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Opk help! Aka I'm going mad.

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VenusStarr Wed 29-May-19 09:02:23

I've never used the clear blue ones. You might be nearing your peak, so maybe do the cheaper ones more often. And keep dtd smile 🤞

ttcno12334 Wed 29-May-19 09:00:17

Thanks guys... I have long cycles so currently on cd28. That was fmu. I am now flashing on clear blue digital but I've been known to have 9 days of flashing before peak! I'm going away for a wedding this weekend and staying with relatives so was hoping for a peak today or tomorrow really

itwasalovelydreamwhileitlasted Wed 29-May-19 08:47:00

These tests don't look for oestrogen.....clearblue digital dual hormone do....these tests only look for LH hormone rises - I would say you're getting close to ovulation but not there yet? I would also download an app like Premom where you can take a photo of your test strip and it will tell if you if it's low / high / peak and also plot it on a graph x

VenusStarr Wed 29-May-19 08:43:47

It's negative, so non fertile at the moment. Have you just taken it? Those ones are better taken in the afternoon between 2-10pm. What cd are you? You might need to start testing a couple of times a day as your lh surge can be quick, mine is.

ttcno12334 Wed 29-May-19 08:36:13

Does this look like an opk with an estrogen rise or is it an opk in a non fertile period of time? I feel like I'm over analysing it and would appreciate some thoughts.

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