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10+ years on pill and want to start trying

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Airo92 Mon 27-May-19 23:43:08

Myself and my fiancé are getting married in May next year, after being together for 9+ years. We’ve agreed we’d like to wait until after we are married until we have our first child. However I’m sure when I spoke to the doctor about how long I’ve been on Gederel pill (around 15 years) she said that it could take up to a year for me to conceive. Does anyone have any experience of a similar situation, and any alternative methods of contraception would be great (not condoms) I have a gp appointment in June but wanted some other experiences from different people. Thank you!

maryberryslayers Mon 27-May-19 23:59:07

I was on the pill for over 10 years, I came off at the end of November, had my usual breakthrough bleed a couple of days later, one natural period on the 1st Jan and had my bfp on the 25th Jan. My DS is now 8mo smile
I was on a combined pill. To be honest everything I read said it made no difference. All advice is that it can take up to a year for a healthy couple with no fertility issues to conceive.
I used a clear blue fertility monitor to pin point ovulation so we could dtd on the best days to conceive.
I also gave up alcohol and caffeine, dh cut down on both.
All hormonal contraception will be the same, the only short term, non hormonal is condoms or you could track ovulation and dtd when you're not fertile but that's not 100% obviously.

Airo92 Tue 28-May-19 00:10:51

Thank you. I just found an article on here that said the same. My best friend suggested me coming off the pill now but as much as we’d both love to have a baby now we both would prefer to have our big day first. Maybe I could stop my pills a few weeks before the wedding. Thank you for your help! smile

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