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Was this an implantation spot?

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AllHopeAndNoResults Wed 14-Aug-19 09:39:43

I made a thread the other day and didn’t really get much response so I thought I’d try again!

I’m 8dpo and since about 3dpo I’ve had really dull lower back ache, mild and I mean very mild cramping.
My boobs are a little sore but it’s not really noticeable and nowhere near as sore as last month, I’ve been peeing constantly and it felt like a UTI especially with the pressure on my bladder (if you’ve had a uti you know what I mean)
At 6dpo I went toilet and wiped and it was literally a tiny dot of blood (it was the amount as if you’d bled from a spot type thing) I had mild cramping again that day and still lower back ache.
Yesterday at 7dpo I was peeing a lot and went to GP and uti test came back clear so it wasn’t an infection.

Today at 8dpo I’ve nothing at all no cramps no back ache as such, my boobs feel slightly more sore but still hardly noticeable.

Could it have been implantation spotting or am I just trying to convince myself it was? The bleed was red but I’ve seen that IB can also be red and not just the standard brown or pink. I really hate the TWW 😭😭

MummaL32 Wed 14-Aug-19 10:09:13

Hi Hun I have had the same all month and convinced myself I was pregnant - funny taste in my mouth cramping almost bubbles popping feeling in my lower tummy sore boobs one day then gone the next mood swings and a day of a tiny spot I am now 2dpo and just took a test and still saying negative- me and partner have had sex every day this month and still nothing I truly hand on heart hope yours in as I think mine is clearly chemical as I know feel like I could come on my p. Xx

AllHopeAndNoResults Wed 14-Aug-19 10:14:38

@MummaL32 thank you for replying.

Isn’t 2dpo way to early to test? Or do you mean you still haven’t had af since last month?

I’m sorry to hear you’re going through it and I hope it isn’t a chemical. I have my fingers crossed for you 🤞

Keep me updated

MummaL32 Wed 14-Aug-19 10:17:53

See my brain isn't working another sign I thought was pregnancy lol I'm due on Friday so would be 13dpo I would of implanted by now this would be baby number 4 have normally been able to confirm preg 7 days before period with other three xx

I have fingers crossed for you too sweety x

MummaL32 Wed 14-Aug-19 10:19:52

One thing is for sure tho I was told vap lines didn't happen on first response test yet I used the preg app checker because the second line was grey the whole way through I almost got my hopes up x

AllHopeAndNoResults Wed 14-Aug-19 10:22:34

@MummaL32 I don’t want to be that person to avoid the obvious but you really could still be and it’s just you need to test later on....I hate that even a test can sometimes give you more questions than answers.

I was thinking of testing today but I am way to early...

Sunflower2019 Wed 14-Aug-19 12:51:09

I’m 2dpo and last night I was up all night with a back ache and pain On my right side.. was scary! Nothing like af cramps and my boobs are sore..
Guess it seems promising we are having symptoms!!
Good luck flowers

AllHopeAndNoResults Wed 14-Aug-19 13:04:58

@Sunflower2019 🤞 it is! I just tested and got bfn I’m just going to take it as I tested waaaay to early.

Keep me updated! Also what’s everyone’s Cm like? Mines quite thick, tacky and white....that’s usually AF isn’t it?

MummaL32 Wed 14-Aug-19 14:14:16

I had the same
Pain on right side left and back and dull aching backache never get back ache with a period taste in my mouth still hasn't eased off today Altho boobs have normally I'm quiet big and swollen with my period however this time days they hurt days they don't really odd normally it's constant, and dull headache which isn't going away I haven't had a sun bed on purpose as I've freaked out what if I am now wish I had as now pale and miserable

Discharge has been light I think this month compared to normal however we have had sex every day! So it's hard to tell! Altho I no longer feel bloated but do feel like I could come on any minute even tho not due till Friday I've spent about £30 in test this month and all negative giving up for this month I think

AllHopeAndNoResults Wed 14-Aug-19 14:23:33

@MummaL32 the wait is horrendous isn’t it? I feel the same, like AF is around the corner! I had a sharp stabbing pain near my belly button but I’m just starting to think it was all wishful thinking and I’m out this month.

Also how annoying, I ordered another lot of opks for my next cycle, and instead of that they’ve sent me 40 pregnancy tests!!! Honestly if that’s not cruel I don’t know what is 😂 so now I’ve got a cupboard full of pg tests!!! Ffs!!

Sunflower2019 Wed 14-Aug-19 15:02:50

My boobs are still sore and I’m still getting cramps on right side.. feel sooooo grumpy too 🤦🏽‍♀️ I’m only 2dpo but I really felt ovulation this month! I’ve just put a thread up about it... literally keep getting sharp pains and one in my you know 😂 I kept jumping in bed last night!
How many dpo are you?
Most people don’t get a positive till af is due! I feel like I’ve got ages to wait to find out... dreaded 2ww xx

AllHopeAndNoResults Wed 14-Aug-19 15:09:52

@sunflower I’ve just seen your other thread. I think tbh no matter how many people tell us their symptoms and how many dpo they got their BFP, we are all different and it just gets our hopes up when we spot similar things on a success story.

