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Trying again in August

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Bezalelle Wed 14-Aug-19 12:30:03

For @NavyBerry, @Hayd88 and anyone else from "Starting Over in July",
here's an August thread where we can carry on chatting about TTC. New folk feel free to hop on too.

About me:

Age: 38
TTC: First baby
Cycle: Cycle 3 (started in June 2019)
Cycle length: 28 days on average
Cycle day today: Day 10
Ovulation due: Aug 17th
AF due: Sep 1st

I've been having acupuncture for the past month, which I think is really relaxing me. Just about to start DTD for this cycle, as DP arrives for a visit tomorrow.

My July period was really long at 35 days, but my August one was just 27 days. I've had EWCM today and a bit of blood, which is really unusual for me. Maybe early ovulation? I really hope not! I might start tracking with OPK today.

How's everyone else?

NavyBerry Wed 14-Aug-19 16:15:43

Hi @Bezalelle Thanks for setting up this thread. I'm actually testing tomorrow and then until my AF comes. Fingers crossed!

About me:

Age: 29
TTC: Baby 2
Cycle: Cycle 1 or maybe 2 if this one doesn't work
Cycle length: 25-27 days
Cycle day today: 26
Ovulation due: Aug 6th
AF due: 15 Aug (tomorrow)

Bezalelle Wed 14-Aug-19 17:44:11

Hello again @NavyBerry!

How are you feeling about testing tomorrow? Good luck!

NavyBerry Thu 15-Aug-19 07:46:45

@Bezalelle good morning! No good news from me. Did two cheapies. Both BFN. I'm 9 dpo, no af, loads of symptoms. I guess I'm still waiting for either 😕 these days are quite relaxed for me, wish I was busier

Bezalelle Thu 15-Aug-19 08:01:54

I know what you mean. Last month work was really quiet so I had all the time in the world to symptom spot. This month it's busier which is helping to keep my mind off waiting to ovulate.

Something funny this morning - the cat helped me with my OPK grin

Hayd88 Thu 15-Aug-19 08:46:10

Hi ladies! Back again after a months back from TTC....did me the world of good to be honest!

Age: 39
TTC: I think this is my 6th cycle of trying?? Have one DS who is 2
Ovulation date: was meant to be Aug 14th as I'm normally bang on 14th day but for the first time in a long time I felt no ovulation pain!
AF due: 28th August now the dreaded TWW begins, I kind of liked not symptom spotting last month although now we're trying again I know what "normal" feels like I guess and can compare how I felt a month ago....we've been quite stressed lately so am doubting that was good for baby making!!! Wishing you all lots of luck this month x

Bezalelle Thu 15-Aug-19 12:16:29

Hello again @Hayd88!

Sounds like a month off TTC has done you good.

Hope your TWW isn't too stressful.

NavyBerry Fri 16-Aug-19 08:26:28

AF is here so I'm out this monthsmile fingers crossed for you! When are you testing?

Hayd88 Fri 16-Aug-19 09:12:35

I'm not testing until the long weekend, have ages to go. To be honest I won't be testing until I feel certain my symptoms mean a positive, last time with my CP was too upsetting for me so I just want to try and go with the flow a bit this time and not do loads of tests and keep seeing negatives!

I'm sorry @NavyBerry about AF, how many cycles along are you?

NavyBerry Fri 16-Aug-19 10:22:39

@Hayd88 it's first cycle we were trying after my miscarriage in May. Hope next one will be lucky!

Doris19 Sat 17-Aug-19 08:45:32

Thanks @Bezalelle for the new thread 👌
I'm in the TWW about 6 DPO I think...
This month is my first round of taking clomid to try and help things along but I'm not feeling hopeful as we've since had all our test results back and we have a male subfertility issue 😭 so may be heading to the IVF boards soon. Still, good to know
I couldn't have helped June's CP.

How's everyone else getting on?

NavyBerry Sat 17-Aug-19 09:47:18

Hi @Doris19 thanks, I had such a strong feeling I'm pregnant this month. My period started yesterday but I was still seeing things on the tests. Took two more tests this morning and they were week but positive. I'm 11 dpo and my 'period' is quite heavy. I'm upset it is all happening again. There's clearly smth wrong with me. sad

Doris19 Sat 17-Aug-19 12:02:03

Aaah @NavyBerry yes I can see that line. I'm so sorry 😭 sending lots of love and cake.

Can you get referred by your GP or even get them to do some basic tests? I had 2 CPs in 8 months and it turned out mine was low thyroid and a male quality issue (I'm over 35 so got the tests after 6m).

Bezalelle Sun 18-Aug-19 10:40:42

So sorry @NavyBerry. I echo what Doris said about maybe seeing the GP.

NavyBerry Sun 18-Aug-19 15:22:09

@Bezalelle @Doris19 thank you! I will do a full check up before we try again. I hope it is a CP and my body will sort it out. Not sure we will be trying again before I'm sure the tests are OK.

NavyBerry Fri 06-Sep-19 12:22:51

@Bezalelle @Hayd88 hi! How did it go for you eventually? Are you still planning? This thread went quiet smile

NavyBerry Fri 06-Sep-19 12:24:09

And how are you @Doris19 ? Did you get happy news? I'm afraid we dropped the TWW here. Hope you are all fine smile

Doris19 Fri 06-Sep-19 13:16:12

Hi @NavyBerry I actually had a bit of a surprise, and got a BFP last week, very unexpected after a week of AF pains meant I didn't even test until nearly 6 weeks. So great surprise but feeling pretty tense for the next few weeks as progesterone is quite low.

NavyBerry Fri 06-Sep-19 13:41:26

@Doris19 wow!!! Great news!!! So happy for you! Let it be a sticky little one thanksthanksthanks you managed to wait for so long and not test? That's amazing! I wish I was so patient!

Maybe try not to worry about progesterone. They say that low level doesn't necessarily mean anything bad. At least they don't really prescribe progesterone if your own level is not very high. They would if there was a reason wouldn't they?

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