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Could Hypothyroidism cause a false negative? Please help!

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xnicnak Sat 01-Jun-19 11:13:09

I’m currently 3wks and 4 days late, next AF is due on the 8th June and no sign of the missed one starting. My cycle is normally between 32 - 34 days and AF is 5 days long. Calculating, I’d roughly be 8 weeks. I’ve taken 4 tests (3 pink dye one blue dye) and all of them had a very faint line. I took these a few days apart over the last few weeks.

I did another pink dye one this morning and there’s no line at all? I’m getting the majority of symptoms such as nausea, dizziness, cramps and stretching feeling in lower left side and behind belly button, bloated, gassy, insomnia, hot flushes, random outburst of acne (I’m normally pretty clear), tiny bit of peachy discharge.

I went to the doctors a week ago and he said a blood test would just confuse things, told me to wait a week and test again, which was this mornings test. I’ve only been this late once, when I fell pregnant a few years ago, I unfortunately miscarried at 8 weeks so I’d love for this to be my second chance.

My thyroid levels tend to go a bit crazy from time to time, for no reason at all. I’m currently on 200mcg and as far as I’m aware I’m stable, I very rarely forget to take them, always have them half hour before food. I also take Sertraline 200mcg which I started 6 months ago for anxiety which has really helped.

Is it possible I could be getting false negatives? I’ve read online that it is possible and a few people mentioned it who also had thyroid issues? I feel pregnant if that makes sense, but I don’t want to get my hopes up. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated, not knowing is driving me nuts!

Guess I’m also scared about going for a scan and finding out there’s nothing there too... sad I’ve attached pictures of 2 of my faint positives, my other two are very similar. (Sorry for the long post, I’m hoping someone could help a little!)

SnowyAlpsandPeaks Sat 01-Jun-19 11:39:58

If it’s negative now, I would do another few from different brands. If the line doesn’t appear it looks like you haven’t a sticky bean. If you were 8 weeks your pregnancy hormones would be high and the lines visibly clear.

LividLaughLove Sat 01-Jun-19 11:48:47

I've never heard of hypothyroid giving false negatives.

I know too well about it causing pregnancy issues though. You say your dose but not what your thyroid levels are. Are they regularly tested (ie last few weeks if pregnant) and under control ie TSH below 1?

I think your doctor is negligent if you think those are your tests and you're sure about being 8 weeks. There could be ectopic issues or anything. I think you need to find out what's going on.

xnicnak Sat 01-Jun-19 12:11:03

No hope then huh... sad can’t help but feel super disappointed. I’ve been trying since my loss a few years ago with no luck and thought this was my moment.

My last two thyroid bloods were as follows.

July 18’ - TSH 5.99 and T4 25.
January 19’ - TSH 11.1 and T4 18.8

As I said they’re all over the place and always have been for the whole 6 years I’ve had it. I’ve been for examinations and xrays and given no real reason as to why they’re so up and down all the time. Both doctor and endo confused.

I’ll ring the doctors on Monday I guess.

MATTSMAMMA Sun 02-Jun-19 12:24:22

Your TSH is too high. It needs to be under 2. If your GP disagrees go in armed with NICE guidelines which clearly state TSH optimum levels for conception. Good luck x

xnicnak Sun 02-Jun-19 12:55:24

Thank you for the reply, I’ll try book an appointment tomorrow or try to get one as soon as possible at least, it’s normally a 2 week wait to see my doctor sad I’m completely lost on what to do in regards of my thyroid levels. Took a hCG strip test this morning and there’s a faint line, so I’m still just as confused! If this has happened to anyone please do let me know, my lines just don’t seem to be getting any darker!

PotatoandChives Sun 12-Jan-20 00:24:08

I had a situation where the baby did not develop because my thyroid levels were too high and my dosage was too low. If your line isn't darkening at all, this could be the case.

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