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Positive OPK - 4 days away from af

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Emmaaa1990 Fri 23-Aug-19 14:08:55

Hi ladies!

I seem to have a positive opk, correct me if I'm wrong but I seem to have 2 rather dark lines. I am 4 days away from AF And picked up my ovulation a couple of weeks back, I knew because of temp and ewcm.

Could this be picking up a very early pregnancy?

Let me know what you all think? 😘

May2311 Fri 23-Aug-19 14:30:19

@Emmaaa1990 I have done the exact same thing this month! I have no idea why I’m still doing OPK as I ovulated earlier in my cycle😂 Due AF today( not arrived yet) but on Wednesday and yesterday I had very positive OPK. I’ve googled loads but I think it just caught a hormone surge before AF arrives😔 Although quite a few people say they got one before getting their BFP! I had awful cramps yesterday. I won’t be testing till the morning or even Sunday as I have a shorter LP(12days) so I don’t expect HCG levels being high enough this early and I hate thinking that it might be a false negative 🙈

Emmaaa1990 Fri 23-Aug-19 14:31:48

Left another few mins and took another pic looking at both this one is abit darker

Emmaaa1990 Fri 23-Aug-19 14:34:59

@May2311 oh don't why do we do it?! Think I'm just used to peeing on a stick it's like a game will there be a line or not haha!

Oh I really hope she doesn't come for you! I know I keep reading loads about a surge before AF but then loads of BFP's! 🙈

I have had a dodgy stomach for about 5 days now in and out of loo sorry tmi 🙈 and feeling sleepier than usual. Trying not to get hopes up I need to stop peeing on sticks!

When will you test?

May2311 Fri 23-Aug-19 14:42:05

@Emmaaa1990 I knowww😂😂 it is literally like ooooo will it be a darker line today!

That’s strange you say that as I’ve been the same!!! Stomach dodgy and even my pains last night were different( I get slight aches usually but not like this) I actually had paracetamol and hot water bottle! And then today I am absolutely exhausted- I am actually back in bed.

Also today(promise I’m not trying to symptom spot) in my the middle of my pelvis I keep getting a weird movement/cramp feeling.

When I was googling I must admit most posts I saw people said they got A BFP but because on my cramps I am really trying to not get my hopes up.

I will be 13dpo tomorrow. I did say I would test tomorrow earlier in the week but I’m now thinking of waiting till Sunday as I just don’t want to see that BFN and on Sunday I’ll be 2 14dpo and 2 days late.

When will you be testing?

Emmaaa1990 Fri 23-Aug-19 14:50:25

@May2311 oh my god how weird you've felt the same! I've also read that is sometimes a sign! Feel like I live on google at the moment 😂🙈

It's so hard not to symptom spot isn't it! Every little niggle I'm definitely paying attention to!

Yeah it's so hard to try and remain calm and not overthink it especially when you want it so much! I really hope all this means something for us both!

Well AF Is due Tuesday so I will try and give it a few days might do a cheeky test Monday 🙈 I'm hoping if anything it may show by then? Who knows our bodies are amazing but so weird!

ChatWithMe Fri 23-Aug-19 15:43:26

Apparently you can have two LH surges in one cycle if you have two follicles maturing at different times but first doesn't release an egg. If you have a positive OPK maybe it's good to have sex now. Also can have abnormal luteal phase meaning you ovulate just before period and the lining of the womb doesn't get to thicken enough to support a pregnancy. OPK checks for LH whereas pregnancy test checks for HCG. Not sure what the case is for you. Good luck though xxx

Emmaaa1990 Fri 23-Aug-19 15:48:31

@ChatWithMe yeah that's what I thought but literally felt the ovulation already it was such a sharp pain took my breath away! But maybe my body's just having an odd cycle, I'm usually bang on with period and ovulation so will see what Tuesday brings!

Thankyou for your response smile xx

ChatWithMe Fri 23-Aug-19 15:56:29

The body does some weird stuff to keep us guessing! Fingers crossed :-)

May2311 Fri 23-Aug-19 16:06:49

@Emmaaa1990majorly hard not to symptom spot!!

Yes I would think by Monday a FRER would show.

Are you TTC your 1st? This is my 1st and I’m so frustrated that I’ve let it taken over so much😂

I will let you know how I get on either tomorrow or Sunday! Xx

Emmaaa1990 Fri 23-Aug-19 16:48:19

@May2311 yeah ttc my first only been ttc for 3 months! How long you be ttc?

It does doesn't it! I really hope it happens for us both this month!

I'm currently having a hot flush and little niggles in my right side, please keep us posted when you test as will I! So exciting!

