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Myo inositol

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Chh0412 Sat 07-Sep-19 14:07:37


Just looking for advice and experience about myo-inositol. Have been trying to conceive since January. I have PCOS and haven't had a period since I came off the pill.
Has mayo-inositol helped anyone get a period?

Many thanks in advance. smile

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Headswim Sat 07-Sep-19 15:22:00

I would love to know this too - following x

Pingpongpoppy Sat 07-Sep-19 21:21:43

I thought that was a Coldplay album

Laur89 Sat 07-Sep-19 22:05:17

Hi @Chh0412, I also have PCOS and started taking myo inositol, within a couple of months I was having periods and within 3 months I had conceived my DS - now 13 months! Taking it again now in the hope of conceiving DC2. Good luck, I've got my fingers crossed for you! smile

Chh0412 Sat 07-Sep-19 23:37:50

@Laur89 thank you for replying with such positive news! It gives me hope! I've looked on amazon at myo-inositol. Is this where you purchased from? If so which one and what dosage? Sorry for all the questions! x x x

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Laur89 Fri 13-Sep-19 18:58:47

Hi @Chh0412, sorry for late reply! I buy mine on Amazon, the make is veridian - it's powder form and I take 2 scoops twice daily mixed with water. Have you had a look into it?

TwinklyTwinkle Sat 14-Sep-19 11:26:15

Hi, not sure if this will be any help, but I started taking Myo-Inositol as I have extremely painful periods (vomitting, sweats), albeit regular, but have never been diagnosed with anything after several visits to the doctor. I also started experiencing a lot of hirutism on my face in the past 12 months so read some reviews and thought it would be worth trying. Me and my husband have been TTC for 5 months. I've been taking it religiously this month (I've been a bit inconsistent the past) along with conception Pregnacare. This morning I took a test and got a very very faint positive -

Not sure if it's 100% accurate or even down to the Inositol, but just wanted to share my experience! Wishing you all the best in your TTC journey! Xx

TwinklyTwinkle Sat 14-Sep-19 11:28:17

This is the one I bought and I take one small spoonful (spoon included, hidden in the powder though when first opened!) every morning with my morning squash smile

Laur89 Sat 14-Sep-19 12:07:39

Wow @TwinklyTwinkle I can definitely see 2 lines on that test - congratulations!! So exciting! How may DPO are you?

TwinklyTwinkle Sat 14-Sep-19 12:25:22

@Laur89 Thankyou!! I'm so quietly excited!! Trying not to get my hopes up too soon though! confused I'm currently 11DPO! The past few months, I've always waited to see if my period was late before I tested, but this month I've really felt like I've had some symptoms so thought it was worth a try a bit earlier!

Laur89 Sat 14-Sep-19 12:34:02

So exciting @TwinklyTwinkle! I'm only 5dpo and the wait is killing me! What were you feeling? I'm hoping I can test early too, I'm due on period end of next week 😁

TwinklyTwinkle Sat 14-Sep-19 12:53:06

@Laur89 Ahh the 2 week wait is killer!! Fingers crossed for good news at the end of it!!

It sounds stupid, but after 5 months of obsessing about symptoms and stuff, I just really started to ignore them because I was just getting sick of googling everything and getting the disappointment when my periods arrived! This month however, I had a sore throat for days around 5DPO and then it developed into a quite bad cold last weekend. I hardly ever get colds so I thought it was a bit abnormal, and even when the cold cleared up I still had the niggly sore throat when I swallowed! Then around 8DPO I had niggly twitches on the left side of my abdomen all day. I was thinking maybe I would get implantation bleeding if that's what it was, but I didn't get anything so just assumed maybe it was in my head? I rarely get sore boobs either, but although they haven't really been sore, they've just felt heavier and slightly tender! I use the app Flo, and usually log my symptoms but just didn't bother this month annoyingly!

MissBridgetJones Sat 14-Sep-19 13:22:52

How much do you take - the advice varies massively. Im taking 6 micro scoops in the morning, but my friend said she take 6 scoops 3x a day!

I get
Mine from myprotein. Comes with a tiny scoop!

