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Day late but BFN??

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HayleyD84 Wed 29-May-19 09:42:26

I'm going insane!! has anyone had similar experiences and got a BFP?

Saturday (9dpo) I did a 10miu extra sensitive test and got a very very very faint line. (real squinter)
since then and this morning I have done normal tests and nothing??

I am now a day late for my period and I am never late??

Ive ordered some more 10miu tests which will come today.
Surely though if i was preg the 25miu tests would pick it up by now? im 13dpo and a day late.
I just want to know either way :-(

YouWhoNeverArrived Wed 29-May-19 11:47:26

I didn't get my BFP until I was 4 days late with my first pregnancy. Wait a couple of days and test again. You're not out til AF shows up. Fingers crossed for you!

HayleyD84 Wed 29-May-19 13:07:17

@YouWhoNeverArrived thank you for your message, gives me some hope!

Ive had backache for the past few days and today the stomach cramps are quite bad, im getting them on and off and I had this with my first pregnancy so just hoping!

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