May2311 Fri 23-Aug-19 17:47:03

@Emmaaa1990 we have been trying 3 months as well!

I really hope this is it for both of us as well🙌🙌

Yes will definitely keep you informed of any changes 😊 xxx

Emmaaa1990 Sat 24-Aug-19 07:44:54

@May2311 how are you feeling today? any sign of af yet? Xxx

May2311 Sat 24-Aug-19 07:55:17

@Emmaaa1990 morning! No sign yet 😬 I don’t dare believe it’s going to be my BFP though. I’m testing tomorrow if AF doesn’t show. I keep getting cramps so I just keep expecting it to arrive.

How are you doing?

Random question- when you test do you pee in a pot or direct to stick? Or doesn’t it matter? 😂 I am totally over thinking it now getting my hopes up that when tomorrow comes AF still won’t have arrived!

Emmaaa1990 Sat 24-Aug-19 08:02:46

@May2311 oh good! Fingers crossed it stays that way? Are you ever late?

I'm always like clockwork so if I'm late I will be like 👀👀

I'm doing okay still got a dodgy stomach didn't sleep very well last night even though I was tired!

I always wee in a cup I have loads of plastic ones especially for weeing in 😂😂 then I dip it I personally think it's more accurate and so much easier then trying to catch it mid stream 😂 x

May2311 Sat 24-Aug-19 08:07:21

@Emmaaa1990 yeah I would say I’m usually regularly. That’s exactly what im like 😂 so trying not to look into it too much as if it isn’t because I’ll get my BFP I don’t want to get hopes up.

Yesterday was a new one for me- never have I felt that tired before! Not even when jet lagged. It was strange though as I felt not fully there( like I was watching stuff happening from the side lol)

For OPK I always use a cup incase I miss😂 But wasn’t sure about when taking a pregnancy test.

How are you feeling this morning? My stomach seems to have settled a bit. You doing much today? If not take it easy. Have you decided when your testing?

Emmaaa1990 Sat 24-Aug-19 08:14:26

@May2311 it's horrible that we think about not getting our hopes up isn't it! I
Wish it was more simple not all this waiting around 🙈🙈

I know exactly what you mean like you are floating!! Yes!

Yeah I started using the cup for pregnancy tests too because I was worried about it not picking up enough wee 😂😂 I would always use a cup now least you know you've covered it 👍🏼

yeah stomach is still bad it's literally like 6 or so days now 🙈Gotta go Tesco's this morning and have some friends over tonight but I don't want to drink just in case 🙈 you?

May2311 Sat 24-Aug-19 08:24:21

@Emmaaa1990 i need to do the shop also. I had friends round last night- we did cocktails so I just had virgin mojitos 😂😂😂

May2311 Sun 25-Aug-19 06:59:59

@Emmaaa1990 Morning😊

AF still hasn’t shown up. Test this morning but BFN. I feel ok about it as I think I sort of knew I wasn’t pregnant.

I just want AF to turn up now so I can’t move onto next month.

How are you getting on? Xx

Emmaaa1990 Sun 25-Aug-19 07:19:57

Hi @May2311 Was just about to message you myself!

That doesn't mean your out yet! Fingers crossed she doesn't show! If your normally regular too it's bizarre! Some women don't get bfp til days later sometimes weeks. Don't give up yet!

Well I was abit naughty,I've tested 2 days before I'm due af because I feel rubbish and got this! I'm scared it's not going to stick though so haven't told partner yet. 🙈

May2311 Sun 25-Aug-19 07:35:34

@Emmaaa1990 EEEEKKKKK I am so thrilled for you!!! When are you going to tell him?

I am sure it will stick- PMA! that is a good line. How many DPO are you? Xx

May2311 Sun 25-Aug-19 07:41:38

@Emmaaa1990 also now you can give me tips😂 how often you DTD, did you use OPK? Etc etc

Emmaaa1990 Sun 25-Aug-19 07:42:36

@May2311 ah Thankyou! Yeah it's actually quite noticeable which I'm hoping is a good sign! Well he didn't want me to test until I missed AF so it's more certain but I just feel so dodgy I had to see what was going on!

I'm 13 DPO ☺️ xx

Emmaaa1990 Sun 25-Aug-19 07:44:43

@May2311 as soon as I finished period 5th - on the 6th and 7th we did it as supposedly I'm more fertile straight after period! So this may be your case too. Then we dtd every other day for about a week. Then again a week later (gets tiring). I then laid there for a while after.

We are both taking pregnacare & well man vitamins to help aid it. And somewhere I read eating pineapple helps with implantation so I brought a pineapple 😂😂 xx

Emmaaa1990 Sun 25-Aug-19 07:46:16

@May2311 did loads of OPKs this month 😂

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