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Day 26 ovulation anyone? Help!

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Help1983uk Wed 14-Aug-19 19:27:48

Hi, so I'm a little confused, I had a miscarriage back in May, so I'm not 100% on my cycles yet, what I do know is that my lp is 14 days. My chart should be attached. So, I'm 15 dpo today and have had pink spotting since yest, literally barely anything, only when I wipe. FF app tells me I O'd on day 17 going by cm and opks, but after that I've had various temp dips. I'm thinking I might've actual O'd on Aug 8th which is 9 dpo according to FF. What do you guys think? I didn't do any opks during that time but appeared to have fertile cm. I'm hoping I'm right and it's not late implantaion spotting I'm getting atm, as I read anything past 10 normally results in miscarriage. Btw, all pregnancy tests are neg

Help1983uk Wed 14-Aug-19 19:29:53

Any advice or opinions would be greatly appreciated x

fallingasleeprightnow Wed 14-Aug-19 19:52:45

Sorry to hear about your mcflowers. I’d be inclined to say you ovulated later as your temps are all over the place. It’s entirely possible your cycle is playing up - I also had a mc in May and I ovulated on cd31, then cd25 and this cycle I ovulated on cd21.

Help1983uk Wed 14-Aug-19 20:01:33

@fallingasleeprightnow I'm sorry to also hear about your MC xx
Yeah my temperatures aren't steady at all, I Ovulated on day 22 on my last cycle so I'm so clueless at the moment. Pink spotting has thrown me completely as the only time I had it before was when I unknowingly had fallen pregnant in January straight after coming off my pill. I guess I'm going to have to play the waiting game. Are you actively trying again? I think I'm just on edge about everything

fallingasleeprightnow Thu 15-Aug-19 07:25:15

@Help1983uk I’d say it’s possible you ovulated when your chart reads 6dpo as you can sometimes have a temp dip early on after you’ve ovulated.

Yes I’m ttc again. I started my journey in June 2018 so it feels like a long way so far.

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