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CM and CP before BFP

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AdoraFlora Sat 01-Jun-19 11:04:24

Morning ladies.

I was hoping one of the recent BFP people (congratulations!) could help?

Did you notice any unusual changes to CM or CP before finding out you were pregnant? I'm regretting not using OPKs to track when ovulation happened, so I'm stuck relying on what's going on down there!

I've had thicker, clear CM (like EWCM but a bit less watery) for the last 5 days, and today my cervix has gone from hard to high and soft.

Does this sound familiar? I'm trying not to symptom spot too much, but equally I got a BFN this morning, which is probably just because it's too early.

Thanks for your help!

megabustravelling Sun 02-Jun-19 11:17:00

@AdoraFlora I had a mc recently and the month I got my bfp my cm didn't change at all really. No heavier, just usual post ov cm.

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