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Anyone here got pregnant whilst on Implanon?

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Haribosmum Wed 08-Aug-07 08:24:03

Just asking because I've been on it for 6 months and bled every month...except this month. I am sure I'm just having a month 'off' due to the Implanon but I have been feeling sick,headachy etc. Probabaly or pyschological or a bug but I was just wondering......

CRG Mon 26-Nov-12 14:28:36

I am also worried about managing to be pregnant on the implanon! :/

I have an almost 2 year old, and I wanted to wait a few years before having another baby, and wanted a more reliable b/c as I had become pregnant with my son while on the pill. I had the Implanon put in on the last day of July this year.

I skipped my period in August, and had a 2 week period in September (2 weeks is long, but it was my usual heavy period). But since then, I have had no period. I had some spotting early this month that I thought was my period coming, but then it stopped. I was very surprised, I've never had true spotting, the only time I would spot at all is before a full period started. So that bothers me.

Then over the last few days, I've developed a TON of pregnancy symptoms. But its confusing because they are things that happened to me later on in my son's pregnancy! I have lower back pain and major rib pain, my ribs just ache and ache. I had trouble sleeping last night because of it. And I just feel weak, very tired.

I am worried that not only have I become pregnant, but there might be more than 1 or an ectopic. It just doesn't make any sense and there should be NO reason my ribs are hurting like this.

By the way, I have some extra weight, my doctor DID tell me that there is a very small chance if you have extra weight at all you can get pregnant on implanon. It has not been studied in people with above average weight/BMI. I assume that may be where I went wrong, even though I am not that bad, its the only thing I can think of. No positive pregnancy test via urine yet though, it may be recent. But the pain is ridiculous.

a996o1 Tue 27-Nov-12 14:11:06

im only 16 but 17 in a few months time, im in a relationship and started the implant in may and had my periods for the first couple of months then they completely stopped. My doctor did tell me the implant wasnt 100% to stop you from getting pregnant but was most effective, since i had the implant ive never used condoms and thankfully not ended up pregnant but personally i think its just as being on any other contraception because there isnt anything that are 100% to stop you from getting pregnant.

Charliesbeaut Tue 27-Nov-12 14:24:27

Im 21 got a lil girl i always have a regular period no matter what the weather ive had the implant since july and i was due november around the 5th and i still havent come on i feel different within myself majority pregnancy signs ive took 3 home tests all negative am i paranoid because ive reading all your posts lol all i want is mushrooms and i cryed yesterday cos my partner said i need to stop eating bread haha any advice please thanku xx

mywingshelpmefly18 Sat 26-Jan-13 16:44:42

hi, i seem to be having an implanon scare. im eighteen years old. i think ive been on implanon since june or july of 2012. so six or seven months. i usually have a regular period, but im currently 6 days late. its freaking me out ! i took two tests, and they say im not. but ive heard that this thing in my arm, can give false negative. what should i do??

BourbonsandTea Sun 27-Jan-13 15:02:49

Best thing to do is wait another week or so and take another test. If that comes back negative and you still don't get your period make an appt. with your GP. Good luck

Laylasmommy Mon 11-Feb-13 13:35:59

I had a baby in January of 2012. Waited to be put on birth control until almost a year later. I was put on implanon in december of 2012. and now here it is mid february and i have taken two pregnancy test and both are positive. IMPLANON SUCKS.... i was sick; nauseated, SOOOOOO tired, puking, diarrea, body aches... so i decided to take the tests and sure enough, im pregnant. Going to make my OBGYN appointment today and get scheduled to get the implant taken out so i dont miscarriage. So honestly if you dont want to get pregnant do NOT use implanon.

Lynlyn123 Sun 03-Mar-13 00:30:05

I've been on Implanon for over a year and a half. I've had plenty of pregnancy scares.. But the tests were all negative. I'm upset to see that laylasmommy got pregnant on Implanon.. Along with a few other people. I'm going to take a pregnancy test here in a couple of days and ill let you guys know whether it was positive or not.. But I've had morning sickness, diarrhea, headaches, mood swings, chills, and nausea. I'm going to see if these symptoms continue.. I'm only 16 years old but I'm very sexually active with my boyfriend that I've been with for 8 months.. So it's really possible. I'm scared. Any feedback? Thanks.

BourbonsAndTea Sun 03-Mar-13 09:05:59

Hi if you're sexually active there is always a possibility of getting pregnant. The Implants is something like 99.95% effective. So even used correctly you are not 100% protected. They have stopped manufacturing Implanon now as it was being inserted incorrectly. Can you feel the rod under your skin? People do have pregnancy scares on hormone contraception because they have side effects that can be similar to pregnancy symptoms. Do take a test though as it's best to find out, if you are pregnant, as soon as possible. Good Luck

lushnsweet Sat 16-Mar-13 23:06:36

hello i have two yes two implants in my left arm can i be posssible for me to to get pregnant they was replaced in in october 2012 answers please

Viki1 Wed 20-Mar-13 20:06:59

When I was 21 I(2006) had the implant, even took the pill for the 1st 2 weeks to settle bleeding and 10 weeks later found out I was pregnant, sadly I had a MC but shows it is possible despite it being 99.99% effective!!

dontknow1811 Sun 24-Mar-13 21:27:36

hello new on here. been on implant since december period all over the place i know thats nomal when you got this implant. but wats the chances i could be pregant feeling tired all the time bladder gone to overdrive and hungry all the time could somone tell wat they think plz i have done a test negtive this morning

LoveRhiannon Tue 26-Mar-13 12:24:59

Okay so here's my story please help!

