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Double ovulation?

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fluffylabcoat Sat 01-Jun-19 16:51:29

Has anyone else had this? The last 2 cycles have lasted 58-60 days. I've used ovulation tests days 18-25 and seen a definite rise and fall in LH. Tested day 30 and negative.

I'm on day 42 now and tested again yesterday and today. Definite positive test. I've poas and got a bfn.

Is it possible I'm ovulating twice or do I need to see my gp? Would really appreciate any advice as I'm scared we'll never conceive.

Polly99 Sat 01-Jun-19 16:55:49

OPKs pick up an LH surge which may cause ovulation but you don’t necessarily ovulate afterwards. You’d need bloods and / or to monitor your temperature to confirm ovulation has actually taken place. So my guess it your body is gearing up to ovulate but then not doing it.
Were your cycles always this long or is it just the last 2?

fluffylabcoat Sat 01-Jun-19 17:11:52

Thanks so much for your reply. I came off the pill in January l, had 2 normal 28-32 day cycles and then these two crazy long ones.

Polly99 Sat 01-Jun-19 18:32:26

I think if you see your GP now they will say your body is just settling down following the pill. Do you remember if your cycles were irregular before you went on it?
The reason I ask is longer cycles can be anovulatory or a sign of an underlying issue (such as PCOS) which can be helped medically. But either way I’d wait a couple more months before speaking to the GP.
In the meantime, you might try a low carb diet (assuming you are not super skinny and in need of carbs) and or taking B vitamins. Both of those things seemed to help my irregular cycles years ago.

fluffylabcoat Sat 01-Jun-19 18:54:32

My cycles were like clockwork when I went on the pill at 16. I just hit 30 so I'm not surprised it's all taking a while to settle. I am overweight so perhaps will try a low carb diet to see if it settles. I'm already b9 (folate) deficient and take the 5mg tablets.

Thank you for being so matter of fact about it. I'm just so disappointed that my body can't go straight back to normality.

Penny4Thoughts Sat 01-Jun-19 19:10:10

When I went to the GP with strange cycles (not TTC at time) my GP pointed out to me that I’d been on the pill so long I couldn’t know what my ‘normal’ was.

fluffylabcoat Sat 01-Jun-19 19:39:58

Very good point. A ~60 day cycle is abnormal even so.

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