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PixieN Wed 24-Jul-19 16:04:03

It’s time for a new thread for a lovely bunch of ladies supporting each other through our TTC efforts, possible IVF plans, possible alternative life journeys and adventures with or without babies after the age of 35. Think that about sums it up grin

@BambiOnIce80 @79andnotout @CNizzle @VenusStarr @QuantumGirl @Carley321 @Wannabemum38 @Russkispy @Kescilly @Laney79 @Weathergirl1 @Pinkywoo @birdbybird

I’ve included everyone who has posted on the last four pages of the previous thread. Hope that’s o.k as I know some of you have graduated to another thread, but still like to check in and apologies if i’ve missed anyone.

Lots of luck to everyone at whatever stage we’re at 💕

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wannabemum38 Wed 24-Jul-19 17:43:37

Thanks @PixieN

BambiOnIce80 Wed 24-Jul-19 17:45:08

Excellent intro @PixieN and thank you for the new thread 😘

VenusStarr Wed 24-Jul-19 20:20:08

Thank you @PixieN smile that pretty much sums it up!

Russkispy Wed 24-Jul-19 20:27:52

@PixieN thank you for the new thread. I'm still around. And was getting ready for donor egg but had a surprising BFP on 8th July. A couple of days ago had a little bleed on and off and went to EPU this morning to check it out. Sac present and yolk too. Thankfully. No heartbeat yet as I'm only around 5 weeks and not 6w4d as per my LMP. The doc said the dates would be different since I haven't had full 3 hale since my last missed miscarriage. But he was happy with today's scan. Back in 2 weeks.

Pinkywoo Wed 24-Jul-19 20:34:36

Thanks for the tag @PixieN, I know strictly speaking I'm not ttc (what with being upduffed) but I still like to keep in touch with you all!

VenusStarr Wed 24-Jul-19 21:10:02

That's positive news @Russkispy 🤞 for your next scan xx


Russkispy Wed 24-Jul-19 21:14:31

@VenusStarr thank you! Will keep you posted 🤞🏻

CNizzle Wed 24-Jul-19 23:47:14

Thanks @PixieN for the new thread, I created a bit of a flurry at the end there sorry!
Thanks all, I'm totally chuffed :-)
Yes @79andnotout we were at Bluedot, had a great time. Did you have a good time? Weather was a bit pish, but to be fair it could have been worse. Did you see Helen Sharman's talk? She was so full of energy & enthusiasm, I loved her.
We took a walk round the back of the telescope during kraftwerk (initially to find a loo!) And thats where he popped the question, not down on one knee, more of a pocket-fumble!! Haha. I was totally speechless! Pic is pretty terrible, I was trying to hide my chipped scabby nail polish!
In other news, it's cycle day 1 again today 🙄 right on cue actually, I'd not checked fertility friend til this morning, & it's almost like she waited to see if it was time!

VenusStarr Thu 25-Jul-19 07:06:11

Gorgeous ring @CNizzle! Love how he proposed too 😍 sorry its cd1 x

RebelliousEngine Thu 25-Jul-19 08:51:12

Hello all - hope you don't mind me jumping in here! I'm 36 this year and about to come off the minipill to try for baby 2 - my first is five now and getting serious case of the broodiness!

Namechanged because I don't want anyone who might recognise my usual MN name knowing I'm TTC grin

Kescilly Thu 25-Jul-19 10:04:49

What a beautiful ring @CNizzle! You must be so happy right now. smile

79andnotout Thu 25-Jul-19 10:58:18

Ha @CNizzle fat chance my other half would ever propose during Kraftwerk, he wouldn't even speak to me throughout that set. Transfixed! The ring is lovely, and that's a great memory. What a picturesque engagement backdrop. I love that telescope. We didn't get to the site until Friday evening (in the middle of the tornado!) so missed Helen Sharman. Managed to catch a whole load of climate change talks and left feeling determined to change and mildly depressed.

Have just sent an email off to an architect. Project attic conversion is on.

