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Trying to conceive - after a miscarriage

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pamina3 Thu 16-Sep-04 15:07:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bundle Thu 16-Sep-04 15:10:48

good luck, girl

motherinferior Thu 16-Sep-04 15:11:29

You go, girl!

Tinker Thu 16-Sep-04 15:12:24

Yes, good luck pamina and all other ttc's after mc

Marina Thu 16-Sep-04 15:14:56

Good luck to you all. Been there, know how bittersweet it is to be trying again and living in hope. Mind you, I only had two months of it, wishing you all similarly speedy results

pamina3 Thu 16-Sep-04 15:24:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MINNIE1 Thu 16-Sep-04 15:25:34


Thank you

Best of luck to everyone..

MrsWednesday Thu 16-Sep-04 15:44:24

Blimey, that was quick Pamina3. Thank you very much for sorting this out.

About me: TTC number 2 since January, having had a missed m/c in April and an early m/c in July.

I am really, really nervous about trying again - do you all feel like this?

alterego Thu 16-Sep-04 16:19:22

Yes Mrs. W.
Quick history - 2 boys, conceived and born no probs. Then mc at 10 weeks in November. Then 2 very early mcs at 31 days and 36 days in May and June. Now pregnant again, 8 weeks. And so nervous. I can feel my heart beat rising every time I think about it. Despite GP reassuring me that 6-8 weeks is the most critical period, with my 10 week mc I shan't be happy until at least 12 weeks or so. But read somewhere else, (maybe on Tex's thread) that up to 8 weeks mc is usually due to fetal abnormality but past 8 weeks it is usually some outside event, eg. virus. Also read somewhere that it is quite usual to have a "false start" or two after a mc. So I'm trying to keep positive .... GP has referred me to EPDU so just waiting for them to call me with a scan date ... so much waiting .. and I didn't feel any anxiety at all with the first two.

alterego Thu 16-Sep-04 16:19:49

Oh - and thanks pamina for starting the thread.

Batters Thu 16-Sep-04 18:02:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Sallie Thu 16-Sep-04 18:21:32

pamina - I am also ttc no 3 and have just had a m/c at 5/6 weeks. Have also had 2 unproblematic pregnancies before. So can I join this thread? Am feeling surprisingly upset about the m/c even though its very early on and had I not tested,I would have just thought it was a late, heavy AF. Sounds as if you all have had similar experiences so it will be good to chat and follow each other's progress. Lets try and keep this thread going. Best of luck to you all

Twiga Thu 16-Sep-04 23:30:46

Hi Pamina3, thanks for this thread. Poor old you, you've already had to put up with my waffle elsewhere, for those I've not met before, big hello - had mc starting July 12th, was my first pg, have been ttc again since, already feels like a lifetime but I know I've had it easier than some. Currently not sure if pg or not, af is 5/6 days late but getting BFN on hpts - very confused just now as only other time this late, I was pg. Still have up and down days, and still suprised at how upset I get just when I feel like I might be managing better. MN has been a great source of support particularly as very few folk will talk about it in rw.

MINNIE1 Fri 17-Sep-04 00:00:54

AF is coming (i think) really feeling the pains this evening and i have had spotting (not alot though) really pi$$ed off with the whole thing now.. Cause i have had AF pain b4 when i was PG and light spotting and it nearly day 36..

Sorry for venting but i just don't know whats goin on.......

Twiga Fri 17-Sep-04 00:03:38

{{{{{{{{{{{{Hugs}}}}}}}}}}}} Minnie1! You vent away! Hope you manage to get some sleep soon, and aren't too uncomfortable.

MINNIE1 Fri 17-Sep-04 10:49:56

AF has arrived

This month i am not going to think about it, need a break for this TTC..

alterego Fri 17-Sep-04 14:32:52

Minnie - so sorry to hear about AF Might it be that you were pg but it didn't "take". My GP said that the stats suggest that at least one in 3 pgs end this way (this early) and maybe as many as 1 in 2.

Twiga - my cycles were up the creek after my Nov mc @ 10 weeks. It took 3 or 4 months before they were regular again. But with the 31 & 36 day mcs they didn't seem to disrupt the cycle at all - I was still ov'ing on CD14.

I'm still keeping my fingers crossed. Everything intact today despite telling the whole world (well the whole mn world) yesterday - so slowly working my way through all my superstitious hurdles.

Lots of babydust for everyone.

MrsWednesday Sat 18-Sep-04 09:15:23

Minnie1. So sorry to hear about AF arriving. (((hugs))

Perhaps a break for a month would help - give you a break physically and mentally because this TTC business is really stressful, especially after a m/c. I'm just starting TTC again after a 2 month break for that reason, I was starting to send myself mad.

Sorry I didn't post yesterday, my ds kicked the phone socket out of the wall and I had to wait for DH to fix it!

Alterego, I was very interested in what you were saying about 'false starts' after a m/c as it sounds like that might be what happened to me. How are the nerves today? Every day that passes brings you closer to the point where you can relax and just enjoy being pregnant. Hope you get a scan date very soon.

Twiga, my cycles after my missed miscarriage (at 13wks) were all over the place for a few months and are only just settling down again (like alterego, I also recently had a very early miscarriage that didn't affect my cycles too much). It's a bloody nightmare, you just want your body to get back to normal so you can try again but there's nothing can do to force it to frustrating. How are you doing today?

Twiga Sat 18-Sep-04 09:21:26

Hi Mrs Wednesday, I'm doing ok today. Still no af (am a week late) and can't see the point in hpt just now - might do one on tues before I go to the doc, just to rule it out. Am off shopping shortly, nothing like a new outfit to lift the spirits!

Twiga Tue 21-Sep-04 17:00:29

Hi, af finally arrived today am releived that everything working as it should. Been feeling up and down about mc over last few days but dh and I had a good chat with our minister about the mc and some things that has been worrying us and are feeling more peaceful. Also told us about a memorial service organised by hospital chaplin for early mc babies next week, so I think we'll try and go to that - meant to be a thanks giving service, not at all morbid - will hopefully bring a bit of closure. Determined to just chill out this month, this last one has shown me that my body just needs to get on and recover, and there's not much I can do about it and not to be too hard on myself. Hope you are all keeping well and are ok.

Twiga Tue 21-Sep-04 17:01:37

Oh...Didn't bother with the docs in the end, figure was just hormones getting back to normal.

MINNIE1 Tue 21-Sep-04 22:12:50

TTC really does stress out the body!!! Hope you are ok..{{{hugs}}}

tex111 Tue 21-Sep-04 22:54:08

Twiga, just saw your post. Sounds like you're being very positive about it all. Hope you feel as OK as you sound. I'm sure you're right and your body is just sorting itself out. The thanksgiving service sounds like a brilliant idea. I think I'll see if our hospital does something similiar. I guess it all just takes time. Big hugs to you.

Twiga Tue 21-Sep-04 23:32:02

Thanks Tex and Minnie, I'm ok - feeling sore with this af, it's a bit heavier than usual but I'm hoping that this is another step in things sorting out and a step closer to a future healthy pg. The memorial service seems like a good idea, just hoping that dh is able to get the time off so we can go to this one rather than wait for the next (they do them here every quarter). It just feels right to mark things and to be thankful for the pg that i had even if just for a short time, and for the happiness it bought at the time. Hope you are both doing ok

fisil Wed 22-Sep-04 07:25:01

Just want to wish you all good luck. I went through this in August and it is horrible. We were sooooo lucky as we conceived 1st time, I have no idea what would have happened if we hadn't - I think we'd have given up. Lots and lots of baby dust!

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