where I was at in my cycle if I conceived. Rubbish advice if you ask me. What were your experiences of the early pregnancy services during your miscarriage? Mine weren't good at all.

Period is still a no show. I want to test but feel I should wait for a couple more days. I'm worried I find out I'm pregnant again and it goes away like last time 😓

Sending you all big hugs xx

Claire78564 Wed 11-Sep-19 13:42:40

@Lemonade85 yeah you don’t need to wait if you are feeling ready for it. I hope you catch soon. My experience was pretty dismal tbh I think the nhs definitely need to put some work in there. Don’t put yourself under more stress. It’s hard but I would just wait a while until your period is a week late. I found early testing really used to upset me. My last pregnancy I tested a day late and it was positive so maybe do that xx

baby1baby2 Wed 11-Sep-19 20:31:36

Thanks Claire. I found the nhs really helpful, sorry to hear you didn't have a great experience. They were so responsive to me from when I started bleeding the first time, to my first scan, I then had to go to a&e (saw a consultant) and lastly when I went for my final scan confirming miscarriage. At my miscarriage, first nurse came and chatted and said I could consider counselling, then saw the doctor and they booked me in for final follow up scan to make sure it's 'all gone' and I could choose the time. I think I just got to the stage where I wanted to get out of the EPU. Maybe they could have been better but thank god for Mumsnet !! I feel far wiser now thanks to everyone's (and especially your !) comments xx

Claire78564 Wed 11-Sep-19 21:39:58

Yeah your experience was better than mine. I had to get a private scan to confirm my baby had passed away because I’d had a scan a few days ago which showed everything fine but had more spotting so went to the EPU. They told me they wouldn’t scan me and to wait for 12 week scan. It went down hill from there really. I was at Oldham hospital. Next pregnancy I will ask to go to Manchester x

baby1baby2 Wed 11-Sep-19 21:50:54

That's terrible ! The whole experience is terrible let alone having to find and book a private scan to confirm. The other good thing was that EPU said to me because I've miscarriage if I become pregnant again and I can go in there for a scan at eight weeks to check everything is okay, rather than wait for the usual 12 week scan.

BlueCookieMonster Wed 11-Sep-19 22:17:47

<sneaks in> hi, can I talk to people, we’re TTC this month. X

Lemonade85 Fri 13-Sep-19 07:09:43

I took a test this morning. I'm pregnant again. I'm terrified! I know I should be over the moon and excited but I'm just so worried I miscarry again. Have any of you had babies after a miscarriage? What was your experience?
I know this news might be sore for some of you and I apologise! I know how I feel seeing other pregnancy announcements. I'm almost annoyed at myself if that's even possible!? Such a confusing time xx

Claire78564 Fri 13-Sep-19 09:52:23

@Lemonade85 congratulations. Did yo have any symptoms that you have caught again? I haven’t any children but can tell you that I have friends who got pregnant after 1/2 miscarriages and everything went okay. If you are classed as low risk then this pregnancy is completely different to the last. Try to stay positive and you have every right to feel how you do. I take it you haven’t had a period since the miscarriage? I wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy. Cxx

baby1baby2 Fri 13-Sep-19 13:47:58

That's great news and definitely a good start !! Beat of luck for a smooth pregnancy xx

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