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Ttc, but high Bmi

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Holly0095 Mon 27-May-19 23:17:15

I put up a post a while back about high Bmi and pregnancy and had some great advice and feedback, I've still struggled to loss the weight I'm nearly a stone down from my original but still in the obese category, I would need to be 10stone to be within a healthy weight for my height which is embarrassingly a whole 9stone to lose 🙈

Anyway my point I'm getting to is roughly how much do you weigh and how long has it taken you to get pregnant have you had any complications after watching a friend of mine go through some serious problems with her health while she was pregnant it's worrying me a bit for my own...
I'm 24 and a generally healthy person I love chocolate what women doesn't, but I am a fairly active person and quite muscled to so don't just sit around all day, my job is a hands on job as is my life in general don't often get a moment to sit down and stop haha 😆
But I do worry with a high Bmi the risks of pre eclampsia, high blood pressure and also gestational diabetes...can anyone shed any light on the situation before I go mad?... 😘

Birdie6 Tue 28-May-19 05:34:31

Im a size 24, don't know what I weigh. But I had two perfectly normal pregnancies , no diabetes or pre eclampsia. It's not automatic that big women have problems . Good luck to you !

HelloViroids Tue 28-May-19 06:02:49

@Holly0095 I’m also TTC and have a high BMI - I fell pregnant very quickly after starting to TTC but sadly had a miscarriage, and am now struggling to conceive again sad However, when I fell pregnant I was definitely overweight so it’s not impossible - but like you I am trying to lose weight as I know it will help flowers

HelloViroids Tue 28-May-19 06:04:15

Oh sorry, I didn’t say - I’m about 14st, was probably 13/14 when I fell pregnant - but I have a very sedentary job. Am also concerned about the health implications of being pregnant while bigger sad

WildFlower2019 Tue 28-May-19 06:19:29

Size 16-18 and 13 stone. Age 33. It took me 5 cycles.

I really recommend The Harvard Medical School's book called The Fertility Diet^ (based on a massive study)^. They found the participants only needed to lose between 5-10% of their weight to improve pregnancy rates.

They also have a lot of advice on the right things to eat - not necessarily to lose weight but because the massive study they did shows a bit of evidence for it helping with getting pregnant.

This is a good summary of the book:

I got the book for a few ££ on eBay.

The month I conceived i upped my daily exercise a little (not massively though), I ate walnuts some days, switched to wholemeal bread and brown pasta, and added two portions of omega three oily fish to my diet each week. I also cut down on caffeine and switched to decaf for most of the day. Can't say if it helped or just a coincidence? But they're easy things to try and based on research not urban legends.

Good luck xxx

EverythingNow Tue 28-May-19 09:36:05

I started ttc #4 at just turned 38 weighing around 13st and following SW. My bmi would have been just 30. I had a very early loss in April after around 10m ttc. I then comfort ate and gained around 2.5st between then and getting pregnant in Nov 18. Not sure if it was age, weight or whatever that took so long, my other 3 were either first try/unplanned or less than 6m.

I'm now 30wks and in good health. I've gained 4 or 5lb in total (well within guidelines for my weight) the only downside that I've experienced is that due to the combination of my bmi (over 30) age (over 35) and parity (4) I have needed to inject myself with blood thinners (fragmin) from 28wks until 6wks postpartum. I will be bearing this in mind if we have another and make sure my bmi is less than 30!

Holly0095 Tue 28-May-19 10:57:38

For my weight and height my Bmi Is unfortunately 43 I am working on it it's used to be 48 I think so I'm doing okay... but I've been so so broody lately that I'm struggling to motivate it almost feels like it's never going to happen, I no a few people say the whole Bmi thing is total rubbish but... I don't no?

I'm not unhealthy I just struggle to get the weight off, I eat at the wrong times and sometimes to big of a portion but again that's all being worked on I no my faults and adjusting it.
I don't expect a smooth sailing pregnancy but I do fear having a miscarriage or even complications while pregnant it's all in the back of my mind (now I'm rambling)

zinrepus Tue 28-May-19 20:00:29

Following so I can hear about more peoples' experiences.

I'm around 37, which is the highest I've been. It's not exactly the starting point you want before TTC, but we're still a few months off. I walk 1.7 miles to work and back 4 days a week and DH and I have started running again, which is bound to help.

I worry occasionally about my specific weight; I had a chat with my GP about it and he reminded me that people are all shapes and sizes and most people can have kids. Weight isn't always indicative of health and health isn't always indicative of being able to carry a healthy baby to term. That said, it always helps to hear some anecdotes of positive experiences!

Newmumma83 Tue 28-May-19 20:28:39

I had a bmi Of 29 or 30 .... I as 34 years old when i fell pregnant first try , 35 when I gave birth ... I was a size 16-18 ( more of an 18 ) x

Dancingfairydreams Wed 29-May-19 23:13:23

@Holly0095 It sounds like we're in s similar boat. My BMI is around the same as yours, I'm trying to lose weight & exercise but get so down about running out of time - I'm 33 this year 😒 Does your partner have any concerns about TTC? My partner is reluctant to try until I've list weight, I don't think he understands the time pressures really.

Holly0095 Thu 30-May-19 00:15:16

@Dancingfairydreams it's very difficult if I was a little bit taller my Bmi wouldn't be so high typical lol 😆 I'm just a short a**
It's a struggle as to even take notice of Bmi I mean before it was even around we wouldn't have even questioned it right?... it almost makes us paranoid about it, I plan to lose what weight I can but want to try and ttc as soon as possible and feel it's more of a motivation to work my little (big) butt off and work harder to reap the rewards, the sooner I can try the more effort I feel I'm going to put in.
For you I feel maybe sit down and talk to your partner, he's not boosting you enough by telling you he wants to wait till you lose a bit more, you can still be actively trying while losing the weight (hope that makes sense sorry tired brain) lol

Holly0095 Thu 30-May-19 00:23:28

I think its partly the news and social media that make us think automatically because we are bigger we will struggle, I've known some of my slightly slimmer friends still struggle with pre eclampsia on one case and diabetes to for another, and she was only a size 10...we get scared into thing just cause we are larger we will struggle with more problems then other less larger ladies, which is not always the case (sometimes yes but not always)

I am slightly scared of miscarriage it's more common I think in first pregnancy as your body's not used to it so almost rejects? (But might be wrong on that one)

My weight might not be on my side but I'm hoping my age is Which I hope will help in the next few months, i have waited years for this dream to come true of possible becoming a Mum so I really am going to put the effort in to lose that extra weight fingers crossed it works lol

username198817 Thu 30-May-19 00:37:27

It's different for every pregnancy, i had a high bmi, i was lighter when I gave birth than before pregnancy (he was over 9lb as well!) they monitored weight but never made a huge issue out of it. At 30 weeks I was tested for gestational diabetes and was borderline so I didn't have any sugar and watched what carbs I eat. For me it meant extra scans, aspirin and blood thinning injections for a week after birth. My LO was a lovely surprise otherwise I would have made more of an effort to lose the weight before trying, so good on you for making the effort now 😊

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