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TTC First Baby Thread 21

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Lottiepink Wed 17-Jul-19 22:54:18

Hope you all don't mind me starting this one off, but last one was nearly full... already,
Hi to all the newbies ☺️ sorry for everyone I missed, just went through some of the recents, so please mark your place 😊
I try to keep up mused but it moves so fast 🤣


Lottiepink Wed 17-Jul-19 23:17:43


A few more, sorry to who I've missed!

Mrskcam Wed 17-Jul-19 23:35:39

I'm gonna still be popping my head in on you lovely ladies!!

goodnightsugarpop Wed 17-Jul-19 23:46:11

this seems like a good moment to jump in smile
Just started TTC a week ago! This two week wait thing is fucking annoying huh?

LokiCat Thu 18-Jul-19 05:52:09

Morning all! Thanks for starting this thread @Lottiepink 😊

@ELW85 @Lozzlepop Hope you're both okay this morning. Good luck for your appointments today ❤️

@Mrskcam how have you been feeling?

@goodnightsugarpop welcome! Haha the TWW is the worst! I always need to find things to distract me otherwise I'm just constantly symptom spotting. When's AF due for you?

MrsH497 Thu 18-Jul-19 06:22:42

Thought I'd put this on here nope I put it on the old one!

AF has arrived least I can have a coupe of drinks at my sister in laws birthday this weekend still sucks though.

@Lozzlepop @ELW85 hope you're both ok

@Lottiepink thanks for the new thread!

ELW85 Thu 18-Jul-19 06:47:21

Morning all!

I’ve got my midwife appointment at 13:30 so just trying to relax! I’m feeling ok; spotting is v v v light now, so I’m just clinging on to hope that it was an implantation bleed.

Thank you for the new thread @Lottiepink smile

@MrsH497 - so sorry to hear AF has arrived, I hope you’re ok?
Make today about you and spoil yourself, you deserve it x

@LokiCat - it’s really tough to hear about your friend being due in November. Remember, new cycle, new bit of kit to play with, entirely new chances smile I hope you’re alright lovely.

@LikeTheFruit - that’s a really balanced way to look at it. I’m sure the 6 weeks will fly by for you. Is it odd being on the other side of the fence and trying to be a good patient? 😂

@LokiCat @Anny27 - the Femometer is awesome and it’s app will analyse your BBT shift and luteal phase etc. What I would say is that it does all this under a ‘gold’ membership, but don’t pay for it as it automatically upgrades you after about a week or two anyway!

@Lozzlepop - good luck for today, sweets. Keeping absolutely everything crossed for you ❤️

Good luck to everyone trying again, and in the TWW smile this is a big thread to keep up with, but it’s full of awesome ladies.

Lozzlepop Thu 18-Jul-19 06:57:00

Morning ladies

Thanks @Lottiepink for the new thread!

Morning @LokiCat thank you so much it means a lot ❤️

@MrsH497 sorry to hear AF got you! Feeling not too bad this morning, managed to get a decent sleep which was good. Planning to get up about 8 and have a shower etc and set off about 9ish as the parking is always a nightmare at the hospital

Anny27 Thu 18-Jul-19 07:15:13

Thanks for the new thread @Lottiepink smile

@LokiCat how did using the femometer go this morning?

@ELW85 thanks for the tip smile out of curiosity what were your average temps before and after ovulation?

@mrsh497 sorey about AF. But thats the right attitude - atleast you can have a few drinks :D

Welcome @goodnightsugarpop yep TWW is the worse haha. Currently 3dpo and trying not to symptom spot haha

clolo Thu 18-Jul-19 07:29:14

Can I join! Currently in the TWW on my first cycle trying for #1. I'm only 5dpo and it's dragging!

Nadeynade Thu 18-Jul-19 07:29:28

Hi ladies.

I am new to this forum and hoping this is the right place to post!

I’ve been TTC since April and been driving myself mad everyone 2WW. However this month I’ve felt a bit different so decided to test 12 DPO. Got a positive result but not I’m scared it’s not going to stay.

Hope you ladies get your BFP soon! smile

PippaPug Thu 18-Jul-19 07:37:16

Thank you for the new thread @Lottiepink!