I am on my second implanon. First implanon I had no periods at all. I got it replaced when it was due and am now two years into my second. All throughout the last 2 years I have had many pregnancy scares due to a couple of pregnancy symptoms that could also have been pre period symptoms.. Which they usually were to the point where I had to have ultrasounds etc. my doctor here in sydney is convinced nobody can get pregnant on the implanon.

For the last 6 months I always get my period on time. This month about 2 weeks ago I started getting all of the pregnancy symptoms in the list instead of just a few, from lots of white discharge, change in nipples, boobs sore and growing, nausea, headaches, so hot,gassy, off food, exhausted, so so so thirsty (I hate drinking water but I'm obsessed) etc. both my housemate and my boyfriend agree this time is different. Due to get my period on the 19th, yesterday (6 days late) I had brown jelly like discharge then light bleeding that was basically only on toilet paper. I went to the doctor and faked that I no longer wanted the implanon in, so they would take it out. Regardless I don't want to have it in any longer it's doing my head in. They did a pg test and said it was negative but possibly a faint positive, but that it was probably negative. I have started bleeding a little heavier today, but not as heavy as a period, and have had gastro a little bit plus felt even more sick. I took a hpt tonight but it came up negative. Has anyone had similar experiences and should I just wait to test again or am I not pregnant?

I know that was long I'm sorry. I'm almost 24 and financially stable and happy so it wouldn't be the worst thing, now I'm getting upset because I genuinely think that I am and I don't know what's happening!



LoveRhiannon Tue 26-Mar-13 12:50:02

Usually it takes a while for the implant to settle your system, it's only been a couple of months. Check all the top 10 pregnancy symptom websites then check implant and period symptoms, you should be able to ease your mind with those. But keep us updated for sure. If you're really worried then ask your doctor.

MystellOshay Sun 07-Apr-13 04:34:47

Hi. I am scared right now and very upset. I found this forum and wanted to ask people what they think. I have been on implanon for about 2 years and 4 months now. Since being on it I have never had a period and always felt fine. Within the last month though I have been feeling really down and moody. I have suffered from depression before so I got medication for that and now I don't feel down just moody. Since December I have felt constantly tired and not that hungry. Although, within the last two weeks I have had cravings for gravy from KFC and chicken. I've also gained some weight that looks like a baby bump and my boobs feel sore. I've been having weird feelings in my lower abdomen and getting back aches. I know something is not right and so I took a test today but it came up negative. I'm going to go to the doctor though because I want to know for certain because I just feel like I could be pregnant. Just want to know everyone's thoughts.

LalaField2013 Mon 08-Apr-13 01:17:34

hi all just seen this thread im off to the doctors on tuesday 9th as ive been getting symptoms of pregnancy got morning sickness i cant stand coffee (and i normally have 8 cups a day) i can smell more and i have the wierdest of tastes again.... a long with the usual boobs are tender and sore and they have gone up a cup size i have a tiny bump forming etc.... i took a test and it said negative and done quite a few seen my doctors a week ago and they said its not possible but i fell pregnant in 2011 but i miscarried at 8 weeks and 6 days sad my implant is due out in August this year (it was put in august 2010) im just wondering if anyone knows of anything that can affect it im S***ing myself as i got 3 little ones already from a previous relationship and im recently engaged to my new partner of 6 months (we are childhood sweethearts but distance got in the way and i tried to move on and fell pregnant 3 times etc but i still love him but thats another story) and we both have discussed kids but not for another year and my youngest is nearly 3 1/2 and the eldest is 6 middle daughter is nearly 5..... just wondering did anyone else have a problem with the doctors and what did you do any advice is welcome smile xxxx thank you im just very worried xxxx

MystellOshay Mon 08-Apr-13 17:44:09

I've been to the doctor today and I had an awful time. He treated me like I was stupid and didn't believe me. He said that it'll just be the implant and that all the symptoms are pre-menstrual. Like he would know, he's never had a period. Anyway, I had to argue with him to even get a blood test booked. I'm gonna get thge implant out anyway because I don't trust the blood tests and I really do know that something is different. Even one of my friends, who's had two kids thinks I'm pregnant. I might ask the pregnancy advisory centre that I'm gonna go to if they would do an ultra sound because that would definitely tell me if I'm pregnant. Hope you have a better time at your doctor than me LalaField. My advice would be, if the doctor doesn't beleieve you, take it into your own hands a bit. Contact preganancy advice places and see if they can help.

