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Quick Question????

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ClaireHappyGal Tue 24-Jul-07 13:31:40

I am currently on CD26 of 31. I think I may have ovulated on day 14. Usually I suffer with a mild dull ache a few days before AF is due. I have now started my dull ache again.

Could it be possible to have a dull ache as normal and still be pregnant.

I was hoping that this month for a BFP, but looks like I will be going onto the next thread for August.

Thought I might put a Thread on here for anyone with quick qustion that they someone else may be able to answer or offer opinion on.


pipsqueeke Tue 24-Jul-07 13:32:52

it's possible yes - I had a BFP but still felt like AF would come any minute. hope you get your BFP. you'll hopefully know in a few days thou

ClaireHappyGal Tue 24-Jul-07 13:40:55

Well I will keep hoping. My breasts have been sore for the last two weeks as well. We have really tried to do everything right this month as well.

Would it be advisable to wait until after AF is due to test, eventhough having these symptoms?

We are going away this weekend in order relax and to try to avoid testing (not taking any tests with me). But now unsure.

BellaBear Tue 24-Jul-07 13:42:03

As far as I can work out almost every symptom of pregnancy = symptom of period. Crap isn't it? Oh except for the whole haveing a baby nine month later one. That isn't a period.

pipsqueeke Tue 24-Jul-07 13:46:05

ah I can't talk queen of early tests over here- gets to 4 days top go and out come the tests! lol. but yes you should wait to avoid dissapointment

ClaireHappyGal Tue 24-Jul-07 13:49:20

I know, I was hoping to have no signs of AF on way before going away, then there would be no temptation of testing.

Now I am feeling really confused and can't decide what to do.

All the other months have been the same. Just as I decide to get the test out, AF makes an appearance.

This month, I was hoping for no AF pains, but probably being to optomistic

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