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Day 54 in Cycle

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Hylw Fri 31-May-19 19:38:18

Hi ladies. I'm looking for anyone with a similar situation as mine. I came off the Yasmin pill in December last year, and since then my periods have been off. My first period came on time, the next one was 7 days late, thereafter 14 days late, then 7 days early and now I'm 24 days late. Negative pregnancy test. Anyone experience something like this after coming off the pill?

lewk Sun 02-Jun-19 07:28:39

Sounds similar to me! Came off pill in October and had 4 normal cycles between 29-33 days and then had a 40 day one and now on CD70 today! I thought I'd been lucky and settled to regular cycles right away.

However I started BBT at CD40 this cycle and have just found out I'm 2dpo so irregular cycles don't necessarily mean you're not ovulating! Very frustrating though, hopefully yours settle down too!

FutureMrsD Sun 02-Jun-19 10:06:17

Came off the pill in January this year.
Has a withdrawal bleed straight away, 27 day cycle (I thought - ‘great, my body has gone back to normal straight away’... naaaaa)!
My last 2 cycles have been 52 and 51 days. Pretty sure I am about to ovulate (now on CD 24), so I think Long cycles are my thing now!
Hope your’s settle soon and best of luck x

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