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Anyone here got pregnant whilst on Implanon?

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Haribosmum Wed 08-Aug-07 08:24:03

Just asking because I've been on it for 6 months and bled every month...except this month. I am sure I'm just having a month 'off' due to the Implanon but I have been feeling sick,headachy etc. Probabaly or pyschological or a bug but I was just wondering......

SianLack88 Thu 15-Oct-09 11:55:14

Hello, this is probably going to be a similar story to most but i'd just like a few words of wisdom from someone.
I have a 1 year old and decided to have the implanon put in. Ive had it for a year now and always had heavy frequent periods, but it never caused me much bother. Recently (past 2 months) i have had no periods, sore head, nausea, bloated tummy and slight spotting (very light) all the same as when i fell pregnant with my first. Ive taken a test which was negative. Does anyone think its worth taking another or anyone just found they had pregnancy symptoms on the implanon?
Thanks. Sian x

tricia31 Sat 24-Oct-09 17:29:13

hi all glad to know im not going mad! Im on my second implanon had the first put in after my 2nd child in august 2006. Got it removed in august 2009. The do informed me that it can be less effective coming to the end of its time. Now since having the 2nd one put in its been almost two months, i had a period in the middle of September and havent had another. I am now having nausea and morning sickness and strong headaches. I dont a pregnancy test yesterday and it was negative so went to the doctors to see what else it could be. He advised me to do another test this monday morning and to go back and see the nurse on Monday morning to get a blood test done to see if i am pregnant. Apparently being on the implanon could give a false pregnancy reading.

So I will let you all know when i get the results I feel like im going mad or having a phantom pregnancy. If anyone has got pregnant would be good to hear your story!

nonowalker Wed 28-Oct-09 19:40:32

finally got my implant removed today! i asked the doctor if i am pregnant with the implanon in would the test stay negative and she said yes! she said no point testing till it has been removed as it'll stay negative, great! i'm conviced i'm pregnant as my belly has swollen so much and i have that funny feeling. gonna wait a couple of days and do a test. if its positive thats great as i've got the implanon removed so we can try for a baby.

connorsprincess Wed 03-Feb-10 23:46:03

im 16 years old I fell pregnant back in november and had a medical termination as I was 4 months afterwards to stop this happening again as it was a terrible experiance I got the implant I am still having om bleeding due to the type f termination but I hav slept with my partner a number of times now since the termination but while on implanon and have recently being having the same symptoms I had while pregnant in November, peeing more thn normal,nausea in the morning but with no sickness,occasional stomach pains,tiedness,grumpyness and realy hormonal crying for no reason lol blush I have heard tht the implant can give you some symtoms of pregnacy but i am starting to worry I feel silly goin to the doctors as i shouldnt b able to get pregnant on implanon or could I ? HELP XX

Picklepants Thu 04-Feb-10 14:16:26

I've had three implants (first when I was 19, and just had third removed last year, am now 29) and it worked really well for me. I had the occasional period but they were pretty erratic (as I'd been told to expect), and when it did come it was pretty light. Didn't really have any side effects, possibly a bit of weight gain, but that might've happened anyway. Surely it's like any hormonal contraception though - you should use condoms as well to be on the safe side? (We never did as we're married and it wouldn't have been the end of the world if I did fall pregnant, but if that hadn't been the case I would certainly have insisted on using a condom!)

I only had mine removed because we're now TTC - had it taken out about 8 months ago, and went onto the mini pill until we were ready to come off contraception altogether, which we did just before Christmas. Have had 2 periods since then. Fully intend to get another implant after I'm done with the baby making.

angrryy Sat 01-May-10 09:13:54

I'm 17 and have had the implanon for about 6 months, my periods stopped right away and havent had one since the rod was inserted. but i fear that im showing signs of pregnancy, i just went on a huge diet in time for my formal and i lost weight everywhere but my stomache. my gums bleeds without warning and i have been craving food i usually hate!. sometimes when i wake up in the morning my breasts hurt alot, i cant touch them for a while, and now im becomeing suspicious im picking up all kinds of symtoms that could otherwise be nothing at all, i have had alot of unprotected sex with my boyfriend but i was under the impression that it was a sucessfull contraceptive. i have only become suspicious when this bump on my belly wont go away so i started researching symptons and finding sites ilke these with strong evidence that the implanon isnt very sucessful. surely there is enough women here and elsewhere on the web claiming to haev become pregnant from the implanon to lower the 99% chance that is widely advertised. im scared and i feel lied to !

