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Should I go to the GP

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ChikiTIKI Mon 27-May-19 18:24:24

Just wondering what people think...

Been TTC since July last year, so almost a year. Did get pregnant in end of October last year but had a MC in December.

So would it "count" as TTC for a year or not, given that i did get pregnant but had a MC?

For further info we are TTC for a second child. First child I got pregnant first month of trying. Our DD is 1 and a half now.

Newbie21 Mon 27-May-19 18:41:47

It's worth checking with GP as surgeries and trusts can vary. They may say you need go have 3 MCs before they will refer. Depending on your age they may also refer after 6months TTC but you may as well check. If you are experiencing any odd symptoms since last MC or just generally - spotting between periods etc then worth mentioning that and they may give you a gynecology referral which will check some of the necessary stuff.

ChikiTIKI Tue 28-May-19 12:28:18

thanks @Newbie21

im not really worried about miscarriages as ive only had one (and i would need 3 for any genetic tests to be done on the baby), just that it's taking so much longer to get pregnant this time that i might have some kind of secondary infertility.

Explorers10 Tue 28-May-19 13:00:33


I would go for peace of mind. They could tell you to keep trying and come back and give you some advice or they may do the blood tests to see if anything abnormal. I feel for you, I also have a child and conceived first month of trying and number 2 is not happening yet. I keep hoping it will happen each month and trying to be positive. Can I ask how old you are? I’m 34.

ChikiTIKI Tue 28-May-19 13:18:24

thanks @Explorers10

i hope it happens soon for us both!

i am 29. probably should have mentioned that in my first post sorry!

Explorers10 Tue 28-May-19 14:02:14

@chikiTIKI awww you are still so young! It’s so odd isn’t it that the 2nd one does not come so easily, really wish it just happened like last time so we can stop thinking something is wrong. Really hope you get your BFP soon and good luck if you do go to the GP.

Sleepinglemon Tue 28-May-19 14:12:45

The nice guidance is here:

My interpretation of it is that you wouldn't meet the criteria for investigation given you have conceived in the last 12 months. Your GP might have a different interpretation though, so worth checking.

seven201 Tue 28-May-19 16:37:48

Where I am you wouldn't be referred until 1 year after your last pregnancy (your mc) unless you're over 35. Good luck ttc.

ChikiTIKI Tue 28-May-19 16:37:59

thanks @Sleepinglemon

and thanks @Explorers10 for saying i am young!! smile always nice to hear that lol.

i really hate going to the GP sad might hold out hope for one more cycle and then pluck up the courage to call them.

VenusStarr Tue 28-May-19 16:43:47

Hi @ChikiTIKI, I'd go to the GP.

We'd been ttc for 12 months so had started a referral and got our bfp on cycle 16. That unfortunately ended in mmc. In the meantime our fertility clinic appointment came through and I was worried we'd be sent away to try for another year. The consultant couldn't have been less interested in the pregnancy. He's sent me off for various tests then back in September for a review.

You don't know until you ask. Fingers crossed you won't need it, but everything takes so long best to get in early. We'll be 22 months ttc by the time we even start discussing options / interventions. Good luck 🤞

ChikiTIKI Tue 28-May-19 19:10:41

thanks @VenusStarr

i guess i will make an appointment. i hope they will be kind to me. good luck with your tests/appointments. i hope it works out for you xxxx

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