Blondcat Thu 25-Jul-19 13:27:30

Hi all just doing by to say congratulations on the engagement @cnizzle and congratulations to the new bfp's fingers crossed for some more 35+ babies.

Didn't post my dd's arrival but blondkitten was born two weeks early on 30th May she is 8 weeks old today 😊. I had a rough end with raised blood pressure and liver enzymes (pre eclampsia signs) was induced and stayed in hospital for 5 days after birth because of this. Had plenty of checks since then and getting back to normal slowly. We are totally in love with her even though she can be a monkey with not sleeping and getting overtired at times. The heat is not great bless her she wants to feed more often and is just in a nappy but still feels so hot can't wait for it to cool down a bit as we are stuck inside with the curtains closed and fan on trying to stay cool.

Weathergirl1 Thu 25-Jul-19 14:15:04

Ah congratulations @CNizzle and a lovely piece of bling too 😍

🤞 For your next scan @Russkispy - I lurked on the other board on pregnancy as there's a few on there from here, but didn't want to post as it's not really relevant to me (and I thought it would come across as a bit stalkerish!). Hope to see you on the grad thread in due course 🍀

Russkispy Thu 25-Jul-19 14:56:04

@CNizzle congratulations on your engagement! How lovely!
@Blondcat massive congratulations on your mini Blondcat. Sorry to hear about complications but glad to hear all is back to normal! The heat is ridiculous but should be back to normal from tomorrow. Keep yourselves cool!
@Weathergirl1 thank you! As it's early days I haven't really joined any other threads but still with Conception and Infertility. But maybe will do in the future providing all is going well. 🤞🏻

PixieN Fri 26-Jul-19 07:57:43

Gah! Another reply disappeared so i’ll try again.

Beautiful ring @CNizzle - you must be thrilled! 💍💕

Great to hear from you @Blondcat and lovely news about mini blondcat 💓 This heat is crazy, but hopefully the temperature will drop soon. We’re doing the same thing - curtains closed, fans and minimal clothing. Not a pretty sight 😝😂

@79andnotout I feel depressed when I think about climate change. Have you read ‘There is no Planet B?’ My DH has a copy and need to get around to reading it. Attic conversion plans sound exciting! Keep us updated.

@Russkispy that sounds really positive 🤞 for your next scan x

@RebelliousEngine welcome to the thread.

Af arrived 4 days early for me yesterday and my app has changed my average cycle from 28 to 26 days! Feeling really worried that my age could be affecting things now. At one point I wondered whether it could be implantation bleeding, but it’s not spotting - tmi, but it’s a proper flow with no clots (very unusual) and a lighter/brighter red to normal. Not really sure what to think. I need to ring the clinic if we’re going for Ivf this cycle, but early Af has thrown me a bit. DH also has a weekend away in September which could be tricky as it might clash with egg collection. According to the dates on the long protocol sheet they gave us, it should be fine, but according to a friend’s experience it might not as her egg collection was earlier than they suggested. I guess it’s individual and down to how your body responds to the drugs? Might have to ring the clinic for advice 😳 It would probably make sense to wait a month, but I really just want to get on with it now...

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QuantumGirl Fri 26-Jul-19 11:51:21

Hi ladies,

@PixieN Thank you for tagging me on this new thread, I will pop in and out randomly as at the moment I am not sure which board I belong to.

@79andnotout I am very sorry about your Thyroid results, why does it take so long to normalise it? As you still have good eggs, would you consider freezing them? Being childfree/less is still an option for me as I know if DE doesn’t work I will still be me and I am happy as I am. However at this moment in time I am coming to terms about not passing my DNA on but at the same time really doing an in depth research in DE, UK and abroad – well, not me specifically but DH is as he’s worried my menopause will strike full on soon and I wont even have the option to carry a full term pregnancy. I take a much more procrastinating approach of moving on to the next level than he does but at least this afternoon I start my first counselling session, there is so much in my mind right now I can barely put a comprehensible sentence together. Please keep your house renovation plans coming, I am obsessed about anything house related. At the moment we are doing our bedroom up, took me 3 weeks to choose the wall paint and this weekend we are choosing the carpet much to my disgust (DH wont this one, I prefer wooden flooring).

