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Could this be a miscarriage?

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Nycrosa Sat 01-Jun-19 04:00:05

how do i know if i experienced a miscarriage i truly feel like i might have feel that it was early felt pregnant was three days late all of a sudden .. so sorry little graphic in detail but if i can continue to give some in sight on the situation ... this was maybe three yesrs ago but... i was three days late for my cycle and i felt i had to go to the. Bathroom so i went had no period just clear fluids when i had gotten a tissue i saw a like purple or. Red like piece of something with like stringly on the end of it then i saw like a small bubble in the middle kind of look like a small sack there was no blood at first looked like a large clot trying to explain the best way i can... i had really bad cramps really bad back pains i was bleeding all over the place so i stayed in the bath room because i felt dizzy and lifht headed and weak was losing so much blood... i was so emotional for some reason i just cried whatever that was not sure just like pink streaks on some of the tissue usually don't bleed that much so i went to lay down for a while felt so clamly just stayed in the bath room for like too hours so much blood... i told my boyfriend i think i was pregnant he had just gotten a vasectomy done and it wasn't effective just yet i looked up pics and it looked the same as what i had experienced wondering what is your in sight and sorry for this long message... i felt the same kind of back pain as with my last. Baby had cramps strong mini contraction like. Cramps i was trying to focus on breathing nothing was helping shorty after what ever that happened to be gave me a little relief a side from being weak just. Felt really down since im never late got my period like clock work when you get the chance please give me some in sight of what you think and how far you think i could of possibly have been thank you.

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