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long-term ttcers - eating, exercise, general unhappiness

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newkid Thu 02-Aug-07 15:48:59

I generally like exercising but while ttc am anxious that too much will harm efforts to conceive and hence end up not exercising. When I conceived dd I actually had chilled out and started exercising a lot more but I'm now in my two week wait (and hopeful as ever - chart looks great!) and find myself gaining weight and not exercising (actually haven't exercised a lot since started charting two months ago as this is the 'big push' to conceive naturally before investigations commence). I also have a tendency to binge, which I think is related to unhappiness, mostly because of failure to conceive. Does anyone else find themselves in the same boat (or hut)?

Nancy66 Thu 02-Aug-07 15:54:16

Hi there

I've always exercised and will continue to do so. you are far better off being fit and healthy with a good BMI when TTC

It's only really extreme exercise that will damage your fertility. I assume you're not running any marathons or doing any Iron Man Triathlons?

If you're just a 3 time a week gymer and the odd fitness class - it's fine.

callmeovercautious Thu 02-Aug-07 15:54:56

I was in the same boat. I convinced myself that exercising might harm the tiny lo before I knew about it. On the other hand I agonised that being unfit was hampering my efforts!

Don't torture yourself, go for a brisk walk a few times a week and keep eating the "good" things as well as a few "naughty" things to perk you up.

Good Luck!

Sheherazadethegoat Thu 02-Aug-07 15:57:47

hi newkid - i totally ballooned the 1st year ttc. have caught myself on but know how you feel. occassionally i go for a run and then get my period and obsess whether i caused it. ttc means all rationality out the window but i find exercise helps keep me positive.

newkid Thu 02-Aug-07 15:59:39

True, I have no plans for extreme activity, though ttc can seem like extreme activity at times! When I conceived dd, I actually had run a half-marathon two weeks before conception. I know I'm being silly but I can't help convincing myself that running might 'dislodge' a fertilised egg. I know it can't but still...

BTW, my BMI is OK (I'm a size 10-12 - veering more towards a definite 12 as the days creep by) so I am genetically quite lucky sizewise (if not fertility-wise).

Nancy66 Thu 02-Aug-07 16:04:55

New kid
I'm a runner too and TTC. I've been running for about 15 years so it's not as though my body isn't used to it

When I get my BFP I'll ease off and perhaps turn it into a power walk but for now will keep up the running.

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