ConnorTraceptive Sat 01-May-10 09:21:44

Hi angry have you actually done a test to be sure? I think you need to see your doctor regardless.

Also this is quite an old thread so you may get more advice if you start a new one in the health section

Pippaandpolly Sun 02-May-10 15:27:50

I don't trust Implanon at all - I had it when I was 19 and I bled almost every day for a year - plus I gained about 2 stone, had mood swings so bad that in retrospect I think I was depressed, and I had absolutely zero sex drive. (In that sense at least, it was great contraception!) I eventually had to beg my GP (it took 3 appointments - I have since changed doctor!) to take it out as it's so expensive that they don't like removing them 'unnecessarily'. Overall, it was hellish. I sympathise with everyone on here who's had problems with it, either in terms of side effects or unintended pregnancies. It's advertised by GPs as practically fool proof, and I really think that's misleading angry.

christophersXOmommy Sun 08-Aug-10 06:31:20

hi, i am wondering if anyone is experiencing the same side effects as me.?..i have been on implanon for a little over two yrs now. and ive been noticing recently that ive been having a sore/swollen throat, head aches almost everyday, and of course weight gain. but my weight gain didnt start until this year, probably around october of 2009, after being on implanon for a while already. I have a 2 1/2 yr old son, and i have gained more weight this year than last year or at least havent been able to shed any pounds. has anyone else experienced weight gain, head aches or swore throat after having the implanon for a long period of time?? i cant prove the side effects of the headache and sore throat are from the birth control but i hope it is, instead of it being something worse.

mummyofcaitlyn Fri 13-Aug-10 00:30:43

hi, the girls that have actually got caught whislt on the implant how did u find out that u were pregnant??
did it show positive on a HPT before u had the implant removed.

i am quite worried at the as me and my partner are convinced that i am pregnant as have all the signs i had wiv my 2 1/2yr old and have gain weight but onli as a bump on me belly. also i have not had a period for nearlly 14weeks now and used to have thenm like clockwork.

i have been to c my gp and been told that there is no chance of bin pregnant but he did a dip test neway that came back negitaive.

if i am pregnant it would not b a problem but i am just scared afther readin up about it about the high MC rates while still on it so would prefere to have it removed asap.

any advice would b really appriciated thanks laura xx

princess87 Sat 04-Sep-10 17:51:50

hi everyone i am having the same problems. I have had the implant for roughly 2 and a half years. I have never head a period whilst using the implant.
During the last 5 months i have gained about a stone how weight. I have also had problems with my nipples being cracked, red and itchy. The gp said it was thrush. I have also been having some weird symptoms like i can feel kicking in my stomach and i can also really clearly see my pulse in my stomach.
I have also been weeing every 5 minutes and waking up in the morning with horrible pains in my side and desperate for the loo.
I have done two negative tests but am still not convinced i am not pregnant.
Can anyone help?

nonajade Thu 09-Sep-10 15:46:47

hi im 18 and have been on the implanon for 18months and for the first 10months i did not have periods then they started again and they were regular now since august i havnt had a period and for auagust i was having cramps feeling sick all the time craving foods, now i have put on wieght even though my diet has been more healthy than usual and my breats are sensitive and swollen and i've been getting headaches and dizziness and still feeling sick i've done 2 tests one cheap and 1 expensive and both say negative, my doctor looks at me like im attention seeking or something i dont now what to do can anyone give me any advice xx

nikkia496 Wed 15-Sep-10 21:48:09

i have had the implanon 4 2years now and i have had no periods since the last 2months which i have had a period 2-3weeks long i dunno if i am prenant if anyone has had this please get back to me

kizkho Tue 28-Sep-10 15:58:49

I had implanon inserted 2 years ago and had it removed today as I am 7 weeks pregnant-this has came as a shock(I'm also breastfeeding)but it is (apparently) very unusual for it to fail. This will be my 6th(gulp)child...