@VenusStarr taking you for suggesting definingmum. I do follow her in insta and I also listen to all her interviews and blogs but then I realised that she works for a fertility clinic in Czech Republic so now I take what she says with a pinch of salt. Good luck with SMEP, it’s bloody hard work.

@BambiOnIce80 could you please tag me when you start your new thread in the infertility board or any existing infertility board? I’m a bit shy when it comes to join threads and I need handholding. I really would love to join a thread there even though I think I am beyond infertile, I’m just 2 empty ovaries with eggs that look like raisings (on a good month). The decision of whether or not have a child is so far the most important decision I had to make and it will hunt me forever so I understand your position. At our age this is ‘now or never’ and what I can not bear is the regret for not trying hence for me I hope counselling will help. Also Bambi, I heard of Dee Armstrong on the BFN podcast (really don’t like the presenters but the interviews are good).

@CNizzle massive congratulations on your engagement! What a lovely ring.

@PixieN wont help as they only focus on the IVF process itself. I hope I am wrong but it is what I learned from my own research.

I will keep in touch as much as I can but like I said if anyone joins a thread on the infertility board I would happily follow x

Weathergirl1 Fri 26-Jul-19 13:56:50

@PixieN @79andnotout I haven't read that book but am fairly clued up on climate related stuff. I'm becoming more horrified by the mindless throwaway culture now we're looking at baby related things. It makes my skin crawl everytime someone on MN suggests buying cheap stuff to bin after it's been used once. So much paraphernalia being pushed at people that they really don't need (saw a 'baby wipe warmer' for sale on Facebook Marketplace yesterday so had to Google it and yep Amazon is selling loads of these things 😲). I have no problems buying new things (we can afford to) but so much stuff is barely used before being discarded 😢

Thankfully this heat seems to have subsided in time for the weekend and for anyone DTD - really would not have wanted to be in FW this week just gone 😱

wannabemum38 Fri 26-Jul-19 18:52:34

Think my af is here. Just had a feeling of something happening and went to loo and got very small amount of light pink blood. Guess it's a good thing but can't help feeling a bit disappointed.

BambiOnIce80 Sat 27-Jul-19 09:38:39

That's a beautiful ring @CNizzle 💍😍 So exciting!! Have you started wedding planning yet? Do you think you'll get married up here? There's so many beeeauutiful venues around! 🏰 💒 Sorry to hear AF has turned up (and for you @wannabemum38) 💐

Lovely to hear from the grads @Kescilly @Blondcat @Pinkywoo @Weathergirl1 ❤️ I hope everything's going well for you all?x

Keeping everything crossed for you @Russkispy 🤞🏻🍀

Architect plans sound very exciting too @79andnotout 🤩 That's what I'll be doing too in the New Year if IVF is a fail.

The early AF might be because of the stress you're going through at the moment @PixieN. When I had that short cycle after the bereavement earlier in the year, I'm sure it's because my (already high 🙄) prolactin shot up with the stress and messed with my cycle. Did you decide yet if you're going for it this month or next?x

I will absolutely tag you when I hit the infertility board @QuantumGirl 💖 I think it'll be nearer September/October and I might join @VenusStarr 's thread rather than start my own, but I'll be tagging you all the same 😘 It's interesting what you said about the passing on our DNA thing, because everytime I start leaning towards giving up and being happy with a childless existence, that's the one thing that upsets me! My ancestors have managed for hundreds (even thousands 🤔) of generations to keep our DNA going, and it's starting to look very likely that I'm the one that's going to terminate 2 blood lines (I'm an only child and grandchild). I know it's through no fault of my own (I'm certainly bloody trying!), but it makes me really sad nevertheless 😔 It's comforting to know it's not just me that thinks that way too - I thought it was my science brain being a bit too practical 🤓 I hope your counselling session went well and gave you a bit of clarity.x

Russkispy Sat 27-Jul-19 09:53:51

@BambiOnIce80 thank you. Had a little more brown discharge throughout the day yesterday and nothing at night. I have to say I'm feeling weirdly calm about this pregnancy so far. Will probably worry about the scan a day before but since last EPU visit, I'm feeling ok. I think I feel nausea in the mornings and maybe evenings too. But sometimes during the day I forget I'm pregnant. At the back of my head I said, everything will be just fine. And that was that. And if doesn't work out for whatever reasons, I'll revert to my plan B, donor eggs.