I wish I could be patient lol! But actually the more it goes on the less hopeful I feel I’m 8dpo. Last month I had every single pg symptom going and af was late it was a 41 day cycle! So I’m trying not to over think

Sunflower2019 Wed 14-Aug-19 15:20:32

@AllHopeAndNoResults yes I know.. me too! I just hadn’t had cramps and pains like this.. I just feel different this time.. but if I’m not then I will prob be disappointed 😞 oh well I’ll live in my own little bubble for now 😂

Do you continue to opk for a while? Ive ovulated earlier than my app predicted so worried I’ll have another surge or something..

I remember last time I was pregnant I had these really strong cramps and one was so painful, that’s the only reason I’m feeling hopeful!

AllHopeAndNoResults Wed 14-Aug-19 15:26:58

@sunflower the thing is that little bubble can be the most painful 😖 it’s horrible waiting isn’t it?

I haven’t been tracking after ovulation obviously but I will continue to into the next cycle.

I was the same with my ds the only thing I remember about it was that I had AF type cramps and kept thinking I was coming on. Even felt like I did once. I write all my symptoms in a diary so I keep track on it but then again when the TWW comes around again I forget the intensity of them and wonder was they fainter or stronger last month. So now I’ve started to write mild or whatever lol. As much as it’s a hard task it is quite funny what we do 😂

cranstonmanor Wed 14-Aug-19 15:34:33

I had more pregnancy symptoms when I wasn't pregnant and none (till 8 weeks) when I was! Please try not to convince yourself of anything, if you are pregnant you will know soon enough and if not the disappointment can really get you down. Also, being pregnant doesn't necessarily mean that you will have a baby, miscarriage rates are high. I hope the best for you.

Sunflower2019 Wed 14-Aug-19 15:35:45

I know but it’s hard... I guess it will happen when it’s meant too! I use Premom app and it tells you if your opks are peak low etc.. and has a graph, haven’t been temping tho!

Maybe get a frer and test in a couple of days? Mines gonna be looooonnnggg! Good job it’s school hols and have endless episodes of catfish to watch 😂 xx

Sunflower2019 Wed 14-Aug-19 15:37:59

Because I’ve been pregnant twice I know what to look out for, unfortunately second time it didn’t go the full way.. but I had obvious symptoms very early on And I’m very intune with my body! Last month I had symptoms but I had a feeling it was just coming off the pill and hormonal.. xx

AllHopeAndNoResults Wed 14-Aug-19 16:34:32

@sunflower I use Premom it’s so helpful! The only thing we can do is wait and everyone’s early Pregnancy signs are different. It is nice to hear people who are experiencing similar but we are all unique 🤞🤞🤞✨✨✨✨ for us all

MummaL32 Thu 15-Aug-19 09:08:26

I tested again this morning only the cheap strip ones as I now refuse to buy anymore had a similar one I brought a pack on amazon of 5x strips yet they sent me 20x

Test this morning was still negative and woken up with the brewing spots so I am highly likely to come on tomorrow as predicted -

Was reading last night about how much it decreases as you get older and my partner is older then me and has said he doesn't want to be much older to have another Altho he's not out pressure on it hearing how he feels about it honestly I just think it's prob not going to happen for us, we do both have children with other people so we are not missing out like that it's just hard when you both want something special and it doesn't happen x

Sunflower2019 Thu 15-Aug-19 09:44:48


How old are you? I’m the other way round and my partner younger than me, I’m 32, not sure if that’s an issue?! I do think it may take me longer but this month I do feel different to others... who knows! I just have the attitude now that what will be will be! My mum was 37 when she had my sister after being told she was infertile... had been trying for years.. gave up and it happened!

Good luck for you x

Ps have you tried preseed?

MummaL32 Thu 15-Aug-19 10:03:46

I'm 32 also 33 end of the year / my partner is 39 almost 40 tho and he really struggled with his other two when planned to have took them two years to con and that was 6-7 years ago so I don't feel hopeful at all anymore

Took two tests this morning both negative

I haven't what is preseed?


MummaL32 Thu 15-Aug-19 10:06:32

I don't understand why I've got this horrible taste in my mouth if nothing is happening I didn't think a period could do that my other tell was dark nipples which are darker then normal this month so many things I didn't think could be assumed with a period. I also had a LLTS lazier treatment done 4 years ago I've read that it can lower your chances of con and I had to have 45% of my cervix removed they did tell me if I was to have another baby I would maybe need a stitch put in to ensure I didn't go into labour too early

AllHopeAndNoResults Thu 15-Aug-19 12:42:44

You’re not too old at all so take that info out of your mind!

I also woke up with a spot so pretty sure AF is around the corner. I went out last night for a meal and had one and a half strawberry daiquiris and I came home feeling so sick with a massive headache. I was dizzy. Felt like I had a hangover and I was in bed by half ten!! Woke up did a test bfn so I’m really not holding out this month. But at least I know that every month I get PG symptoms so next cycle I won’t symptom spot.

MummaL32 Thu 15-Aug-19 14:53:09

Agreed I feel the same as you fingers crossed for next month xx

AllHopeAndNoResults Thu 15-Aug-19 15:03:09

Also I used preseed this month. Really liked it. Worth giving it a go. I did get thrush BUT I can’t say for sure it was preseed or the fact we dtd so much

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