LiveLaughLove1989 Sat 02-Oct-10 15:51:41

Yes you can get pregnant on the implanon!!! i have had it in for 10 months and JUST found out 2 days ago that im pregnant.. ive taken FIVE First Response Tests and they are all showing Positive.. im still in denial though.. im waiting on my blood test to come back.. i just feel like it is way to unreal to be pregnant while on the Implanon.. definitly feel like this is a dream.. definitly had 100% trust in my birth control.. just hoping i dont have a miscarriage like all these others its happened too according to the Health Dept im 5 weeks and 3 days, if i really am..

River21 Tue 05-Oct-10 04:06:47

I had the implanon put in in april and for the first few months everything was ok and my period was normal then it stopped and it started again towards the end of july and finished in the first week of september and since then ive been feeling sick in my throat and weird points in the day and as a dancer and drama student im quite active but there is this little bump on my stomach that wont go down im scared to be pregnant im only 17 and feel like im still a child my self and wouldnt want to put my self or my boyfriend through something like this because we are both really young and after reading some of the posts on here i dont feel confident enough to get a test in a shop because from what ive read they dont seem to work, could somebody please give me some advice im really scared and i could use some help

chloe01 Thu 28-Oct-10 22:41:27

hi .. ive had the implant in since june 09 .. and had periods up untill a few months ago .. me and my boyfriend have had regular sex and just recently ive had stomach cramps and cravings for things i would never dream of eating feeling really worn out and stressed. today i took a home test which said negetive but i done it in the evening and ive been told that in the first month u should only take a test first thing in the morning because thats when your hormones are at it's strongest and your urine gets weaker as the day goes on .. does anyone know if this is true? because if it is i shall be taking alot more tests and go to the doctors!!


jady Mon 08-Nov-10 06:53:01

hi...i have noticed that my implanon has expired around a month ago. and havent yet had a period yet (have had regular periods for the 3years i was on the implanon) im getting some cramping pains but no period. could i have fallen pregnant? so quick 2? am a very happy girl if its true as me and my husband were going to start trying after christmas but am worried im jumping the gun, or theres something else going on...

tinkerbell14 Tue 07-Dec-10 01:10:34

Hi I have an implant but I'm worried because people have started to say I look bigger. Which is true because I used to weigh between 7 and 8 stone but now I weigh 9 stone my dress size has gone up I used to be a size 8 now I can't fit into a size ten trousers I can't eat the food I used to love the thought makes me feel sick I constantly crave burgers. Recently I started feeling sick on night times. I look like I'm about 14 weeks pregnant my stomach is rock hard when I sit down it stays firm. I have done pregnancy test and they have came back negative can anyone help

pixie1986 Thu 09-Dec-10 14:39:10

Hello, I went on to implanon after two unexpected pregnancies whilst on the pill, the first I miscarried and the Second there were complications and the pregnancy had to be terminated. I have only been on implanon since the end of September and for the last week I have been having the normal pregnancy symptoms of bloating, sickness and nausea, heartburn and sore breasts. I was told that Implanon was the most reliable form of contraception and that it was more or less impossible to get pregnant whilst on it. Is it possible to be too fertile for contraception to work properly? I am absolutely positive that the pill was always taken on time. I will be taking a test tonight :-S

