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TTC 1st cycle - it's taken years to decide!!

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Jade218 Wed 14-Aug-19 17:52:02

Me and hubby are trying to conceive. After umming and ahhing about whether or not I want kids I decided to go for it, sooner than we initially planned as I'm 33 and ideally wanted my first before 35.

A week of almost daily sex and it has just dawned on me that who says I'll get pregnant straight away, it seems highly unlikely from these threads.

In which case daily sex might becoming s but tiring! I'm also thinking, the more it doesn't happen the more I'll want it. I'm already starting to get excited by what could be whereas 3 months ago I wasn't even sure about the whole thing!

Has anyone been pregnant on their first or second cycle? If so what were you doing to be so fertile lol

Sparkle0109 Wed 14-Aug-19 18:28:30

With my first BFP I caught on the second cycle I used ovulation tests and conceive plus

Are you taking BBT?

Darell04 Wed 14-Aug-19 18:34:31

Hi, I am very similar to you. Just decided to TTC after considering waiting a couple of years. I thought I was very casual about it all but I'm suddenly obsessed!
If I ovulate when I think I do (bought an OPK but think I missed it) then I'm about 3 days post-ovulation and already I'm dying to do a test...

I guess it's true what they say about some maternal instinct suddenly kicking in and taking over!

Pip231018 Wed 14-Aug-19 18:39:24

Hi. I'm similar to you, I wanted to conceive before I was 35, I lost weight because I'm overweight so when I lost my 1st stone we started trying and I fell pregnant. But I miscarried, which is never part of anyone's plan. I have just fallen pregnant again (but it's very early). I never expected it to happen to me so soon, but I'm also cautious about what can happen. I'd never ttc prior to this. Eating a balanced diet helped me I think. I also took conception vitamins from Boots x

DaniX91 Wed 14-Aug-19 18:43:13

Hi @Jade218 I'm currently 9 and a bit weeks pregnant with my first😊. I took my last pill on 10th May, had a period (first one in 12years!) on 6th June and got my BFP on 7th July!
We were having sex mostly daily but sometimes every other day as it can be tiring. I also used ovulation tests and started taking seven seas conception tables in place of my pill. My DP was taking the wellman conception tables, he said they tasted horrible and they did smell disgusting but maybe they did the trick!
We always DTD last thing at night so I was lying down for a few hours before getting up to wee. Also I ate pineapple every morning on an empty stomach from the day I ovulated as I heard doing this can help implantation. Hope this helps u, good luck!

Jade218 Wed 14-Aug-19 19:36:38

@Sparkle0109 sorry what's BBT?!!

Jade218 Wed 14-Aug-19 19:38:16

I'm taking folic acid, I have always been into
Exercise and healthy diet so haven't changed anything there.

And yes I've suddenly become obsessed with it. It's all very weird!!

I go straight to the toilet after sex and shower because I hate how I feel after. Though I read up on it and it said this can actually help?!

KatnissK Wed 14-Aug-19 19:42:26

I got pregnant first cycle with DC1. I was surprised it happened so quickly! Took 8 months with DC2 though. I think a lot of it is down to luck - a healthy couple only has a 30% chance of conceiving each month so I as long as there aren't fertility issues it's just a case of keep trying - you aren't necessarily doing anything wrong if it doesn't happen straight away (just make sure you dtd over your fertile period of course). Fingers crossed for you OP.

Darell04 Wed 14-Aug-19 21:55:49

Congratulations ladies who already have their BFP! ❤

I've never heard of the pineapple thing but may be an easy thing to try!

Is it just me or is the idea of actually getting a BFP as terrifying as it is exciting?!

Jade218 Wed 14-Aug-19 22:04:01

@Darell04 yes!!! I am extremely excited and terrified about seeing one lol (if I ever see one!)

Sparkle0109 Thu 15-Aug-19 07:40:22

@Jade218 it's where you use a body basal thermometer to take your temperature at the same every morning. Alot of people think when they get a positive OPK then they have ovulate when it's just your body gearing up too. The only way to confirm ovulation is by taking BBT.
Read up on it. I read about it for a few months before TTC and decided against it then half way through cycle 1 I changed my mind and so glad I did

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