@ELW85 and @Lozzlepop - Good luck today at your appointments, I have my fingers tightly crossed for you both 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼

whatsthecraic91 Thu 18-Jul-19 07:48:59

Can I join!

Cycle: 7
CD: 13
AF/BFP: 4th Aug

Really struggling at the minute, DP the last 2 nights couldn’t perform. I am upset about this which is probably making it worse for him, how do I deal with this!! sad

I was so sure I was pregnant last cycle and we got our hopes up so much!

goodnightsugarpop Thu 18-Jul-19 07:53:31

thanks for the welcomes @LokiCat & @Anny27!

AF is due around July 25th though 2 or 3 days late is normal for me, my cycle length varies a bit. So gonna try not to test unless I'm at least 3 days late

MrsH497 Thu 18-Jul-19 08:36:27

@ELW85 not feeling great physically feel sick headache and upset stomach hopefully get all that out the way today and enjoy the weekend! Definitely will treat myself I think!

Bit grey and cloudy today but still warm so I look like Monica from friends! Xx

Lozzlepop Thu 18-Jul-19 08:38:39

Morning thank you so much @PippaPug how are you doing? Heading off to our appointment shortly so we have everything crossed and I will let you all know how we get on. Just want to say thank you for all of your kind words you really are the best bunch of ladies, I know I said this last time but it’s true, welcome to all the new ladies you really are in the best place, the ladies on this thread are the strongest, most lovely caring people you could hope for ❤️

MrsH497 Thu 18-Jul-19 09:11:23

@PippaPug you excited for your wedding? Xx

ELW85 Thu 18-Jul-19 09:20:42

@PippaPug thank you so much. I’m really nervous as the spotting has picked up a bit, so hoping to get a little closer to an answer.

@Anny27 - I’ve attached my FF chart, just as it’s a format that a lot of people are used to. I’m pleased my temps are still up there. Still in with a chance 🤞🏻

@MrsH497 - sorry to hear you’re feeling so poorly. I have the same issues with my hair, so I know exactly what you mean 😂

Lottiepink Thu 18-Jul-19 09:22:50

No problem everyone 😊

@ELW85 fingers crossed for you today, and I'm so pleased to hear the spotting has pretty much stopped!

@Lozzlepop same to you, fingers crossed all is well 😊

@clolo @goodnightsugarpop welcome 😊

@Nadeynade welcome and what a post for your first one! congratulations, hope it sticks

ELW85 Thu 18-Jul-19 09:27:22

@Lottiepink - thank you! No sooner had I said that, it picked back up again. I just want everything to be ok, but it’s such a rollercoaster at the moment 😢

purplefig Thu 18-Jul-19 09:29:49

@ELW85 is it still brown?

ELW85 Thu 18-Jul-19 09:57:48

@purplefig - it is. Sorry, I know this isn’t the chat anyone wants for a morning!!

purplefig Thu 18-Jul-19 10:02:45

@ELW85 don't be silly, this thread is excellent for all manner of chat whenever! I think it's a really good sign that it's still dark, it's fresh red blood that is concerning (and even that is quite common in early pregnancy). Plus your temps are still way up there. Hopefully your midwife appointment will be reassuring too. Got everything crossed for you lovely. Xx

XjustagirlX Thu 18-Jul-19 10:05:22

So I had 3 days of brown spotting. AF started this morning so I’m out now. I am ready for it to be over and start again.

This cycle I think I’m going to DTD every three days after AF until a flashing smiley. Then every other day while flashing smiley. Then every day on static smiley for three days. I’m also going to continue DTD every other day after my static smiley just in case.

I’m going to keep tracking my temps and doing the clearblue ovulation tests plus the cheap OPKs twice a day.

ELW85 Thu 18-Jul-19 10:29:48

@purplefig - thank you so much for your encouraging words.
I was so happy when I thought it was stopping yesterday so it’s knocked me back a bit. Hopefully the end is in sight with it and I get some good news from the midwife smile
I am SO pleased my temps are right up and I’m still getting strong HPTs. That’s helping, but I think until I get the scan, I’ll probably be a bit reserved on the celebrating.

How are you feeling? X

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