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Zelda Tue 07-Aug-07 21:30:42

I was diagnosed with PCOS following a laperoscopy 9 years ago and am now 35 and trying to conceive (only for 2 months so far). Not sure if I still have the condition or if it always stays with you? Im not overweight and having just come off the Pill seem to have regular periods, has anyone been in a similar position and sought a further diagnosis?

AttilaTheMeerkat Wed 08-Aug-07 03:15:05

PCOS as a condition is not eradicated as the cystic follicles associated with this do return over time. The pill can mask symptoms of such hormonal problems.

It is actually quite possible to have periods without ovulating.

Trying to remain within the correct weight range for your height is important as excess pounds can exacerbate symptoms.

I would seek medical help sooner rather than later from a gynae as you have a previous PCOS diagnosis. Any test results done over six months should be discounted.

Verity is the UK based charity for PCOSers and their website is well worth a look -

saralou Wed 08-Aug-07 07:10:04

i was diagnosed with pcos when i was 18, i didn't have any peroids at all except when i was on the pill to try and help it. the gynae told me that i probably wouldn't be able to conceive without medical help so i went on a diet and lost 6 stone! i now have 2 boys, ds1 took a year to conceive after a miscarriage and ds2 was conceived after forgetting the condom! a scan i had when pg with ds1 showed only one of my ovaries was still polycystic!

goodluck with it!!

Haribosmum Wed 08-Aug-07 08:00:01

My SIL is going through a similar thing. She has a 14yr old daughter and managed to get pregnant accidently about 4 years ago and had a termination. She has now been ttc for over a year and recently been diagnosed with PCOS.

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