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Getting back to TTC after molar pregnancy and chemo...

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mumthetaxi Tue 07-Aug-07 13:01:12

Hello! I have only just discovered Mumsnet and I am just blown away by the support network it offers to everyone... if only it had been available when I was ttc a decade ago (I ordered a book about temping from the public library and swotted up... and it worked!)

The reason I am posting (this is a bit scary doing this actually but I am hoping that some of you out there might be or have been in a similar situation)... is my sister is 34 and had a BFP from her first round of IVF in Nov 05, her 9 week scan was inconclusive, then on Christmas Day she was taken to hosp and a molar pregancy was diagnosed, followed by a D&C. Then in January 06 it returned, she started chemo injections at Sheffield, moving onto IV then the strongest type of chemo (sorry cant remember all the technical terms) for the last six weeks. She finished chemo in July 06 and was told that it was unlikely that her AF would return at all, but hey presto, three months later, they did and regularly too (she had had a very long cycle before).

One year after chemo, she is desperate to start TTC again but her DH is not so sure he can handle it all again and is adamant that they should just leave well be, which is tearing her apart. DH had chemo as a child and therefore their only option TTC is through ICSI IVF and they have three embryos in storage so would not need so much drug treatment this time hopefully.

If anyone can help with any advice, I would so appreciate it... I feel so helpless, wanting to give support but not having really had the experience that she has been through. DH is concerned that with TTC it (the molar) might happen again yet she is prepared to take that tiny risk. Can anyone advise? I think if she could come on Mumsnet and talk to some of you, it would help her so much...

Thank you!

mistlethrush Tue 07-Aug-07 13:11:00

Been there, done that. Got to top of IVF list summer 2003, then surprising became pregnant. Miscarriage end August (D&C), three months of going back to doctor, not right, finally get examined, sent for scan, emergency 2nd D&C - 2 weeks later carted off to Sheffield for chemo. Only needed injections though, rather than intraveinous, so slightly less harsh (although some people seemed to find the side-effects less bad which is strange). After 1 yr not being allowed ttc, given 6 months by consultant before starting IVF. Conceived at last moment. Ds now 2.5. Last autumn had mc followed by 2 scary months thinking that mp coming back. DH now put off contemplating 2nd dc although I'd still love one, although we feel so happy to have our lovely son.

We had discussed the issue of whether we could face ttc after mp - we decided that we'd try, but if mp reoccured, that would be it, and we would try to adopt. Very glad that we did this. However, pregnancy scary - never actually settled down and enjoyed it, even found myself at 7mo thinking that I wasn't really pregnant (accompanied by lots of kicks).

During year of not ttc, I went to a chinese herbalist as I wanted to try to get rid of all remaining chemo - carried on visitng for accupuncture. This at least made me feel that I'd done everything I could do to make myself as healthy as possible before ttc.

Glad to chat if it helps.

mumthetaxi Tue 07-Aug-07 13:53:24

Mistlethrush, thank you so much for your story and I am so sorry you have had to go through it as well but delighted that you have had a happy outcome, it is just what my lovely sister needs to hear right now... she is not sure who to talk to, as she has been out of Sheffield for a year, but was told originally to wait until July 07. She went to see her GP to discuss it but he told her she was ***** mad if she even was thinking of TTC again (quote!) This is the same GP who kept dismissing her when she too felt not quite right after the D&C and told her to get on with things, she would be OK after a few weeks... (grrrr... doing my best huffy big sister... would love to have a few words with him!)

Am I right in thinking that the risk of a 2nd molar pregnancy is raised if you have had one, but the risk is still tiny and the Professor (cant remember his surname, at Sheffield) said he had never actually come across anyone who had had a second one?

My sister is here tomorrow and I will show her your post and encourage her to talk, she really needs support from others with the same experience. It may seem a struggle for her now but your DS is proof that it is possible and the joy they bring makes it all worthwhile in the end. Thank you so much for replying!

mistlethrush Tue 07-Aug-07 16:13:07

Yes, risk greatly increased - although still less than 1% I think.

I also waited a year before ttc - wanted to get the chemo out of my system for one thing - not a good start for a bean to have that sort of thing swilling around...

Where abouts is your sister - I'm in Leeds, but I know that people come from far and wide to Sheffield as there are so few places that deal with this.

Mungarra Tue 07-Aug-07 16:49:16


I had a molar pregnancy last year, but luckily didn't need chemo. I can't remember the exact figure, but it's something like a 1/75 chance of having another molar pregnancy.

After the molar pregnancy and 6 months of follow-up, I got pregnant again and had a missed miscarriage at 12 weeks. I then had 10 weeks of follow-up to make sure the mole didn't grow again.

I'm now 22 weeks pregnant with my 3rd child and had a problem-free anomaly scan yesterday. I will need to be followed up again after this pregnancy as well.

There are molar pregnancy websites where people discuss their experiences and the hospital should be able to give her information on the risks.


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