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TTC advice and v embarassing question (& hen query)

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Millie26 Sun 05-Aug-07 21:55:12

Am so excited - bf announced in the car today that we are definitely going to TTC (we kept changing our minds as we are both scared but we have talked about it so much now we are going to go for it). Never been pg and have quite random periods. Sometimes wonderfully regular and every month and then sometimes six or seven or eight weeks apart. I will go to my doctor as also have endometriosis although that was caught v early and doesnt seem so bad these days.

Thing is, with possibly dodgy fertility, I am wondering what things there are that you can do to maximise your chances of conceiving? There is so much conflicting info out there!

I am 26, dont smoke, hardly drink but am probably a stone or so overweight. Eat v healthily (masses of fruit and veg) and do quite a lot of exercise (about 40 mins cycling everyday and gym 3x a week - still fat though ). Aargghh - what more can I do?? Stop worrying probably. Also, keep chickens - should I be touching them?

Any advice, or about when the best time is to bd, would be great.

PS - Am a bit to ask this...but...sperm always seems to fall out of me after sex - there seems so much of it! Is that normal?? How does any of it stay in?? Are you supposed to just lie there afterwards and hope it sticks or something??! Sorry, I know this sounds stupid.

gr8kids Sun 05-Aug-07 22:13:24

Not stupid question at all. It happens to me as well, don't stress. Cant truly say if thats suppose to happen thou! Probably be best if you didn't get up for about 20minutes afterwards. Good luck

bobbydazzler Sun 05-Aug-07 22:13:41

Hi Millie,

Welcome and congrats for making that exciting decision to take the plunge!

I think every other day from the end of your period to a few days before your next one arrives is reckoned to be the best way to cover all bases if you are not sure when you ovulate.

Re the sperm trickling out, I don't think that matters though probably best not to leap up straight after you have had sex! Just lie and relax for a bit! some people put a cushion underneath their bum for about 30 mins afterwards to raise them up but think that might be a bit of an old wives tail. Missionary position or doggy style is best to get it in the right place!

No idea about the chickens!

was a bit confused when i first read your post as i thought you were saying you had decided to TTC with your bestfriend but i am guessing you mean boyfriend?!

Good luck

Start taking folic acid pills as well.

PuppyDogsTails Sun 05-Aug-07 22:14:09

Hello Millie
Im sure there is lots you can do to maximise fertility, just keep reading the ttc threads, they are great.
Dont expect anything to happen too soon so you dont get disappointed, and try not to obsess about it. Your diet/exercise sound fantastic.
All you can really do is keep having sex, dont get too hung up on the "right" days to do it, it puts on too much pressure and if you are irregular then you will never know when the right day is. I conceived after 8 months of trying, and counting my dates back I conceived a couple of days before I reckoned AF was due.
re the hens, I've never heard anything specifically negative (unlike sheep), just wash your hands after dealing with them.

Spermwise some people reccommend lying on your back with your legs up for 20 minutes afterwards, others say that ejaculation is explosive enough that some gets right in (as it were). It only takes one anyway!

Good luck

Sheherazadethegoat Sun 05-Aug-07 22:14:23

you sound healthy and normal. just shag alot and if nothing happens then start asking these questions.

don't worry about the sperm falling out but if youare concerned lots of folk her talk about sticking their legs in the air and pillows under the bum.

sometimes i do a shoulder stand but that is more to freak dh out than anything else.

good luck.

Carmenere Sun 05-Aug-07 22:17:48

Dp told me that the reason that women don't feel sleepy after sex is that actually getting up and walking around after sex encourages the sperm upwards so to speak, it's the movement of the muscles or some such thing. But I suppose that keeping your feet up could do no harm and a good excuse for a rest

orangehead Sun 05-Aug-07 22:23:57

not stupid q I use to really worry about it then found out it happens to friends. Try marilyn glenvilles book, I think called 'natural solutions for infertility' or something like that, I would lend it 2 u but already lent it out. Brilliant book all about getting you and yr partner in top health b4c certain vitamins increase sperm count etc she also claims followin her advice b4c less likely 2 miscarry. Apparently best position on back with cushion under yr bum so it tilted back and yes lie they afterwards, not 2 pee 4 about 1/2 hr afterwards as can wash sperm away, sounds very romantic doesnt it, good luck

Millie26 Mon 06-Aug-07 10:00:43

Oh, thank you for all your advice - don't feel quite as silly now... Have got appointment with doctor too so she should be able to help with the fertility worries.

Think chickens are probably ok, we cuddle ours quite a lot though as they are really tame and they are quite dirty. Great for kids though!

Keep laughing out loud at my desk at the though of a) ttc with my best friend and b)Sheherazadethegoat standing on her head

wonkoswife Tue 07-Aug-07 08:41:56

Good luck Millie26, hope everything goes ok for you. I did read on a site somewhere that if you lift your bum up too high after BDing (ie with a large pillow), the sperm can pool behind the cervix and not make it to the right place. Just lying down for 20 mins after BD has always worked for me.

Millie26 Tue 07-Aug-07 12:20:17

Thanks! I can see that I am going to be spending quite a lot of time on my back supoprted by pillows and I have a genuine excuse for it Lucky I'm off on hols this weekend so should be plenty of opportunity to do so.

Orangehead - I have been reading Marilyn's advice - is really interesting. Loving the fat around the middle solutions!

tigerschick Tue 07-Aug-07 12:38:32

Good luck Millie - the only thing to add that I know a lot of ladies on here do is to drink grapefruit juice as this helps with cervical mucus production. And cm helps the sperm to survive and to swim. If you can face the taste of it that is

tigerschick Tue 07-Aug-07 12:38:33

Good luck Millie - the only thing to add that I know a lot of ladies on here do is to drink grapefruit juice as this helps with cervical mucus production. And cm helps the sperm to survive and to swim. If you can face the taste of it that is

tigerschick Tue 07-Aug-07 12:38:55

Sorry, double-click-tastic

Millie26 Tue 07-Aug-07 12:42:28

Excellent, thanks!

Right, I'm off to Tescos. Grapefruit juice, pillows, cork....

tigerschick Tue 07-Aug-07 12:44:05


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