PixieN Sun 28-Jul-19 17:00:11

@Weathergirl1 baby wipe warmers? 😱 That sounds completely bonkers! I hate our throwaway culture and won’t be bothered at all about buying second hand and recycling. How is your pregnancy progressing? Hope you don’t mind me asking (and was going to pm you) but since Ivf is on the cards, I seem to be battling more tokophobic thoughts. How are you managing yours through pregnancy? I think I just feel overwhelmed - the idea of injecting myself with drugs everyday is also freaking me out. On the one hand, I really want a baby, but on the other, I’m absolutely terrified of having to go through all this and it not work (not to mention the possibility of it actually working and getting what I want! ) So contradictory. I was also in floods of tears when AF arrived and felt awful 😳 Sorry yours arrived too @wannabemum38

@BambiOnIce80 I think i’m going to have to put it back a month - just can’t risk DH being away and there are some other dates that we can’t get out of that might be an issue too. I think i’m going to be a complete stress head in any case. We’re away this week thankfully and it’s helping being by the sea. Just need a bit of headspace and time to relax. I know what you and @QuantumGirl mean about passing on DNA. It’s completely natural to feel that way. I suppose it’s different for me as I have lots of cousins to pass on the genes and family name, but I still feel sad that it might not happen for us. Think i’m overthinking everything and need to put it out of my head for a bit (if that’s possible!) What do you all do to help you relax? I was doing so well on the reduced alcohol front, but i’m currently having a chilled glass of wine after a lovey beach walk smile 💕 I might even have another.....

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PixieN Sun 28-Jul-19 17:07:43

Sorry for the self indulgent long post! Don’t really have anyone to voice this stuff to in real life x

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Weathergirl1 Sun 28-Jul-19 17:29:07

@PixieN I know right? They wouldn't need them if they used cheeky wipes (or cotton wool like our mum's did) and warm tap water!! I'm totally embracing the 2nd hand market - we really were not expecting to buy big items this soon (23 weeks on Tuesday!) but after identifying what we want I started looking on eBay as I thought it might take a while and have now bought a pristine Snuzpod3 locally for £77 and we won an auction last night for an Uppababy Cruz that's only 12 months old (and also looks pristine) for £600. Where we are going to store these things I have no idea and am now starting to panic a bit (may need to bring forward a trip to my parents to take items for temporary storage!!!). Regards the tokophobia, I think I'm still in denial a bit... We've still not told many people and partly I think it's because I don't want to talk about it/ them knowing something is going on with my body iyswim. I'm not enjoying the body related stuff much but I'm not coping too badly at the moment - just starting to get a bit of a bulge out front now (mostly I just look more rotund around the middle) and can feel some movement, but it feels more like nervous twitching (a bit like when your eyelids do that weird twitchy thing) - I may freak out a bit more once there is a noticeable bump and it feels more like an actual alien trying to break free 🤪... Still feeling a bit on edge about notes and things not being right and not having heard back about EDD being wrong but I've just had a coffee with a midwife who's the DP of a good friend of mine (she's in the ELCS team at my hospital) and she actually put my mind at ease quite a bit and is going to be a useful extra contact. We've also been reading the Siobhan Miller hypnobirthing book and I actually think I'd recommend it to you to look at if you decide to go down the IVF route as many of the techniques in there would probably be useful for that too - I can totally understand the concern about injecting yourself as I would not be keen on that either. It's written in a really accessable tone and is totally not patronising - and she backs up statements with references - the back of the book has links to the studies she cites!

Sorry, that turned into a bit of a long one... Eek! Hope everyone is enjoying the cooler weather this weekend.

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