MystellOshay Wed 10-Apr-13 11:48:50

Had my blood test done today. Can you believe it's gonna take them 2 weeks? It's a disgrace. Tried to find out if I can get a scan. Nope. They need a reason to give me one sad I'm getting sick of this, no one believes me. Aren't doctors and stuff supposed to be there to help you? And the pregnancy advice place said that the first time i go to see them about getting my implant out will only be a consultation and they don't do appointments... What kind of crap is this? I'm so worried right now because if I am pregnant, what if I have a miscarrige from still having my implant in? I'm also worried about the blood test. What if my implant messes it up?sad I'll keep you all updated on how things go for me because no one has really kept updating posts on here. If anyone has a story from what happened to them, like if they got pregnant that would be helpful to not only me but a lot of other people on here.

MystellOshay Wed 17-Apr-13 07:00:40

Sorry that it's taken me a while to update. A lot has happened. Firstly. I went to a contraception clinic and told the woman there about what happened with my doctor. She felt sorry for me but said the only thing she could do was a pregnancy test. She did 2 and they both came up as faint positives. She wanted me to go in the next day with another urine sample to be sure. The next day both tests came up negative so she said that she couldn't do anything else -.- I was so upset and crying on the phone to my mum that she came to pick me up and take me to her house. There I went to see an out of hours doctor at their hospital and my mum was worried that I could have an ectopic pregnancy because I was having pains in my shoulder blade and sides. The woman in there did another damn pregnancy test which came up negative, no surprise... And she felt my lower abdomen and said that she didn't think it was an ectopic pregnancy -.- She didn't even check me properly. Then she said that she thought I might have a urine infection, which I doubt but I'm waiting on the test result still. So she gave me anti-biotics to take. I had to go to see a doctor at my mum's surgery though because the pain was still really bad. That doctor did a test for urine infection but it came up negative, she said it may be because I already took some anti-biotics -.- Anyways she also said that I could have an infection in my tubes. So basically they are just taking guesses. She gave me some other anti-biotics to take as well and sent a swab off for testing, waiting on that result too. And to top it all off my blood test came back negative but I don't trust any of this because my boobs have gotten a tiny bit bigger again, to the point where I think I'm gonna need new bras, my bump feels a bit bigger and it feels like something is wriggling down there. I'm gonna get my implant out next week at that contraception clinic I went too and I'll have to update you all on what has been going on. At the moment though no one has done a scan and is just avoiding it by guessing some other things that could be wrong. Oh and I forgot to mention that I've been having this brown discharge coming out and the out of hours doctor said that she thinks it's a miscarrige but there's not enough of it to be a miscarrige. Sorry that it was so long but a lot happened. I'll keep you updated.

kasoller86 Sat 20-Apr-13 11:21:31

I am really worried I have been on the implanon for almost a year and had normal periods somewhat but recently just started having intercourse with my boyfriend and this month i havent gotten it. I have been peeing more getting sick eatting more leaking from my boobs and nipples have been senstive. Everysite i have been on has says its not possible i dont know what to do

MystellOshay Sat 20-Apr-13 20:12:57

First thing I would suggest is take a test at home. If that comes up negative then go to the doctor and tell them about your worries but don't expect them to be nice because they probably won't believe you. You can go to a family planning clinic too and see if they will test you. If that still comes up negative then I would suggest trying to get a scan because you have to find out. I am going to see if I can get someone to give me a scan on Monday. I'm also getting the implant out to be on the safe side, I would suggest you do that because you can always get anotjer one put in.

nena19 Sun 21-Apr-13 03:57:31

Plz sum one help i jux had my implanon inserted last year on aug7 n i qot my period rarely n last week i started havinq naseau ive qot sick my tummy is bloated i have a metallic taste in my mouth i qet moody i always have 2 wee i been cravinq chokolate costant headaches ear pains my implanon feels moved i feel movements i took 3 preqnancy test all kame back neq. Wut should i do plz help

nena19 Sun 21-Apr-13 03:59:32


nena19 Sun 21-Apr-13 04:02:20

Sorry n im always hunqry feelin the same sympthoms as i did with my 2 kids Confused

MystellOshay Mon 22-Apr-13 19:46:59

I had my implant taken out today because I did not want to leave it in with the chance that there is a baby inside me. Got to go to the doctors on Thursday and see if I can persuade the docotr to give me a scan because I've still been having all my symptoms, although some of them have calmed down a bit and I've been having a couple of different cravings recently - i.e. chocolate and sponge cake. I'll let people know how that goes. Nena19, have you told your doctor? They can do a blood test and if that comes up negative but you're still concerned then you can try and get them to do a scan. Plus if you've been pregnant before then you should tell them that too.

toeknees Wed 24-Apr-13 13:49:21

FYI Before your health practitioner inserts the Implanon a pregnancy test should be done. You should be told not having periods is a side effect NOT a side effect for everyone. The reason you feel "pregnant" is because your body thinks it is pregnant that's why it does not release eggs. If you find yourself bleeding more than your normal period then your healthcare person should give you some estrogen to balance your system and if you want it removed and your practitioner won't remove it then get a new person. AND NO METHOD IS 100% except not having sex remind your health care person of that when they say you can't be pregnant.

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