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Period pain Torture (negative test)

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KikiKendall Tue 28-May-19 07:33:06

Hi all,
Thanks for reading this.. my blurb smile
I came off the pill last month expecting it to take months to conceive (I’m 37).
Now I have a week late period, 2 negative pregnancy tests and daily period cramps.
I’m thinking that the obvious answer is that I’m not pregnant but wish that AF would just arrive! It’s driving me bonkers.. I always thought I’d be relaxed about this stuff (naive or what)?!
I wondered what your experiences are as Ive read that implantation pains can feel like menstrual cramps? Or equally tips to take these things in my stride and relax a little. Literally holding my breathe each time I go to the loo!
What am I turning into too? ;)

jennifer90 Tue 28-May-19 07:43:54

I came off the pill just over 4 weeks ago and I found out I'm expecting a few days ago 😊 I have had like period cramps on and off, also been getting hot flushes now and again, give it a few more days then test again ☺️ good luck

Mycrazylife85 Tue 28-May-19 07:52:33

I came off the pill in January and waited until April for my first period. It was day 74. I'm now waiting on my second. I'm currently on day 50.

I'm 34.

Heard it's very typical for it to take up to a year to regulate. I have had ovary cramps on and off and sore boobs (mainly the first cycle) but so far it's lead to nothing. Hope it's quicker for you

KikiKendall Tue 28-May-19 08:29:31

Wow, such different experiences. Thank you fir sharing. You just can’t second guess these things can you?!
Congratulations @Jennifer90! Bet you got a (happy) shock!
@mycrazylife85 I feel you! Our bodies are a law to themselves. I find that in this day and age where we have so much control.. in this (conception), something so important. The lack of control and not knowing is something unique to process.


jennifer90 Tue 28-May-19 08:42:56

@KikiKendall it definitely was, I heard after coming off the pill it can take months for our bodies to get back to normal, I only had a withdrawal bleed no period, I thought I was coming on but then had hot flushes so thought no harm in testing, and what do you know, two lines appeared 😊

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