Chh0412 Sat 14-Sep-19 19:15:07

@Laur89 I've looked into tablets and the powder.
Thinking possibly tablets as I'm taking folic acid and other vitamins so might just take them at the same time?!
Before you started taking it did you have any periods or ovulation? Or do you think taking it made you ovulate? X x x

@TwinklyTwinkle I def see a faint second line!!!! So exciting for you. X x x

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Mycrazylife85 Sat 14-Sep-19 19:20:47

I've been using it for around two/three months at 3g a day. Although having done a lot of research 4g is recommended if it is for fertility. I have PCOS and came off the pill in January. Waited 74 days for a period, then 54 days.

Then post Myo-inositol 40, 40 and I've just had a positive OPK at day 23 so I'm due at day 36. I use nature's own brand powder. I would definitely say to give it a try smile

TwinklyTwinkle Sat 14-Sep-19 22:06:59

@Chh0412 Thankyou!! I'll update you all if I get a better line!

@MissBridgetJones I only take one micro scoop every morning smile

TwinklyTwinkle Sun 15-Sep-19 07:59:50

Took another cheapy test last night and a clearblue digital this morning and it's confirmed! Exciting, yet terrifying! The test only says 1-2 weeks however as it's from the date of my last period which was 17th August, so apparently I'm going into my 5th week of pregnancy?!

Laur89 Thu 19-Sep-19 20:08:25

how's things @Chh0412?

coconuttymummy Fri 20-Sep-19 06:23:01

I started taking Myo Inositol last cycle and I got a BFP. Unfortunately it was a Chemical Pregnancy, but I do think Myo Inositol, Ubiquinol, Maca, extra Folic Acid, Omega 3, Zinc, Magnesium & NAC helped a lot. I also drink a lot of Nettle and Dandelion teas.

I’m sticking to the same supplement plan this cycle, with the addition of Soy Isoflavones CD3-7.

I’d definitely give Myo Inositol a try. I’ve had no side effects. It pairs well with Ubiquinol for egg health xxx

Chh0412 Fri 20-Sep-19 16:51:50

Hello ladies 
I've ordered the following tablets and taking two in the morning and two in the evening! They are HUGE takes me nearly a pint of water! Haha. Taking them when I take my folic acid in the morning and then evening when I take supplements for my hair and nails! Starting taking them on Tuesday.
Still no period or any anything, trying not to get too down. Doctor wants me to stop taking my medication for anxiety as it won't be ideal when I'm referred to fertility clinic.
Awaiting a scan as my bloods now don't indicate PCOS...
Trying to focus on weight loss also for a referral to fertility clinic. I have lost 1st 5lbs since 1st August and need to loose a bit more.
Thanks for all your advice. Feel like I FINALLY have people who understand/relate to me. X x x
@Laur89 @Headswim @Pingpongpoppy @TwinklyTwinkle @MissBridgetJones @Mycrazylife85 @coconuttymummy hope all is okay with you. X x x

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Mycrazylife85 Fri 20-Sep-19 17:57:53

@Chh0412 ☺️ that's why I like the powder ☺️ don't expect to see any changes for a few months. I have read a lot of literature that says it takes a few months for your body to react and see any benefit. Keep going though, I think it's been great x

Mycrazylife85 Fri 20-Sep-19 17:59:30

Brilliant work on the weight loss too!!! @Chh0412

TwinklyTwinkle Fri 20-Sep-19 18:28:24

@Chh0412 Ahh good luck!! Wishing all the best for you, and hope the tablets work! Also well done on the weight loss, you've done amazingly so far!

Chh0412 Mon 23-Sep-19 18:01:47

@Mycrazylife85 Don't know whether to switch to powder once these tablets have ran out or whether to stick with one product and make?!
Doing the Cambridge diet so it's a bit extreme but it's working!!!
@TwinklyTwinkle how you feeling after your lovely news?

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TwinklyTwinkle Mon 23-Sep-19 21:36:27

@Chh0412 I still can't believe it! I'm so excited but still feeling a bit nervous about it all as I'm only 6 weeks! Desperately want to tell our parents but holding out just in case..! 😬

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