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Temperature and Resting Heartbeat correlation

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Help1983uk Thu 05-Sep-19 20:12:55

So I just wanted to share my fertility friend chart as I'm fascinated with the results so far, with regards to my temperature and heart rate being almost identical! Out of curiosity, anyone else have similar charts? Xx

Help1983uk Thu 05-Sep-19 22:25:10


TtcanotherG Thu 05-Sep-19 23:03:49

I just posted my graph.. got bfp.. it's the one using fitbit. Been tracking my resting heart rate

TtcanotherG Thu 05-Sep-19 23:05:59

God they are so similar arent they . I didn't do temp . Mine resting heart rate rose after ov. Had a dip during implantation. 10dpo now. So I'm hoping it rises now again. Keep ur thread updated. So interesting and for me so far has been right

Help1983uk Thu 05-Sep-19 23:26:56

@TtcanotherG Congratulations on your BFP! How exciting! So you've literally just used your fitbit? I'm considering doing that in my next cycle as I'm shocked how similar the RHR and Temp is. Where's your
I think I missed my ovulation in this cycle, FF app says day 14 but I think it looks more like day 18/19.
Where's you're graph posted? Be great to see it, especially the dip

Help1983uk Thu 05-Sep-19 23:28:03

*Ignore my random "where's your" typo

TtcanotherG Thu 05-Sep-19 23:32:19

Il see can I tag u in it. But yea I just used resting heart rate. So happy I found someone else cos I posted few days ago but no one ever responded.

TtcanotherG Thu 05-Sep-19 23:35:20

Should be at top of the pile now as I was able tag u and bumped thread up

Help1983uk Thu 05-Sep-19 23:36:48

@ TtcanotherG I'm glad you replied to my desperate "bump" message haha. The posts on here are often lost.
Okay fab yeah that'll be great.

TtcanotherG Fri 06-Sep-19 19:05:46

Well hows things looking for u today. Are u holding off to test or giving it to temptation

Help1983uk Fri 06-Sep-19 23:08:42

Well my temp went down to 98F again (like it was 2 days ago) and my HR 2 below yesterday. I'm not feeling too hopeful. I'll prob test on Sunday - apps are telling my test day is next Friday. How are you doing?

TtcanotherG Fri 06-Sep-19 23:41:58

Fingers crossed for u.
My RHR is hasn't moved . It's been same spot for last 3 days. I wouldve thought it would rise again.
Took another test line is darker and getting thicker so good signs so far I guess.

Help1983uk Sun 08-Sep-19 18:45:43

@TtcanotherG How are you today? I think a lot of women stop looking at their RHR after they find out they're pregnant as it can sometimes worry them for no reason. Your test getting darker is definately a positve. Have you tested again today as well?
So my RHR and temps aren't completely matching up anymore but still fairly similar and higher than my norm. My temp is sinking though, I'm hoping for a rise tomorrow.
I'm attaching my latest graph, one is on the Advanced recommended setting and the other is the FAM setting - both show my ovulation dates at different times.
So today, I had a dot of red blood on some tissue when I wiped, so I checked again twice - same thing and then nothing. But I've had watery discharge today (tmi sorry). So I don't know whether this is implantation or not and whether I'm 6 dpo or 11?! Lol. If I'm only 6 dpo I only dtd once during my window, we shall see I guess. I plan to test on Friday morning

TtcanotherG Sun 08-Sep-19 20:45:47

Hi how are you?

I have downloaded the app for chats, write out a message but sometimes it never sends. hmm

I havent used ff for so long and not really good looking at them. But the E i take is egg white cm which would go with ur ovulation?
Hope friday comes quick for u. I def be craving in before then..
My AF due tomoro and I gave it to temptation, I find it hard.
My graph the rhr has risen one bpm after dropping down from 68 to 66. So now 67.
My lines on my test are getting so strong. Took another FR this morning. I've my 2 digis still to use. So once I get my 3+ on that I'll be happy

Help1983uk Sun 08-Sep-19 21:26:54

Aw fab - your latest test is so dark! I'm guessing your rhr is still higher than your norm?
Whether I'll last until Friday or not is another story, I've got internet cheapies in the house which are 10mui so I think I'll buy some frer tomorrow after work and will end up testing Wednesday.
Yep the E stands for eggwhite, but I did read that sometimes cm doesn't seem to matter and it's more on temperature. Also, i had postive opks for 2 days then negative for 1 and then 2 positive days again, so I'm wondering whether my body might've failed to release an egg initially and then tried again a few days after. Who knows...

TtcanotherG Mon 09-Sep-19 21:29:08

My RhR is bang on average for this week. Which is 68. Also is the average for the month. I've only been wearing my fitbit from beginning Aug. I'll keep it on me see how it goes.
I got my 2-3 on my digi today smile

Hows urself? smile

Help1983uk Mon 09-Sep-19 23:53:55

@TtcanotherG Oh it's so exciting seeing the digi isn't it. Everything sounds like it's progressing nicely.

So, I decided to take a test this evening (not a frer as the shop didn't have them so that's arriving via Amazon tomorrow), looked negative but then I looked a couple of hours later and there's a pink squinter of a line. Now this could easily be an evaporation line, but I think they're meant to be colourless aren't they? I guess I'll know for sure in the next couple of days

TtcanotherG Tue 10-Sep-19 07:50:15

Oh my goodness no way .. so exciting. I really hope its ur bfp.
When I was using the internet cheapies I thought I could see lines they were so faint. I had to invert the images to see if there was actually a line. Now looking back those hints def were. . Really sounds promising x

TtcanotherG Wed 11-Sep-19 18:50:03

Did u do any more tests?

Help1983uk Wed 11-Sep-19 19:32:01

Yep, this morning, it's now looking negative I think hmm so I'm wondering if maybe I've had a chemical? Or it's too early? But it picked up a line before, I'm confused. I've attached my light light positive from the other day.
It's been 3 days since I think I had implantation spotting. What do you think?

Help1983uk Wed 11-Sep-19 19:35:54

And how are you getting on? Btw my rhr is def dropping but my temp is still high

Help1983uk Wed 11-Sep-19 19:41:48

Here it is inverted on FF

TtcanotherG Wed 11-Sep-19 21:31:52

I can def see that line there. I'm hoping it's just a shy bfp but it also could be a chemical.
Still early days yet. U arent out till the witch shows.
I really thought I was out this cycle too . Beginning thought I could see something next morning I got nothing and that evening i got my bfp. So I've everything crossed for .

After my fall in RHR after getting my bfp it has been slowly risen again and is not sitting at 71.
I've zero symptoms . No sore boobs nothing. So I'm fine so far. Odd time I feel little shooting pains in my lower belly so I'm just hoping that's nothing and all ok.

Help1983uk Thu 12-Sep-19 21:39:39

Well it wasn't meant to be for me @TtcanotherG
Started spotting pink this morn and now brown stringy bits, tmi sorry.
Been to the docs today, she thinks it's a chemical.
So interestingly, my heart rate did start decreasing, but my temp is still high.

How are you doing? Xx

TtcanotherG Thu 12-Sep-19 21:48:15

Aww no. So sorry af showed, keep yr head high and think positive for this new cycle. Next month will be ur month. I do think traCking heart rate is better. Now next cycle u know what to compare with.

I'm doing ok. Feel the twinges still in my belly. Just wishing these first weeks away. I hate not known if all is going ok. I'm heart afraid off mmc.

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