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Just feeling sorry for myself

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kaytee87 Tue 28-May-19 20:04:32

Have been ttc number 2 for 5/6 months now (which I know isn't that long but number one only took 2 months) and everyone is announcing pregnancies recently.
Just feeling a bit sorry for myself for the first time actually.
Anyone else in the same boat?

CroissantwithCheese Tue 28-May-19 20:08:42

A very similar boat! TTC number 2 after 4 months. DD just turned 3 and I don’t want a big age gap so t can feel stressful at times. it’s disappointing every month to get a bfn, but I’m consoling myself by thinking that the later we do conceive, the bigger chance we’ll have of having a spring/summer baby smile it would be tough to have a baby (and birthday) in January or feb. I was a winter baby so know only too well how it is to have a birthday in the darker seasons! Keep your spirits up. I’m crossing my fingers for you x

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