katonamat Thu 09-Dec-10 21:49:30

I really hope this helps... though I am now myself worried!
I've been on Implanon for nearly 9 years solid (from 19-28) and suffered from most of the symptoms you all describe.
I initially put on a LOT of weight, lost libido and had very erratic and light periods.
My weight settled down after a couple of years and I lost it all and more... so it IS definitely something you can control!
All the doctors have told me that even when the implant expires (after 3 years) you will still be covered for probably another 2 years... though this is not proven... being the reason they take it out at 3 years. I've let mine run up to 4 months over and been fine.
They also say it CAN take at least 6 months to fall pregnant after having the implant removed.
After having a bleed roughly every 6 months for years, my periods completely stopped for 2 years (no spotting... anything)... until 6 months ago.
I've had a (albeit light) period every month since then like clockwork.
I am now halfway through a cycle and have many of the pregnancy symptoms. Granted it may be psychosomatic as my partner and I want children fairly soon... but I am obviously very worried about falling pregnant whilst on Implanon... aside from MC, I wouldn't feel confident of the health of a child exposed to these hormones.
I am having it removed early purely for this reason.
DON'T take litmus pregnancy tests. See your doctor for a blood test.
There is only so much this forum can help you with.
Best of luck x

ANONYMOUS123 Fri 10-Dec-10 00:00:30

hi, I got the implanon put in about a month ago. I had unprotected sex with my bf before I got it. We also had unprotected sex afterwards(a few days after getting it). I started to feel a little strange like I was coming down with a cold or something. Over the course of the month it has progressively gotten worse. I feel sick everday, I get nauseous all throughout the day(usually in the morning and very late at night). I constantly have back pains, i get dizzy occassionally, I am almost always exhausted, i get headaches a lot now( more like a heavy pressure in my head),I eat like Ive never eaten before, and crave things I usually wouldn't, i have to go to the bathroom alot, and my stomach has a slight bump. I have not gained any weight anywhere else. Feeling like this every single day is really keeping me from functioning normally in my daily life. I missed my period,I have been throwing up and i am worried. Like many i was told pregnancy could not happen whilst on implanon. I took a hpt and it came back neg. But, i dont know if it is right or not.Hlp!

tinkerbell14 Tue 14-Dec-10 01:18:50

Help. I have had an implanon since june but I have not been feeling my self. I have been feeling sick on a night time, and I have a huge bump, I know the side effect of an implanon is gaining weight but this is much more.
I can't eat the foods I used to the thought makes me feel sick, I have constantly been craving a cheeseburger, I need to go for a wee all the time.
About a month ago I had people asking me if I was pregnant even now people that have met me for the first time are saying awww when are u due and I fell so embraced.
I have had weird pains in my lower stomach and in my lower back and down my leg.
I have done a pregnancy test which has came back negative. I have been to the doctors and they just keep sending me away but me and my partner knows its so much more can anyone help please.

Anon28 Mon 20-Dec-10 14:23:57

Hi all, looking for some advice please. On 7th Oct I was given a course of antibiotics for a urine infection. Thought nothing of it at the time as I've been on them before and had no problems. I had Implanon fitted in Nov 2008 and have had absolutely NO issues whatsoever. One period with tender breasts, no PMS, no mood swings, nothing. 5 weeks ago my breasts got tender so even having my bra on was sore. Last week I even burst the underwiring of one! Feel so tired, going to the loo a lot (but I have been diagnosed with irritable bladder), have been so short tempered it's unreal, very emotional, a bit of lightheadedness but I thought I was standing up too quickly, heartburn despite taking meds to combat that and a thicker than normal discharge. When I had Implanon fitted my doctor told me it was impossible to fall pregnant on it but I am beginning to get worried. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and have been on some serious meds although am currently only on painkillers. Reading this forum has scared the beejesus out of me. I already have a child of 10 but I can't really remember what my early symptoms were. Can anyone suggest any other causes for my symptoms other than pregnancy? Do home pregnancy tests really get cancelled out by Implanon? Thanks in advance.

Anon28 Mon 20-Dec-10 14:41:15

Oh, I have also been experiencing moderately painful stomach cramps not unlike period pains for the last 5 weeks on and off.

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