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Tested at 9dpo - squinter of all squinters

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MaryH90 Wed 19-Jun-19 05:01:36

As it says above! Tested early (I know I know) and there’s definitely a second line (I keep staring back at the test just to make sure! Just wanted validation that it’s real really because it doesn’t feel like it is! I’ll be testing again tomorrow morning.

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Mummytoboyxx Wed 19-Jun-19 05:32:22

I can see it smile

MaryH90 Wed 19-Jun-19 05:33:57

Thanks! I haven’t even told my DH yet, I’m going to wait for a digital positive because he’ll take one look at a faint line and tell me it’s negative!

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MrsC89 Wed 19-Jun-19 06:24:41

I can see it too!

Abi58 Wed 19-Jun-19 07:05:54

I can see it 🤞🏻 for you. Test again in a couple of days. I'd wait until af is due to test with a digital as they are less sensitive so don't panic if you do and it says not pregnant 😁

MissMarple0203 Wed 19-Jun-19 07:06:43

I can see it!! Congratulations

Ozziewozzie Wed 19-Jun-19 07:11:55

I spy with my little eye....a second line bear

MaryH90 Wed 19-Jun-19 07:35:02

Thanks everyone, feels nice to tell someone! X

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satsumasaturday Wed 19-Jun-19 07:40:09

I see it too 😊 and I agree with Abi in holding off on the digital. I ended up doing exactly that last month after a faint frer (ended in MC) as DH wouldn't believe me - then the digital showed not pregnant which didn't help 😂. It wasn't till 15dpo that i got positive digital.


Sevo7 Wed 19-Jun-19 07:45:25

I can definitely see it. My lines with dd started off like that, also on cd 9. Managed to get a clearblue digital 1-2 weeks result on cd 12, but don’t loose hope if it is negative before your period is due. Congratulations.

Sevo7 Wed 19-Jun-19 07:46:50

Sorry not cd I mean dpo blush

Whyhaveidonethis Wed 19-Jun-19 08:03:23

I can see it and agree to hold off 3-4 days before doing a digital. I did one the other month after 4 positive FRER (ended in a chemical) and it said not pregnant. DP thought I was going mad

Bellaposey Wed 19-Jun-19 08:11:39

I can see it! As others have said, hold off on a digital for at least a few days. They seem to be much less sensitive.

Treaclepie19 Wed 19-Jun-19 10:16:51

That's a line 😁

MaryH90 Wed 19-Jun-19 10:28:43

Thanks, I’m excited to see what tomorrow’s line is like! X

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Abi58 Wed 19-Jun-19 10:43:44

@MaryH90 let us know 😁😁😁

MaryH90 Wed 19-Jun-19 16:58:47

Couldn’t stop myself! Telling DH tonight. Eek!

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Mummytoboyxx Wed 19-Jun-19 17:31:36

Congratulations! grin

MrsC89 Wed 19-Jun-19 17:43:14


Chihuahuamummy90 Tue 28-Jan-20 11:23:20

Top test was yesterday morning 8dpo bfn but this morning at 9dpo I’m pretty sure there’s a squinter can’t really see it in pics but defo there in real life. Can anyone else see it!?

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