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Wahhooo finally a positive OPK... but a hungover husband!

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FutureMrsD Sat 01-Jun-19 09:52:29

Yay cycle day 22 and I have my positive OPK! However, my husband is horribly hungover (no sympathy of course😂) so wouldn’t be up for anything until this evening I would guess!
Will that be me out this cycle, do you have to DTD immediately after your positive OPK? Or how long after your surge can you still conceive?
TIA smile

VenusStarr Sat 01-Jun-19 10:02:15

You ovulate between 12-36 hours after your surge, so you're still in smile 🤞

Ohana6419 Sat 01-Jun-19 16:38:00

I am in exactly the same position today! Trying to decide if we should go for it tonight or if we can wait until the morning, but I'm leaning towards tonight just in case. He'll just have to cope 😂

palahvah Sat 01-Jun-19 16:43:58

What, no hungover hornies in your house? It's the best cure...

FutureMrsD Sat 01-Jun-19 22:42:58

Unfortunately not! I got turned down this afternoon, and he went out to watch the football this eve so isn’t back until tomorrow.
The urge to scream ‘but I’m about to ovulateeee, pleaaasseeee have sex with me’.. lol. But I know that would immediately put a stop do it because of the pressure!
I took another OPK tonight and was still positive so there is hope yet! X

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