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Missed period but negative tests

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Bumblebee994 Fri 31-May-19 08:27:50

I should have started my period around the 19th so I’m now 12 days late. I’m always on a roughly 32 day cycle but I’ve not had my period. I took a test on Monday night and one this morning both negative. I’m not on the pill but we use condoms and the last time we had sex (17th) me and my partner didn’t notice any problems (split condom etc). So why is my period so late? It’s never been this late before and im always quite regular. Also is there a more accurate way to test for pregnancy than at home tests?

Also would a walk in centre be able to deal with this? I’ve moved area and I’m not currently registered with a GP in my area and scared I won’t get an appointment for weeks if I do register with one

Joopy Fri 31-May-19 23:44:59

Register with a GP! At my surgery you can go in on a weekday morning and wait to be seen!

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