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Sperm test - where do we go?

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Nixo Wed 08-Aug-07 15:45:23

My DH and I are moving to live in india in october. We have been TTC since January and i have had tests showing my hormone levels are all fine and I am ovulating normally, but we are not yet pregnant. We'd like to get my DH tested before we leave for india just so we know if there is anything wrong there.

We think it will probably be easier for him to have a sperm test done here in London as otherwise it may take a few months to sort out how to do it in india. Please could someone explain to me how easy and quick it is to get this done on the NHS - I had all my tests done privately and it was very expensive. Does he just go to see his doctor and ask for a referral for a test?

Thanks, Nixo

lulu1414 Wed 08-Aug-07 17:12:20

Hi there. My DH just had this done yesterday. Incredibly straight forward and easy. My NHS GP did it after request from consultant, but I imagine you could just go to your GP and ask directly. They gave DH all the info and he just had to make his deposit in a pot and rush it to the local hospital within an hour. I have been told we get the result in 4-5 days. Good luck!

nomoremagnolia Thu 09-Aug-07 10:13:03

Same here - gp 'authorised' (filled in the paperwork/signed) it and DH got given a pot and instructions and was told to take it to hosp within 1hr.

janinlondon Thu 09-Aug-07 11:16:21

We had a test done on the NHS (well two actually as they lost the first one...)following the "within the hour" instructions, but the results were nowhere near as comprehensive or helpful as the tests done in the actual ACU. The ones we paid for were the only helpful ones.

Nixo Thu 09-Aug-07 12:55:43

thanks, thats very helpful

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