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Has anyone got their bfp after a negative test a couple of days earlier

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foxandthehound Tue 28-May-19 08:59:32

Took a pregnancy test at 10pdo and 12dpo. Both negative. Cervix was low and hard and I had no CM so I was sure I was out this month. Due my period today, checked my cervix and it has risen to where I can barely reach it and it's gone softer. I had white discharge this morning (unusual for me when about to start period and sorry for tmi), but still no CM.

Has anybody had a Bfp after a definite negative 2-3 days prior?

sazzle3 Tue 28-May-19 13:35:50

I'm 5 days late today I've took 2 tests one on the day of my period and one at 3 days late both negative: only thing I haven't done is check my cervix as don't have a clue what I'm feeling for.
I've been losing some whiteish mucus stuff x

snowflakeeel Tue 28-May-19 18:21:05

Took a test 13dpo which was negative. Cervix low and hard. Period didn't arrive. Took second test 17dpo result was a strong bfp. Cervix was still low and hard. Didn't rise until around 6th week. I've heard cervix isn't a great indicator of pregnancy. Best of luck X

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