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TTC after vasectomy reversal

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pinkmook Sat 21-Jul-07 14:15:00

Hi everyone, not sure if a thread similar already exists so apologies if I am repeating. DH had vas reversal yesterday. Went really badly. Doctor was expecting 98 percent patency but found that vasectomy procedure must have been done by an idiot when he got in there! 6 cm of tube each side removed (when he says ony 2cm need to be taken) and bloackage on on eside also. Had to perform epydidiotomy (think that s what its called??!!) where tubes connected directly to testicle rather then rejoined and told me we now had a patency level of about 35-40 percent ....was absolutely devastated but we will still try in a few months when we have the sperm analysis back.

Anyone else out there going through similar? I feel really lonely right now :-(

Acinonyx Sat 21-Jul-07 15:58:33

Wait and see how the sperm analysis is - and it's worth repeating it after a time.

Dh had a reversal that went badly and his count was extremely low. Male factor as a problem is indicated when the count is below 20 million - dh had 'the occaisional twitcher' on one count. Funny thing is though - his count has varied a lot - from absolutely zero to one million.

It was generally too low to ttc normally or even do an IUI. We did IVF and I have a dd from my second cycle. Hopefully you will not need to go that route - but there are options like IUI if the count is a bit low.

Good luck, Jill

pinkmook Sun 22-Jul-07 11:04:59

Thanks Jill,

feels like I';m embarking on a long journey!

Acinonyx Sun 22-Jul-07 13:59:13

I hope I didn't make you feel worse! If you get 35-50 % back that would be a lot - way more than we had. Dh's major problem was that the reversal was 8 yrs after the vas. I sound pretty cavalier about it now - but that's because I've been used to this situation for a long time (12 yrs). You may just have to be a lot more patient than other women ttc around you and not keep comparing your progress (which can be hard!). JIll

weezy292004 Mon 23-Jul-07 06:47:49

hi pinkmook i really feel for you and hope your sa comes back with some good news.

my dp had his reversal 3 yrs ago after his vasectomy 20yrs previously we were told best case scenario of 5% chance of it working and it didn't and it's only now that we have decided to get some info on the options for us.probably will have to go through the icsi route but it worry's me slightly of some of the risks and it's not that successful either.

good luck your'e not on your own i've been on lots of sites where people have had babies after vr.

teenagersagain Mon 23-Jul-07 09:03:13

Hi pinkmook, I read your post with great sympathy, I can imagine a bit of how upset you are feeling, but all is not lost & 40% still sound's quite good... fingers crossed for you!!

It is a very lonely experience, like miscarriage, & not a subject people find easy to talk about, unless they have experienced it themselves.

I am 42 & had a missed miscarriage 4 weeks ago now, but my dp in his wisdom went ahead with his planned vasectomy the day before my first scan at 10wks, (which revealed no heartbeat) against my wishes.

Needless to say I felt doubly devastated & very lonely in my anguish, I don't know of anybody else going through something like this...

I am now pushing for my dp to have a reversal, but he is unsure, I don't think he quite grasp's how this could potentially come between us if he dosen't!

pinkmook Fri 27-Jul-07 13:32:14

Thanks to all those who left messages...we have been away fro a few days holiday. Its a very upsetting situation and it helps to hear other peoples stories a great deal.

No your post didn't make feel worse at all Jill!

Teenagersagain..I cant imagine how hard that must have been. It took me 5 years to get DH to agree to a reversal and I feel a certain amount of anger that he took the decision to have the original vas when he knew it wasn't really what I wanted....but thats all water under the bridge now I suppose and I haven't shared those feelings with him as it would get me nowhere! I know our situations aren't identical but I do identify/sympathise so feel free to rant/vent/whatever to me!

Lots of love xx

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