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How long did it take you to conceive?

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RachJ90 Wed 29-May-19 20:42:34

Hi everyone

I’m currently on the 9th cycle trying to conceive #1. I’m just wondering how long it took you all to conceive #1! Is this completely normal? Should I be worried? DH just says it will happen when it happens and not to worry.. maybe he’s right! We put so much planning into a situation we have no control over!

LorelaiRoryEmily Wed 29-May-19 20:44:04

It took us 2 years and 7 months to conceive ds who is now 3. We’re 11 months into ttc for dc2. No joy yet.

WaxOnFeckOff Wed 29-May-19 20:44:28

4 years for me sad

WaxOnFeckOff Wed 29-May-19 20:45:13

Should that DS2 arrived 13 months after ds1

myusernameisnotmyusername Wed 29-May-19 20:47:46

It took me so long I'm not really sure but I'd say about five years. Been trying to conceive another for five years. But I have endometriosis on my ovaries so I'm lucky I conceived without help at all!

Lauren83 Wed 29-May-19 20:49:46

9 years for DS1 (donor egg IVF) 8 months later DS2 was conceived naturally

Pipandmum Wed 29-May-19 20:51:09

About four months with both. I was 41 and 43. Just lucky I guess. It took my friend 16 years - she was 46 when it finally happened! But I think she had the attitude of if it happens it happens.

bitchfromhell Wed 29-May-19 20:51:09

8 years, natural conception, massive surprise.

Lweji Wed 29-May-19 20:52:03

Just over 2 years.

butterflykiss00 Wed 29-May-19 20:54:05

5 years

Spicypizza Wed 29-May-19 21:00:20

3 months which ended in miscarriage. Then 4 months following that. I count myself very lucky.

InDreamland Wed 29-May-19 21:55:58

5 years, natural conception, ended in miscarriage, then second pregnancy also natural conception 4 months after first miscarriage but lost that baby too. Still trying for my rainbow on cycle 7 now since mc#2.

Chanel05 Wed 29-May-19 22:02:20

8th cycle, ended in mmc.

RudyRoo Wed 29-May-19 22:11:53

8 months, currently 8 weeks pregnant and am 33 (first baby)

lilbubsmama Wed 29-May-19 22:14:17

OP are you using ovulation predictions kits, pre seed lube and temping to understand your cycles (absolutely not stating these are guaranteed to help everyone) but they helped me. Good luck x

ffiffi8 Wed 29-May-19 22:22:23

Around 6 months, but I used opk's, conceive plus, temping and an app to understand my cycles! On my fertile week when we conceived we dtd every night, not every other.... I'm 35 weeks pregnant today with my first x

teachermam Wed 29-May-19 23:20:53

5 pregnancies
3 misses
Twice first go (ended in missed)
Twice at 3rd cycle (my kiddies)
Once at 6th cycle (most recent ended in mid)

SnowyAlpsandPeaks Thu 30-May-19 00:27:18

Ds1 was a surprise as I was on the pill
Dc2 was a surprise as I was breastfeeding and on the mini pill (termination- just started university)
Ds2 was planned, had my coil removed and conceived the first time we had sex, 3 days later (only time we had sex in a 2 weeks period)
Dc 2,,3, 4 I fell pregnant on the pill and miscarried at around 5/6 weeks

Doctors have told me I’m ‘hyper fertile’. But thankfully I’ve never conceived with a coil in.

DramaAlpaca Thu 30-May-19 00:33:37

DC1 - 11 months
DC2 - about 10 minutes wink which was a bit of a shock to say the least, especially as DC1 was only 6 months & I was still breastfeeding
DC3 - 4 months

YouBumder Thu 30-May-19 00:33:53

Month 1 and then month 2. Very lucky. Hope everyone trying has good news soon x

kashleesi Thu 30-May-19 03:12:44

8-9th cycle and trying not to worry! Giving up the opks this month and just gonna go for it instead of stressing.

PrimeraVez Thu 30-May-19 03:25:06

9 months (DC1)
1 month (MC)
2 months MC)
2 months (DC2)

Good luck. I remember how frustrating it is!

happymummy12345 Thu 30-May-19 03:26:54

4 months. I stopped taking the pill in July 2014, and got pregnant in November 2014.

ZoeOutdoors Thu 30-May-19 03:37:10

Nearly 5 years.

WildFlower2019 Thu 30-May-19 04:55:59

First cycle with first pregnancy, which sadly ended at 13 weeks. I was 32 at the time. Conceived on honeymoon.

Second (current) pregnancy, five cycles. I'm 33 now.

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